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The Scamp Trailer is not a new trailer on the market, in fact, it is been around since the early 1970s, with some of those original trailers still in use by very proud owners.  

It has always been made in the United States and is currently still made at a plant in Minnesota. The plant prides itself on its unique Scamp and its addition to the camping world.

The plant in Minnesota makes all trailers there, which are made to order.  The employees are dedicated to working with customers and offer a very personalized experience.

The employees are very familiar with all of the layouts available for the Scamp, and what can be tweaked and adjusted on them.  Working with these employees makes a really personalized Scamp Trailer possible for everyone. 

There intimate knowledge of their product range creates a unique experience for the customer in the RV world.

Brochures detail a wide range of layouts for each Scamp.  This is followed by a list of internal items, as well as external items.  Many of these are standard, but other options can be brought in to make the Scamp even more personalized.

The Scamp Trailers are not made with one type of camper in mind, but instead are quite open so that they can fit the user well, whether they be short trip travelers or those with a longer plan in mind.

When all the decision are made, the plans are delivered to the production staff at the plant in Minnesota.  

The Scamp is known for its long-lasting status, and great care is taking in each step of the production process.

Once the finished product comes off the production line, the factory notes that the proud new owners can claim their Scamp Trailer there at the factory, if they like.  This personal sense of ownership and creation begins with the factory and adds to why owners love the Scamp Trailer.

If the owners are not able to pick up the trailer at the factory, the Scamp Trailers can be delivered to anywhere in the United States.  

The factory starts the love for this product in the care that they take in communicating with owners and in the options that they make available.  The small town location of the factory and the care in production means that the end item is something that not only the owner is proud of, but the factory as well.

The Size Options

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The Scamp is known for its small size, another thing to love is that you do not only have the very tiny option offered.

The Scamp Trailers of today are made in 13’, 16’ and 19’ sizes.  This means that you can have a few travelers at a time, with adequate space for all, or choose something larger for a smaller amount of travelers, and live more spaciously.

Each size features a well-appointed interior with the basic needs of the home, and with options available to be more luxurious.  

Even with the size choices, the Scamp maintains its status as a small, cozy, yet functional camper.  This makes the Scamp even more special, which is just one of the many things we love about the Scamp Trailer.

Small and Lightweight

Scamp Trailer

Since the Scamps Trailers are made of fiberglass, they are strong but lightweight.  This gives added peace of mind to owners for safety, but also means that the life of the trailer is longer than most.

The lightweight nature of the Scamp means that, unlike their bulkier and heavier counterparts, they can be towed behind by small cars, as well as the traditional larger vehicles like SUVs, vans, and trucks.  

For those who might have thought they could not own a camper because they would have no way to get it around, that problem is eliminated.

This is a big saving and stress-relief for owners, who might have shied away from a camper in the past, as they did not think that they had a vehicle that could support it.  Knowing that the current vehicle that you have can take the camper out on the road, to where you like, is another thing to love about the Scamp Trailer.

Being light also means that when the Scamp is being towed, it is not a drain on the gas tank.  One owner noted that he sometimes forgets he is towing his Scamp until he sees it in the rearview mirror.  This is really wonderful for the budget of the owner.

The aerodynamic design further enhances this gas-saving nature as the Scamp moves well through the air as it is pulled along behind a vehicle.  The driving vehicle is not slowed down much by pulling the Scamp, which is helping in gas-saving, and time saving.

Oftentimes trips with campers have to be planned out for longer road times, as campers and their weight will slow their towing vehicle, making for longer journeys to destinations.

The journeys are lengthened further by more stops at gas stations.  As the Scamp is not a gas drain, this means that those extra gas trips may not be necessary.

When arriving at a camping location, the small size of the Scamp makes the options more numerous, as it can fit in so many locations.  The owner of the Scamp is not limited to looking at larger campsite, which creates many more possibilities.

The number of campsites in general also becomes bigger, as there are many less barriers to where the Scamp can be located, including places many campers simply cannot go.

It is possible, with this exclusivity, to find more, less used campsites, adding to even more meaningful trips overall.  This is another reason to love the Scamp.

Once back home, if the owner chooses to store the Scamp, there are numerous options, as well, due to its small size.  

Since not much room is needed, the owner may be able to store the camper on site, where another camper may not have fit.

If the storage is to be off-site, again not much room is needed, especially when compared with a more traditional, larger camper.  This could end up in cost savings in storage as well, as the storage facility is not using up so much valuable space on the small Scamp camper.

Made to Order

Why We Love The Scamp Trailer And What Needs To Change 2

As noted, there are Scamps out in the world that are available to purchase used.  These Scamps may be older but were also made in the same small-town way.

It is entirely possible that owners of older Scamps will get a trailer that was made to order for a prior owner but still holds its personal touch and care in manufacturing.

However, if you are an owner who decides to get a new Scamp Trailer you will find many options available to you to make the Scamp Trailer even more of a second home.  As noted above, the manufacturer really wants owners of the Scamp to have a personalized experience, with a Scamp that fits their needs well.

Starting with determining what your traveling and camping needs are, as well as the number of occupants residing and sleeping within it, the size of the trailer can be determined.  There are three size options, so owners are not limited to simply the smallest of sizes.

Within each size of Scamp Trailer, there are many layouts to choose from.  The layouts vary in how the beds are arranged, and how the living areas are set-up.

In addition, kitchens and such can be moved and set up differently with each layout, so owners can figure out which layout feels best to them.  Then there are many additional options to be determined.

For those who want a more rustic camper experience, a simpler layout can be chosen.  This simpler layout does not have a lot of extras, but can still be comfortable.

The trailer can even be made without a bathroom.  This may be done to conserve more space, or for those who think they will have facilities access as they travel.

Even without a bathroom, the layout retains a thoughtful arrangement of the basic necessities within.

For those who want the camping experience, but want to camp with some amount of luxury, a functional camper becomes more stately.  The list of options on all three of the sizes is numerous, and can really fit what each owner may be looking for.

For example, deluxe hardwood interiors of birch or oak can be spread throughout the camper.  The basic kitchen can be upgraded to have larger appliances. A bathroom can be included, adding more to the convenience for the campers.

In each of these ways, the interior is elevated.  The Scamp Trailer becomes even more home-like and welcoming for the occupants.  This is something to really love about the Scamp Trailer.

Rather than be at the mercy of elements to be hot or cold while camping, air conditioners, and furnaces can be added to control the internal temperature.  This is a wonderful option for owners and can add to the possibility of longer trips.

The addition of air conditioners and furnaces also means that the travel options open wider, as owners may stay wherever they like, knowing that the internal conditions will be favorable no matter where they are.

Outdoors, the camper can be fitted with awnings, spreading the more comfortable camping experience outside.  This spreads the living area of the Scamp to the outdoor, further expanding its small set-up.

The use of electricity in the camper can mean more lights if needed, and/or connections for television, or the internet.  If owners are concerned that they will leave all electronics behind, there is no reason to worry there.

A look at the options lists for the three sizes shows numerous electronic options, making the journey one that does not have to keep the owner completely out of touch unless they desire to be.

In this way, the Scamp can become a lot closer to traveling home for the campers, offering just enough comforts, if requested, or outfitted with a lot of extras to make those camping inside feel as though they really don’t need much more.

If the small setting is thoughtfully laid out, with each choice purposeful and with reason, space becomes completely useable, making the stay in the Scamp even better, and possible for longer periods of time.


The fiberglass exterior of the Scamp means that it can withstand a great deal that might try to damage it.  Several owners have noted that when out in torrential rain, or damaging winds, not only did the Scamp Trailer withstand the assault but when entered they did not even find leaks of water from the rain.  

Owners who went through natural disasters noted that the camper did well in the elements, and then provided shelter for them after the storm.  These owners were very grateful for the durability of the Scamp and the peace and comfort it provided in these times of turmoil.

In situations where wild animals may wreak havoc on tents or tent trailers, these are not of concern to the Scamp owner, as the fiberglass does not allow for those animals to cause any damage or harm.  If an animal attempts, they simply cannot penetrate the fiberglass exterior.

The owner may be none the wiser of these attempts, as the Scamp is well-insulated, also.  Exterior noises can be kept at bay when the Scamp is shut up in the evenings.

The reason that there are still Scamps available from the 70s is due to this durability.  Owners are able to keep their campers for years, just needing some maintenance as time goes on.  The Scamp can really be an investment that pays back for years and years.

The manufacturer of the Scamp Trailer keeps a well-stocked supply of replacement parts that can be purchased.  In this way, the trailer can get its upkeep and keep serving its purpose for even more years to come.

Being able to access the original manufacturer for this type of replacement parts is another reason to love the Scamp.  In this way, the Scamp owner knows that the parts will work, and can be relied upon.


The Scamp trailer is a bit unique in look and is often noticed by other campers and travelers.  Owners often take pride in showing off their camper, frequently surprising those who look inside, expected to find very cramped, miniature conditions, but instead find a very well laid-out, well though-out interior that really serves its purpose well.

The look, especially of the smallest sizes, has been compared to an egg, which seems to be a delight to a lot of the owners.  It is a point of pride for them to live so well in such a distinctive camper like the Scamp.

Nothing Fancy to Set-Up at Camp

Unlike large trailers with leveling systems, or tents that need to be put together, once at a campsite, the Scamp is largely ready for use.

Once the location is picked and the camper is parked, it is not long for the camping to begin and the Scamp to begin to function as the home that it is for the campers.

Allows for Sole Journeys, With Ease

The lightweight nature of the camper means that even a sole traveler can handle all aspects of the trailer on their own.  The trailer is very maneuverable, and since it can be towed on even a small car, this makes the possibility of sole travel even more possible for those who desire it.

This is not an option afforded to sole travelers with a traditional camper.  Even if it remained hooked to the vehicle, all of the set-up to get a larger camper ready may too much for one, and would limit their travel options.

Since one person can handle Scamp living on their own, the Scamp Trailer offers a world of travel and excitement to those who want to seek it, and even on your own, you can live comfortably while doing so.

There have been owners who have resided for an entire winter in a Scamp Trailer alone and were able to do so, without a bad experience, due to the layout and the option of a furnace to keep things toasty.  They did not have worries on their own, because they could handle the operation of the Scamp by themselves.

Not Too Tricky to Personalize Even More

A trip online can bring you to sites and message boards dedicated to Scamp owners, who really love their campers, and often featuring the choices they have made to personalize their vehicles above and beyond what the factory produced.

From French County cottage to cartoon-ish red, black, and white interiors, these owners have made their Scamps, even more, their own world.  It is really incredible what the imagination of these owners has made into reality.

The pictures showed interiors that do not seem at all as though the owners are roughing it anyway.  For the more whimsical choices, it looks like traveling with happy interior choices to live in is a possibility every day.

Externally, many owners have painted their Scamps in an array of colors, including decorating the exterior in murals.  Again, it is amazing to see the variance. In addition, you will see exteriors decorated with window boxes, and other decorations traditionally found on stationary homes.  This again is something to love about the Scamp Trailer.

During the holidays you can see that Scamp owners have not held back in appointing their small space with festive lights and decorations.  There seems to be no limit to how the small Scamp can be added to or altered if the owners choose to do so.

A look online, searching for such customization can really be inspiring.  Especially for those who may purchase an older trailer, these creative owners show that the old can be made new again, and there is no reason not to use bold colors, or really plush interiors to take the experience of the Scamp up to new levels.

Since the quality of the Scamp is high, these personalized areas can stay with owners for a long time.  It seems that their journey is made even better if the surrounding makes the owners happy.

Tiny Home-like Existence

With the popularity of tiny home living, this Scamp fits right into the genre, with the additional possibility of taking that tiny home to whatever location it can be pulled to.

There are a lot of websites and groups dedicated to tiny home living, and a lot of their tips can be put into practice with the Scamp.  This is a really positive thing for Scamp owners because it means that many more heads are being put together to make the most of small spaces, and they benefit from some of those ideas.

Full-Time Living in the Scamp Trailer

There are many owners who have chosen to give up a “traditional” life in a stationary home and instead live in their Scamp Trailers full-time.

This would not be possible if the layout was not so well-done, and the trailer itself durable.  The fact that others have chosen this way of life bodes well for the overall livability of the Scamp Trailer, and why it is so loved.

Full-time living in the Scamp means that you can change the view from your window on a regular basis.  You can determine when and where you want to locate and can change it quickly, as well.

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Owners have included pets on the journey as well, adding further to their comforts of home.

One owner noted that her stress level has decreased in part due to the smaller space and amount of belongings that she has to choose from.  For example, getting dressed is easy, because there are so few clothing choices now.

These may be unexpected benefits to living in the Scamp Trailer full-time, but if you do a search online you will note many who have made the choice to live this way, and are really enjoying it, and loving their Scamp Trailer.

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