Saucony Originals Women’s DXN Trainer Review

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Saucony is one of the most influential footwear companies out there right now for those serious about their fitness and protecting their feet every single step of every single day, but they are also a company that understands the importance of producing footwear options that are cool, comfortable, and stylish enough to pull off with most any outfit imaginable.

Saucony Originals Women's DXN Trainer Fashion...
  • Lace-up sneaker featuring multicolor midsole and classic Saucony overlay at quarterpanel

The Saucony Originals Women’s DXN Trainer shoes are an essential piece of any woman’s wardrobe, giving you the ultimate classic look that will pair nicely with any of the outfits you are thinking about wearing – all year round. These are the kinds of shoes that look just as nice on a boardwalk somewhere as they do strolling down an apple orchard or going on an Easter egg hunt in the spring, the perfect walking shoes to set your outfit apart while offering the kind of stability, comfort, and support your expecting from a pair of trainers.

Overall impressions

Bringing back one of the most classic designs from the Saucony brand has been pretty simple and straightforward, even if the new Saucony Originals Women’s DXN Trainer shoes feature modern construction materials and construction practices that make them even better than the shoes that they are obviously inspired by.

This model and style is one of the original options from the Saucony brand, and one of the styles that really helped to put this footwear company on the map in the first place.

Smart, sophisticated, but plenty “dressed down” enough to be pulled off with most any casual your thinking about throwing together (not to mention available in a whole host of different colorways), it’s really easy to fall head over heels in love with the Saucony Originals Women’s DXN Trainer shoes.

Combine that with the high-quality materials that improve the durability and longevity of these shoes, as well as the comfort solutions built right in, and you’re looking at something really special here.

How true is the fit?

According to 81% of the people that have left reviews online regarding the overall fit of these shoes, these Saucony Originals Women’s DXN Trainer footwear options fit true to the same size that most people have been wearing all along – though many say that they are a little bit tighter and a little bit more snug at first than some of the footwear that they have purchased in the past from other brands at the same size.

Of course, that’s to be expected.

These are, after all, trainers that are designed to cradle and support the biomechanics of your step, to cushion every footfall, and to make sure that you don’t deal with any of the headache or the hassle (not to mention the overwhelming pain) that comes from shoes that fit to lose or too sloppily.

None of the reviewers reported these shoes being too tight or restricting, just that they fit snug up against their feet and eventually came to feel like a second (admittedly very protective) skin.

Saucony Originals Women’s DXN Trainer Review
Saucony Originals Women’s DXN Trainer Review

What kind of shoes are these, really?

Even though you’ll have no trouble whatsoever wearing these Saucony Originals Women’s DXN Trainer shoes as a casual pair of footwear that you can throw on with any casual outfit for any casual occasion, the truth of the matter is the shoes are purpose-built to act as trainers – a bit of a hybrid between casual shoes and running or athletic shoes.

Not exactly the ideal choice for days you’re going to spend exclusively at the track or running hills through the woods, these shoes are still going to provide you with plenty of stability, plenty of durability, and plenty of comfort if you decide to push your physical limits while out and about.

These Saucony shoes are some of the best options when it comes to versatility. They are able to effortlessly go from slow days running errands around town to more fast-paced and physically demanding days running or jogging around your neighborhood – all while looking great the entire time!

Support and Comfort

As one of the most respected names in the running shoe industry, you would be right to expect – and even demand – that these Saucony shoes would be some of the most comfortable, some of the most supportive, and some of the best-structured trainers on the market today.

We are happy to tell you that you certainly aren’t going to end up disappointed!

These are the kinds of shoes that are going to offer you plenty of support across every square inch of your foot, with emphasis on your heels and your arches, while at the same time cradling your feet in a soft material that some have reported feels like walking around on shoes made of marshmallow.

The insole can be popped out and removed without any headache at all to be replaced with your own custom orthotics without changing the nature or the structure of these shoes, another huge advantage that the Saucony Originals Women’s DXN Trainer shoes have over most other options in the space today.

The quality construction materials throughout protect your feet from the elements as well as any of the debris you might stumble across throughout your day – regardless of whether or not you’re pounding the pavement with these shoes placed on your feet or taking time to cruise through the off-road hills and trails in your local community.

Saucony Originals Women’s DXN Trainer Review

Quality of materials and design

As we just highlighted, the construction materials that are used in the production of Saucony Originals Women’s DXN Trainer shoes are nothing short of exceptional.

Whether you’re talking about the synthetic materials and fabrics, the sweat-wicking and moisture evaporating materials found throughout the upper of these shoes, the leather or the rubber materials designed to add improved structure and support in critical areas, or any other aspect of these shoes you’re talking about high-quality materials and design clear across the board.

This results in a very dependable, very durable, and very comfortable pair of shoes that you aren’t ever going to be disappointed in.

Final Verdict

When you get right down to it, you know exactly what you are getting into when you choose to grab a pair of the Saucony Originals Women’s DXN Trainer shoes.

This is a company with a legendary reputation producing only the finest footwear available in the athletic world, and these trainers aren’t going to let you down – even if you never break a sweat while wearing them!

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