Best Slide-in Campers

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If you are one of those free spirits that simply love being outdoors, you know how tough journeys can get. Everything, from weather to basic survival needs and safety, gets ten times harder to handle when you’re outdoors.

However, nothing beats inhaling the fresh breeze of nature. 

So what if you can’t afford a full RV, slide-in campers are all you need to camp in the wintry winds, go off-road, or travel around the country. Just put a slide-in camper on your truck, and you’re ready to roll.

That being said, with tons of models in the market, it is not an easy job to pick the right truck camper for yourself. You have to take into account the quality, size, and comfort of the camper while still staying in your budget. 

To make it easier for you, we will introduce you to the 12 best slide-in campers in the market. By the end of our article, you might just find the right one for you.

So, let’s get this show on the road.

Top 12 Slide-in Campers 

Lance 650 

Lance Camper is one of the most renowned manufacturers of slide-in campers. Lance has made use of new and modern materials to keep the camper lightweight and affordable. At the same time, the campers are constructed with practicality to provide space and comfort.

The Lance 650 is a recent creation of the company that has turned out to be a masterpiece. 

It is super spacious with plenty of storage spaces like shelves and wardrobes. So, if you are going on a long road trip, you don’t have to stress out over luggage. 

You can literally have it all without cramping up space.

The slide-in camper features a big bedroom and an equally spacious bathroom, so you can feel at comfort no matter where the roads take you. The bedroom has a sleeping capacity of three people, with the memory foam mattress to help you sleep better. 

Lance 650 also has a kitchen with all the amenities for the ultimate cooking experience. With carpeted floors and full windows, you can enjoy nature in all its glory without compromising on safety and comfort.


  • Super spacious 
  • Light-weight
  • Storage space
  • Kitchen with all the amenities
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Carpeted floors





Northern Lite 8-11EX

For over 30 years, Northern Lite has been designing four-season campers for nature lovers. The company makes high-quality RVs with a high-end finish. All the Northern Lite products promise quality and peace of mind.

Northern Lite slide-in campers are made for the short bed and long bed trucks. The Northern Lite 8-11EX stands out from all the other campers due to its fiberglass ‘clam-shell’ exterior. The molded fiberglass design gives the camper a unique structure and an excellent look.

The wet bath model has a roomy bath that takes up less space in the camper. The camp can also be ordered with a dry bath, which provides more storage space with a separate shower or bathtub. 

The camper features a full-sized queen bed, hardwood cabinets, a highly comfortable seating area, and a large kitchenette with top-notch appliances. 

This slide-in camper offers thermal pane windows to keep you safe from the weather outside. Besides that, you have a 100 watt solar panel system to support the LED lighting. Then there’s a thermal skylight as a top-up.  


  • Elegant interior
  • Storage space 
  • queen-sized bed
  • Thermal pane windows
  • A 100-watt solar panel system
  • LED lighting


  • Limited 12-gallon tank capacity
  • Dry bath offers minimal storage space


Northwood Arctic Fox 811

Northwood Manufacturing Inc. is a private company established in Northeastern, Oregon. One of the company’s best selling campers is Arctic Fox 811 that delivers quality and comfort.

The Northwood Arctic Fox, for short and bed trucks, is built with the practicality of the camper in mind. A 9 foot floor space can perfectly fit a small family, which explains the sleeping capacity of four people in the bedroom.

The slide-in camper also features a wet bath, an arched cathedral ceiling, insulated walls, and a large basement. The one-piece fiberglass wet bath and LED exterior lighting give the camper a simple yet classy look. All stainless steel appliances compliment the kitchen space.

Arctic Fox has thermal pane windows to reduce the heat transfer from windows. We also have a highly-efficient 170-watt solar power system in the camper.


  • Spacious bedroom
  • A 170-watt solar panel system 
  • LED exterior lighting
  • One-piece fiberglass exterior
  • High-quality floor coverings
  • Stainless steel appliances 


  • Heavy
  • Some users have experienced poor customer service



Northstar Campers have been in the game of camper since 1955. The family-owned company sells campers worldwide to accompany families in their outdoor journeys. Northstar integrates modern materials in proven construction techniques to stay ahead in the market, with quality and durability.

For everyone who’s been looking for a bigger camper, your search is over. The Northstar 12STC is a 12-foot truck camper built to luxurious perfection. Yet, it doesn’t have extra weight or high walls. 

The camper has comfortable seating cushions, LED lighting, and a dry bath for comfort and convenience. The dry bath has a traditional flushing, cassette toilet. It also has plenty of storage spaces without extra weight or height. 

The storage shelves and cabinets are added in places that most campers don’t utilize. So, you have all the space along with storage.


  • Light-weight
  • Dry bath
  • Spacious kitchenette
  • Storage spaces 
  • LED lighting


  • The thermostat might not pick the accurate temperature
  • Limited dinette space 


Host Mammoth 11.6

Every camper by Host Campers is high-end and handmade for ultimate quality and longevity. The campers have standard features and upgrade options to customize your slide-in camper.

The Mammoth 11.6 Camper is big, and what makes it big are the three slide-outs. That’s right, Three slide-outs.

The camper includes a dry bath, a queen-sized bed, a fireplace, and a dinette. A fiberglass exterior adds to the aerodynamic look of the camper.

Along with cabinets and many other storage spaces, the standard features of the camper include a 1000 watt inverter with an AC outlet, folding stove top cover, LED lighting, and a water heater.

The holding tanks in the camper are the largest in a slide-in camper yet. Some other features include skylight roof vents, built-in interior entry step, and foam insulated walls, floor, and ceiling.


  • Fiberglass exterior
  • Dry bath
  • Storage spaces
  • 1000 watt inverter
  • LED lighting
  • Large holding tanks


  • Camper is on the heavy side

Outfitter APEX 8

Outfitter Manufacturing Inc. embraces the rapid advancements in the RV industry. They make use of durable and lightweight products to create remarkable designs and features.

Apex 8 has an interior of about eight feet, which provides plenty of room for your needs and comfort. The notable features of the camper include a fully heated basement and one of the largest holding tanks in a pop-up. 

The camper has insulated soft walls, dual thermopane windows, a dry bath, and blackout curtains for the ultimate road-trip experience. 

There are also several maple interior cabinets, including one overhead cabinet and under bed storage, making the camper all the more likable.

Apex 8 is made to last with its rugged built and a five-year warranty from Outfitter Inc.


  • Fully heated basement
  • Large holding tank
  • Maple interior cabinets
  • Dry bath
  • Dual thermopane windows
  • Five-year warranty


  • Quality control issues


NuCamp Cirrus 920

NuCamp has managed to manufacture the highest quality RVs in North America over the years, without fail. The workers of NuCamp in Ohio are committed to delivering quality and value for money.

NuCamp Cirrus 920 is a comfortable and luxurious creation of the company. Despite being on the smaller size, it is super spacious with a luxurious touch to it. The bedroom in the camper is roomy with a queen-size bed and a storage space above it. 

The camper also features a wet bath, kitchen with ample counter space, and a dinette. The highlight of the camper is the ‘Monster picture window’ that has an amazing view capability. You can feel the outdoors while still being at comfort in your camper.

The four-season model by NuCamp is for outdoor enthusiasts to live in for as long as they want. The heating system of the camper is also worth mentioning.

Crow survival mentions this camper in its top 14 Truck Campers list.


  • luxurious interior and exterior
  • Monster picture window
  • Spacious
  • Storage spaces
  • Four-season model


  • Weak electrical setup


Four Wheel Camper Hawk

Four Wheel Campers has been making durable truck campers since 1972. Since then, the company has experienced different ownerships, only coming out renewed and stronger each time. 

First launched in Colorado, the company has faced enough challenges to know their game and continuously improve in quality.

Hawk is one of the most sturdy slide-in campers in the market. If you are looking for a camper that has a long-life, you should check out this model. 

Hawk is simple, light, and practical. With plenty of storage spaces, a comfortable bedroom, and a dinette, it’s as simple as it can get.

The storage spaces highlight this model and save you from the pressure of choosing what to carry with you.

Nothing beats the simple design of the camper put together by high-quality craftsmen at Four Wheel Camper.


  • Spacious interior
  • Storage spaces
  • Simple design
  • Practical
  • Lightweight 


  • Storage might be overwhelming
  • Less effective windows 
  • Poor positioning of electrical systems



Alaskan Campers is a small team company that has a reputable history in the truck camper game. Their limited number of employees specialize in RVs and produce high-quality campers in controlled environments.

Alaskan 8.5 Cabover Camper is a well-insulated, heavy camper, made with quality in view. It gives you an ease of lifting and lowering the top, thanks to the efficient hydraulic mechanism. It also has a high-pressure laminate interior, which adds to its uniqueness.

The bedroom includes custom-made cushions and mattress for user comfort. The camper also has a dinette, wood-paneled ceiling, maple cabinets, overhead storage space, and decent countertop space.

The Alaskan Cabover has a 70-watt solar power system, LED ceiling lights, and a cassette toilet, which most users admire. It is a four-season camper with high durability.


  • High quality
  • Four-season camper
  • A 70-watt solar panel system
  • Well insulated
  • LED ceiling lights


  • Heavy
  • Limited storage

Palomino Backpack

Since 1968, the goal of Palomino RV is to produce the best value RVs in the market. The company has a variety of slide-in campers to fit individual needs. Their models offer convenient floor plans and high-quality interior at affordable prices.

Palomino Backpack hard and soft-side campers can fit a variety of trucks with a spacious floor plan and every feature designed for comfort.

The compact short-bed camper has walnut hardwood cabinets, Congoleum® flooring, and a wrap-around sofa with storage space underneath. The kitchen features high-quality amenities, stainless steel sink, and a stovetop.

A queen bed, wet bath, and LED lighting are standard features of the camper. The wet bath holds a shower and a foot-flush toilet. The hard-side camp has a laminated walkable roof, too.


  • Spacious floor plan
  • Storage spaces
  • Hardwood cabinets
  • High-quality kitchen amenities
  • LED lighting
  • Stainless steel sink


  • Power lift roof can be troublesome in case of battery or mechanical failure
  • Wood construction


Rugged Mountain RV is a family-owned company that stepped into the travel business in 2014. The company has a highly efficient team with over 20 years of experience in camper construction. They take pride in creating the finest RVs in the industry with dedication.

Granite 11RL is a well-designed camper with a 9.7 feet floor plan and high-gloss exterior finish. You get a good amount of storage spaces such as cabinets and two wardrobes inside the camper. 

The camper features a dry bath with step tub and roof vents, hardwood cabinet doors, and a double-step bedroom staircase. It also has real wood paneling, LED lights, and dual propane tanks. 

With dozens of good reviews on the internet, the camper is known for its quality and excellent value. It is a tiny home that can go anywhere with you.


  • Well-designed floor plan
  • Storage spaces
  • Dry bath
  • Real wood paneling
  • LED lights
  • Excellent value for money


  • Wood paneling might rot over time
  • Limited windows

Adventurer 80RB

Since 1969, Adventurer Campers is committed to delivering the best quality products to its customers. The company is constantly looking for ways to improve their products to suit individual needs.

Adventurer 80RB is a full-feature slide-in camper with a comfortable queen bed and a wet bath. The highlight of the bath is the dual-layered skylight and one-piece fiberglass pan shower. 

The exterior has an LED porchlight, manual Jacks, and phat ladder. The interior also has LED lights, along with marine-grade flooring and plenty of storage spaces, such as overhead cabinets and drawers.

Adventurer 80RB has good heating and cooling systems and is well insulated to withstand harsh weather. It also has a number of safety features to maximize safety.


  • Marine-grade flooring
  • LED lighting
  • Bathroom skylight
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Safety features 


  • Limited storage spaces

Buying Guide

By now, I’m sure you can picture yourself traveling on a wide road, with nature all around you. However, if you’re still not sure which camper you would be in, don’t worry. In this section, I have listed everything you should look for when buying a slide-in camper.

  • Truck size

400;”>Before buying a slide-in camper, the first thing to consider is the length of your truck bed. Truck campers are made to fit either a short bed or a long bed, or both trucks. Make sure you know enough about your vehicle before going for an extension.

Another thing to consider is the weight capacity of your truck for your and everyone else’s safety. You might want to look into the truck’s user manual for these matters.

  • Camper Weight and Size

The weight and size of your camper are essential as your truck should be able to tow your camper. These factors will also affect the gas mileage of your truck.

If your camper is compact, you will find it easier to move it around or to the storing place, your garage, or any other covering to prevent any major maintenance.

  • Truck camper Tie Downs

A tie-down system secures your camper to your truck. There are a variety of options in the market when it comes to tie-down systems. They can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

The systems can be grouped into two types: Frame Mounted and Pocket Mounted.

Frame mounted systems are expensive and more secure than pocket mounted systems.

  • Floor Plan

Different companies offer various floor plans to suit individual needs. If you are getting a camper, how many people will live in it? The walking and sleeping capacity of the camper will depend on your needs.

Similarly, the storage spaces and counter space are equally important. The bigger your family, the more spacious camper you need.

  • Functionality

After considering the floor plan of the camper, the next thing is functionality. Think about the outdoor environment and your usage of the camper. Is the camper for family or work-related use? You can decide your budget and the quality of your camper accordingly.

If you will use the camper frequently, get one that is rugged and known for its durability to cut down any maintenance costs. Also, take into account the rated temperatures of the interior and exterior of the camper.

Additionally, depending on your usage, the water tank should be large enough to last you longer periods of time. Exterior lighting is another plus in campers for the safety of the people inside.

  • Battery

Another thing to check before buying is the operating temperature of the battery inside the camper. You should also check the battery capacity so that it does not trouble you on longer road-trips. You will need the battery to power your AC, charge your phone, and light up your camper at night.

Almost all the slide-in campers now feature solar panel systems, so make sure it is powerful enough to suffice your needs.

  • Cost

Lastly, the camper should be within your budget. You might also want to read about the company before getting the camper to make sure you are making a good investment. The resale value has to be decent if you plan to upgrade it.


Why should I consider buying a slide-in camper?

With the advancements in building materials and technology, slide-in campers are enjoying a much awaited come back. The companies are making use of improved materials that are also lightweight so you can haul a camper without much trouble. Now, you can easily camp anywhere your truck can access.

Should I buy the truck or the camper first?

If you have to buy both the truck and the camper, go for the camper first. When you buy the camper first, you will have time and money to decide which truck is the best for you. You can also easily get the right payload of the truck too.

What size of pickup truck should I buy for a camper?

A one-ton truck, single-cab or extended cab is ideal in many cases. These trucks have large payload ratings and the necessary suspensions to support a slide-in camper. Plus, if you want to upgrade your camper in the future, you can easily do so with a one-ton truck.

How to attach a slide-in camper to a truck?

You will need a tie-down package to secure your camper in the truck bed. There are several systems in the market to do the job for you on various surfaces.

Why is the truck’s payload rating important?

The payload rating of a truck tells you how much weight it can safely carry without putting too much pressure on the tires or the frame of the truck. Everything in the truck, including passengers and the camper, should weigh below the payload.

If you overload your truck, you will largely run the risk of road accidents and mishaps.

Can I drive the truck with passengers in the camper?

You certainly can. However, it might not be a completely safe ride on rugged terrains while staying inside the camper. You should also check the laws of the city where you have to ensure maximum safety.

Where do I store my camper?

Slide-in campers are generally compact and require less storage space. You can leave your camper on the truck in the garage after dropping the support legs and disconnecting the electrical connections.

You can also disconnect the camper from your truck to go out on the road without the additional load.

Can I put a long bed truck camper on a short bed truck and vice versa?

You can’t put a long bed truck camper on a short bed truck in most cases. That is because the center of gravity will be displaced to the back. Even if you can do so, you might have to give up some benefits of the long camper.

You can put a short bed camper on a long bed truck, but you will have to remove the tailgate.

Do slide-in campers have any downsides?

Yes, slide-in campers have a few downsides.

You need a ladder to get in and out of a slide-in camper, which is not the case with caravans. Also, if you are used to larger living spaces, slide-in campers offer a much smaller area.

Another thing that might trouble you is the fact that truck campers have supporting legs to remove them, but they have to drop down a long way to touch the ground. However, some companies provide optional electrical jacks that can be very helpful.

Where can I learn more about truck campers?

Crow Survival has a lot of information regarding RVs to help you along your journey of exploring slide-on truck campers.


Slide-in campers are taking the market by a storm. If you have been thinking of buying one, get one already.

However, before choosing a slide-in camper, make sure its weight and size correspond with your pickup truck. If you are planning to live in it with your family, make sure you go for a camper with enough floor space, facilities, and storage spaces.

The interior and exteriors of the 12 best slide-in campers in this post differ considerably. You can easily choose the one that not only looks good to you but also fits in your budget.

You also have a choice of wet and dry baths in these campers. The wet baths take up less space, while the dry baths have more storage spaces. You should also think about the solar panel systems and tank capacities of the campers before making your decision.

If you are new to RVs or slide-in campers, I recommend you to go for a practical and lightweight camper. You can always upgrade to a more flashy version later.