Scamp vs. Casita

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About 11% of Americans own an RV, and if you are a part of that percentage, then Scamp vs. Casita is a debate that you have undoubtedly come across. 

Scamp and Casita have been in the market for decades. They are part of the few trailer companies that have made their mark in the RV community, and over the years, they have gotten even better. 

They offer tons of models that are suitable for every RV lover. The features included in the RVs are designed to make your trailer life as comfortable as possible, and why not? It’s always their priority to maintain utmost quality.

I’ll discuss everything about Scamp and Casita’s travel trailers so that you have a better idea by the end of this post. 

About Scamp vs. Casita 

Before we dive into the main part, let’s talk a bit about their humble beginnings. 

Scamp produced its first trailer called the Scamp’13 in the early 1970s. By 1977, the company was manufacturing around 700 trailers per year. This shows the immense love that the company received from the RV community.

As the years went on, Scamp decided to offer its customers diversity, thus manufacturing bigger trailers. They introduced flexible floor plans, and the customers now had a variety of options.

Casita trailers have been a part of the market since 1983. The first trailer was made after the Boler model, and since then, the company has offered its customers sleek, stylish, and compact trailers. 

Casita trailers are easily customizable. You can choose from a variety of paint jobs, furniture, and add-ons.

Over the years, both companies have aimed to produce excellent and proficient trailers, and you can find them in almost every list of top lightweight trailers

All about Scamp 

Let’s talk about Scamp first. From the models to the accompanying features, I’ve covered everything in this post.

Scamp Models

Scamp gives you three size options.

  • 13′ Standard Trailers
  • 13′ Deluxe Trailers
  • 16′ Standard Trailers
  • 16′ Deluxe Trailers
  • 19′ Standard Trailers
  • 19′ Deluxe Trailers

The deluxe trailer’s interior is luxurious and made from wood. You’ll find that the floor plan is also customizable. 

That’s why most people prefer to choose the deluxe trailer over the standard one. However, these differences come with a heftier price tag.

The 13′ Deluxe trailer is approximately $3000 more expensive than the standard one. That’s a massive difference, but if you can afford it, it’s always the best bet. 


  • Made from hard-shell fiberglass 
  • A closet and rear side cabinets for storage
  • Porchlight
  • 12V lighting 
  • Additional space for bunk beds
  • A drawer and cabinet in the kitchen
  • Curtains
  • Exposed wafer board wood under the trailer


If you go for a Scamp travel trailer, you will have many benefits that might make the expensive purchase worth every dollar you spend. Take a look at these advantages.


Over the years, the company has shown immense importance on the weight of the trailers. Scamp trailers are known to be lightweight, while still being sturdy. They are designed to be towed by cars, minivans, SUVs, and trucks.


Another pro is that the trailers are aerodynamic. This means that they offer high fuel efficiency. You save quite a few bucks in the long run as they travel more miles on less fuel. 


Scamp travel trailers are designed to provide maximum insulation. They trap the heat in and keep the cold out. The company states that its customers enjoy using their trailers in spring and fall.

The trailers are also furnace safe so that they can be used for extra heating. 

Parts are available

Parts of the trailers are readily available in the market to keep your Scamp to its best condition. Also, when purchasing the trailer, you can also add optional items such as extra lights and appliances. 


Scamp trailers are made from hard shell fiberglass, which means that they are pretty sturdy. You’ll find that they can be used in wildlife areas as the outer layer protects against nature.

The early 70’s vintage Scamp trailers are still in good condition and are circulating in the market. This is enough proof of their over-the-top quality

Moreover, this ensures that their resale value doesn’t drop that much. You’ll find tons of used Scamp trailers in the market with a hefty price tag since they barely wear out.


Although getting yourself a Scamp trailer seems like a pretty good deal, you should take a look at some cons.

  • If you purchase a standard Scamp trailer, then you’ll receive only essential appliances like drawers and a cabinet. 
  • The delivery costs vary from state to state. Depending on what state you live in, you might pay more for your Scamp than others who live closer to their outlets.

All about Casita 

Now that we have discussed all that we can about Scamp, let’s move over to another excellent trailer company, Casita. Soon enough, the Scamp vs. Casita debate will help you make the right decision.

Casita Models

  • 16′ Standard Trailer
  • 16′ Deluxe Trailer
  • 17′ Standard Trailer
  • 17′ Deluxe Trailer

Similar to Scamp, Casita offers standard and deluxe trailers. However, they’re not available in the 19′ option. So your options are limited.

The company also offers the following models. 

  • Spirit
  • Heritage
  • Liberty
  • Freedom
  • Independence


Standard trailer features are as follows.

  • 12V battery pack
  • Two burner cooktop
  • 16-gallon fresh water tank
  • Two-piece marine-grade fiberglass body
  • Sides and overhead wall insulation
  • Safety chains
  • LP as detector

Some standard models offer a lavatory, so make sure to do your research before purchasing.

On the other hand, all the Casita’s deluxe models come with a lavatory. This feature is highly appreciated in the community, but at what cost. 

Opting for a deluxe trailer will strip you of a few thousand dollars. 


Let’s take a look at why Casita is loved in the RV community.

Not Heavy

Similar to Scamp, Casita trailers are designed to be lightweight. The company states that the trailer can easily be towed by a small car, SUV, van, or truck.


If you decide to go for a Casita, you can customize it with more features such as an electric tongue jack, friction anti-sway control, and bunk beds. You can order a trailer by choosing from a variety of colors and paint jobs.

It also has an emergency escape window, a feature well-liked by customers. 

Heavy-duty Construction 

Casita trailers are made from a heavy-duty steel frame. This makes the trailer reliable, sturdy, and less likely to break down. Quality is Casita’s top priority, and so the trailers are meant to last a lifetime.

Moreover, it has a fiberglass-encased floor meant to make the trailer stronger.

Flexible Floor Plan

The floor plan in Casita trailers is customizable to your preference. This offers you tons of sleeping arrangement options. About 3-4 people can spend the night in the trailer.

To make it better, you also get around 50 cubic feet of storage space.


Casita trailers are flexible and provide plenty of advantages for the customer, but some cons need to be discussed.

  • In the 16′ model, the fiber glass-encased floor is known to add just a little bit of weight, making it a tad difficult to tow.
  • Most standard models do not come equipped with a lavatory. 

Scamp vs. Casita: Let’s Take a Look at Their Differences 

Although Scamp and Casita are pretty similar in size and structure, there are some differences too.

Size Comparison

Scamp will offer you a more extensive range of sizes, available in 13′, 16′, and 19′. Casita is only available in 16′ and 17′ size fleets.

Keep in mind that those two extra feet available in the Scamp 19′ model amount to a lot of space. 

Similarly, if you want a smaller and compact trailer, then Scamp offers a 13′ version. The company gives you more options to choose from.

Also, the 17′ Casita has a higher ceiling. It’s approximately 6’2″, while Scamp 16′ trailer’s height clearance is 5’11”.

Safety Features

What Casita lacks in sizes, makes up for it in safety features. 

Scamp provides you with only basic safety features, such as hand brakes. Casita, however, comes with electric brakes and safety chains.

Moreover, it also has a safety window that you can use to escape from, in case of a fire or any other emergency. 

Weight Comparison

Both Scamp and Casita are lightweight, but users say that the latter is on the heavier side. 

This is because Casita’s interior is lined with carpets for maximum insulation, and the particle board is used instead of plywood. The fiber glass-encased floor also adds in a little weight. 

Price Comparison

Casitas are generally more expensive than Scamps. For example, a standard 16′ Casita trailer is a few thousand dollars more expensive than its Scamp counterpart. 

A 16′ standard Casita trailer is approximately $17,225. A 17′ standard trailer is available for $18,320, while a 17′ deluxe is around $20,290.

Scamp does not post its prices online. You can inquire about them by contacting the company, but generally, the prices for their trailers range from $11,000 to $24,000.


Although Casita is more expensive, it’s because they come with many appliances that Scamp does not offer. 

For example, these are among many features you’ll get in Casita trailers:

  • A two-burner cooktop
  • Silverware drawer
  • Sink cover
  • Blowout plug
  • Water pressure regulator
  • Outdoor shower
  • Range covers 

Some Casita models also offer solar panels, video entertainment options, and many more add-ons that Scamp doesn’t. Due to these features, the Casita trailers’ resale value is higher in the market.

In a nutshell, the expensive price tag on Casita is perhaps worth it. 


Scamp company offers 13″ and 14″ tires. Casita provides 14″ and 15″ ones.


Casita models come with a double bed. Scamp doesn’t offer beds. Instead, it utilizes space by providing its customers with convertible tables and sofas to make sleeping arrangements.

Which one to choose? What to keep in mind while buying? 

A trailer is an expensive purchase. It would be a horrible mistake if you end up with something that doesn’t meet your requirements.

Before you make your purchase, be clear about the features you’d want in your dream trailer.


Perhaps money is the most important factor that ultimately influences your decision. 

Take a look at your savings. Do you have enough to buy a new trailer? If not, then would it be right if you opt for a used one?

Since Casitas are more expensive, you might be comfortable in purchasing a Scamp. But if you prefer a Casita trailer based on its features, I’d recommend you should keep searching until you find one.

There are many more options available, so don’t be disheartened if the price tag is out of your range.


Take a look at the floor plan, interior, layout, and space in the trailers. What do you prefer? Would you prefer beds or sofas?

Does the free space meet your requirements? Do the cabinets and drawers offer tons of space that you desire?

Ask yourself these questions and try to take a look at the trailers in person. Ultimately, you will reach your conclusion.

See the Trailers Physically

This one is pretty important too. What you see in pictures compared to real-life is different. 

The nearest Scamp or Casita dealer may be far away from you, but always inspect the trailers in person. If your friend or relative owns one, ask them to give you a tour.


Choosing between Scamp and Casita might be a bit difficult for you as both companies produce top-notch trailers. They have their pros and cons, but remember, both are great options.

With what you read in this Scamp vs Casita review, you can prepare your trailer assessment list, which will be more than helpful in online or physical research. Now, how would you do that? 

Talk to users of Scamp and Casita. Check out online forums, and most importantly, visit the dealers and take a look at the trailers physically, if that’s possible.

Every dollar that you spend should be worth it. So go ahead and start your journey on finding the best trailer for yourself.