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Class C

Class C RVs are normally quite easy to spot, they are built upon an existing standard van frame or chassis, but normally boast a wider body to accommodate additional living space.

You might be familiar with the common cab-over design which is indicative of a Class C RV, however, this is often an optional extra.

You can expect to have all the must-have amenities that are available in a Class A RV.

Class C RV

  • Size: Between 21 – 40 ft
  • Price: Between $40,000 – $250,000+
  • Accommodates: Sleeps up to 8 adults


If you’re looking for an RV with plenty of living space, kitchen, bathroom and dining areas, in addition to an entertainment system and plenty of storage, then a Class C is well worth considering.

Some models of Class C will even include slide outs, allowing you to move the walls out up to 3 feet by merely pressing a button. These slide outs increase the liveable space when you’re parked up.

If you’re looking to have a small car to take you on day trips or to run errands, then you might want to consider towing a small vehicle behind you.

One of the big advantages of a driveable RV is that you can normally enter the living area from the cab, which can make parking up overnight while on your way to somewhere so much easier. There’s a lot less setup when compared to a traditional towable camper.

Jayco 2020 Melbourne Prestige Class C Motorhome

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