Five Of The Best Small 5th Wheel Trailers

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Fifth wheels make great campers for weekends away or even full time living.

Sometimes we’re only looking for something on the smaller size, whether that’s for the price, storage concerns or if you’re just looking for something easier to tow.

Whatever the reason, there are a number of fantastic small 5th wheel trailers on the market, we thought we’d list five of our favorite (we’ve included some truck campers as well!).

Five of the Best Lightweight and Mini 5th Wheels

2018 Winnebago 25RKS Minnie Plus


Five Of The Best Small 5th Wheel Trailers 1


2018 25RKS is actually a revised version of Voyage Lite. It has been expanded in terms of color packages, interiors, exteriors, and some other features which make it a very successful small RV fifth wheel.


The exterior is almost mirror-like because of the T60 diesel pusher, which also prevents it from bumps and scratches. It’s true that there are other models which have this feature, but Winnebago’s diesel pusher skin is at least two grades higher than that of the others.

On the front, the cap is partially painted, while the black part is actual paint.
The underbelly has full pass-through storage and it is larger than most of the other brands.
At the nose of the cap, there are gorgeous accent LED lights.

The Chassis is an aircraft chassis which is made of high strength alloy. It is lighter and very strong.

They have upgraded to magnetic slam latches so the doors stay out of the way when you’re working here.

There’s a towing hitch at the back, and it is worth mentioning that Winnebago is the only manufacturer which uses a Norco Class towing hitch. Actually, the chassis has significant structural reinforcements at the end, which makes it capable of having a towing hitch with 3000-pound tow limit.

IT has adjustable axle hinges to shift the camper up and down.

The awning has an easy-tilt with full LED lights.

The steps are stable with adjustable foot, and they provide an even surface no matter how jagged the ground is.

There’s a spare tire under the belly instead of at the back. This has two advantages: a) you can add a cargo at the back, and b) the tire is not exposed to sunlight or rain.

It has a single battery box holder, but you can put up to three batteries.

Generally, small fifth wheels don’t have more than a 6-gallon water heater, but Minnie Plus has a full 10-gallon gas and electric water heater.

The wheel has a flex suspension system which soaks up jerks and vibrations.

One of the best parts about this camper is that a lot of systems such as stabilizers, hookups, and satellite cables etc. operate on a single push button.


Most of the RVs, even the largest ones, have just one interior color, but Winnebago has at least six different themes.
The design is cobblestone décor.
The sofa is full tri-fold memory foam and despite being big, it leaves plenty of space to walk around.

The dinette has a free-standing table which also goes down to create an extra sleeping pad for kids and guests.
The cabinets run up to the ceiling and they are all pocket-screwed and glued together.

There are double breeze windows in the corners and above them are three beautiful LED lights.

In the kitchen, you find a solid surface countertop and a recessed stainless sink.
The drawers below the stove are full extension drawers.
There’s an 8 cubic foot fridge, which is much larger than other small fifth wheels.

For safety, the control panels have been located high above, so small children can’t reach there.
The kitchen side also has a large breeze window and can be opened or closed as per choice.

The TV can be rotated so that it can be seen from any angle. The DVD, Bluetooth, and stereo are inbuilt and there are plenty of USB and 110 outlets.

The steps leading to the bedroom are strong and they are made up of resin type material which prevents slipping.

The bathroom has a large space. It also has a porcelain foot flush toilet, stainless sink, and a nice decorated shower.

The bed is simple, yet amazing with shelves and windows on both sides of the bed. The bed is 80-inch queen sized and there are lots and lots of storage around it.

Winnebago has always been the leader of small RV fifth wheels, and Minnie Plus is a nice attempt to go even bigger without increasing the size. If you love small fifth wheels with all the luxuries on board, you can get this one.

Forest-river Impression RV fifth Wheel

lightweight 5th wheel



The Impression offers affordable luxury at the lowest towing weights as compared to the competitors. With its unique shape and sturdy construction, it proves to be the symbol of the form-follow feature.


The color of Impression is grey with some attractive designs on it.
On the front are power jack and a hitch light which enables the driver to see behind the trailer.

There’s a 20-pound propane tank and there is room for one or two large batteries.

The storage compartment has a diamond plate metal to prevent objects from sliding.

You can get an optional kitchen as well, which comes with two burner stove, a spray port for cold water, and a dump sink. All of them can be slid back into the storage. If you don’t want the kitchen, then you get al big storage for other things.

At the bottom is a standard hookup which can be either hooked to the stove or to the outside kitchen.
There are four scissor jacks, one on each corner, and a dump hose holder at the bottom.

There is an optional power awning with two outdoor speakers. All you need to do is push the button and the awning will come out. The awning has feet which can be attached to the side or stacked on the ground. These feet are very stable and can stand even in the mild winds.

With an upgraded torsion axle system, the camper gives a better ride than other campers with traditional leaf spring.

For cleaning the toilets, there’s an electric outlet with black tank flush.
The entry step is made of aluminum instead of steel and it doesn’t rust.

The back, front and top of the camper are made with one piece fiberglass and since R-pod makes use of Azdel composite panels, there’s very little chance of delaminating in case of water leaking. The walls are not wood and so they cannot rot. Azdel also makes the walls lighter than luan board, but it is very strong and enhances the longevity of the coach.

The spare tire is usually tied at the back, but you can put it in the underbelly so as to put a bike rack at the back.

The camper is equipped with a low-profile 13,500 BTU AC. On the top, there’s an antenna, which unlike other smaller fifth wheels, doesn’t crank up or down.

On the front side, there’s a six-gallon gas and electric water heater. While in normal use, you can keep it on electric, but when the shower is being used for a long time, you can switch on the gas as well.

Near the heater are a city water hookup and a freshwater tank fill. There’s also a furnace exhaust and low-point water drain.


Just inside the camper, you find the electric box and the battery switch.
On the above is a 24-inch LED TV and to the right, you have all the switches to control the lights and exhausts.

The dinette has a free-standing float table with a small tabletop.

The sofa is of a dark chocolate color, but there are other color options too.
The sink is undermount and round instead of a rectangle. It is stainless and therefore can be easily cleaned.

The window can be opened for cross breeze and provides a nice view when you’re cooking or cleaning the dishes.

There’s a three burner stove with flush mount top and there’s also a little space behind it.
The microwave is optional, and if you don’t want it, you can use the space as large storage.
There are more cabinets with extending ball bearing drawers below the sink.

Below the microwave is a three-way refrigerator which can work on electric, gas and also on the 12V battery power. To make the fridge a little bigger, you can remove the freezer.

In front of the refrigerator is an upgraded digital thermostat to control the air conditioning.   

The bathroom is quite large for a small fifth wheel and equipped with everything you need. There’s also a big exhaust fan in the ceiling to get rid of any moisture or smell.

On entering the bedroom, you again find lots and lots of shelves for clothes.
The bed size is 60*70 queen size. There are windows on either side of the bed which can be opened for a cross breeze.

One thing which you’ll never run out of in this camper is the storage space. If you take so many things on your camp and you love access to natural air, then get this camper without giving a second thought.

Rockwood Ultra Lite 5th Wheel



Five Of The Best Small 5th Wheel Trailers 2

While weighing just 2800 pounds, Rockwood Ultra Lite 5th Wheel is also environment-friendly as it uses less fuel. It can be seen as a combination of modern amnesties and traditional design which bring you the best camping performance.  It’s a fantastic mini 5th wheel.


Ultra Lite has modern residential décor which just looks fabulous.
The ceiling has 5-inch strutted aluminum vault, which is not found on many other laminated roofs. Actually, it’s a two 2.5 inch aluminum arc sections which have been merged in the middle to give a 5-inch vault.

Despite being larger than other campers, Geo Pro has less body, less interior height, and size. They are neither heavier nor expensive.

The lights are all LEDs and they produce excellent contrast with the wood tones.
There are no carpets on the floor and thus facilitates easy cleaning.

The greatest feature of the Ultra Lite is its one-piece locking Murphy bed, which is currently the most popular Murphy bed system in the market. The advantage of the Murphy bed is that you don’t have to make the bed every time. All you need is to drop the bed and it is ready to sleep. For safety, it has a locking mechanism. The provision of gas struts makes the lifting very easy.

There are bedside stands and individual hanging on both sides of the bed. The headboards are mounted with USB and 110 outlets.

Overboard cabinetry is right above the dinette, and thanks to the 5-inch vaulted ceiling, the camper can hold extra cabinets.

There are multiple TV options, and many people prefer getting their own TV over factory supply.
If you install a 12-volt TV, then it can work on both inverter and battery power.

Another magnificent feature of the Ultra Lite is the Wi-Fi ranger. It has an inbuilt router and a signal receptor points which gives excellent mobile-internet experience.

The windows are big and have roller shades. The dinette is elegant and can be folded into extra sleeping space.

The kitchen is quite small but has everything you need. There are plenty of overhead cabinets which are strutted so you don’t have to juggle to reach them.

You get a double door fridge with a freezer inside it. If you want, then you can get a bigger fridge, but then you’ll have to remove the microwave above it.

There is a recessed stovetop to maximize the countertop space. So, technically, it’s small but becomes as big as you will need.

Small campers don’t have big bathrooms, but Ultra Lite has the toilet mounted at an angle so you get decent legroom.
The bathtub comes with an aqua view water meter which is something you’ll never find on any other common class camper. This is very helpful when you are on dry camping and every drop of water is precious.

Another benefit of having a laminated roof is that it allows a skylight for natural light.
There’s a medicine cabinet above the sink and there’s an additional cabinet beside the toilet. The big Maxx Air Vent Air compensates for the windows which cannot be opened.


The walls have Azdel composite panel which deals very smartly with the water leaks. In addition to making the wall lighter and stronger, it also provides excellent insulation and improved noise reduction.

At the top, there’s an optional integrated solar panel. In addition, it is also prepared for a bumper-mount solar panel. It means that you can actually have twin solar chargers.

Geo Pro is pre-staged to be able to accommodate more batteries, and it has powerful 13,500 BTU AC.

We get an anti-slam entry-door with a keyless pad so you don’t have to worry about losing your keys.

The steps are stable and adjustable to an extent which is only found in high-end luxury fifth wheels.

The nose cap wraps over the roof instead of sticking to the top. This helps in preventing the termination where the roof ends and the front wall begins.

If we have to select the best features of Ultra Lite, then it will be the locking Murphy bed, Wi-Fi ranger, and dual solar systems. Another striking feature is its water saving technology. If you find these features appealing, then you should definitely get this camper for your next adventure.    

Palomino Backpack Luxury Truck Campers

Five Of The Best Small 5th Wheel Trailers 3

This camper is just nine feet long and is designed to fit in a six and a half box. This has all the exciting features at a very affordable price.

Let’s dive in to see what we have got here…


The unit allows two awnings. One of them is standard, while the other one can be ordered separately. The standard awning has LED lights on it, and so does the optional awning.

You get a ladder near the door which is not found in so many small campers.

There is a large entry handle beside the door. The camper is equipped with Torklift bumper which is on the back and has large in-built storage. It also has an in-built flip up steps which can be folded while moving.

You get storage on both sides of the bumper, and there are holes which can support a swing bracket to carry an extra generator.

The camper has remote-controlled power jacks. You can control them both individually and all at once.
You get one thirty pound propane tank and a utility shower as well.

The camper is pre-wired for portable solar panels. They are optional, but if you get one, then you’ll be assured about your battery being charged all the time.

On the left wall from the back, you get a satellite cable and exterior outlets. On the bottom, there are city-water hookups and freshwater tank fill.

The windows are frameless and they produce a nicer look than regular framed windows.
You also get a charging point with positive and negative terminals on the outside.
In the storage, there’s enough space for two batteries, so you can easily take multiple batteries if you want to.

The fiberglass front cap comes with an automotive windshield and nice LED strip lights. This optional and the good things that it is one piece strutted cap.

On the right wall from the back, you have the fridge and the furnace vent.
There’s a porch light and Palomino is already prewired for a back-up camera.


Near the steps, you’ll find all the control switches and also a battery disconnect.
The steps in this camper are bigger as there’s a heated basement. This is also the reason why holding tanks in this camper are bigger than normal campers.

This Palomino is Maxx series so it has extra insulations. You’ll get an insulated window as well as insulated basements. This way it remains warm throughout the year.

Because of the slide-out, there’s a lot of extra space inside.

The dinette table and seats are free-stand and have storage underneath them. The table can be dropped down to create space for an additional bed.
Beside the dinette is a nice and big window with a pleated shade.

There’s a north-south queen bed with dual steps up to the bed. Right beside it is a nice storage cabinet. You’ll never run out of space for clothes and anything.
There are windows on each side of the bed. At the headboard is a large windshield which can be covered for privacy.
Up above is a roof vent with an inbuilt 12V fan.

7 Fantastic Small Camper Trailers with Bathrooms Included

There are speakers at the head of the bed and you can maintain a nice reading light.
You get access to so many USB and 110 outlets.

The TV is mounted on the wall and since it pulls out at any angle, you can see it from anywhere inside the camper.

In the kitchen, you find a big double stainless sink. They come with covers so you get extra countertop space.
There are plenty of cupboards above the kitchen and an inbuilt microwave.

The 3-burner stove has a cover above it to provide even more countertop space and you also get an oven below it.

The Bathroom is fully enclosed on the side and come with a foot-flush toilet, big sink, medicine cabinet, and a cool shower.

This camper can be described in the most simple words as compact and enough. It is small but comes with everything you will need for an amazing camping experience.

Northern Lite FX RR Truck Camper

Five Of The Best Small 5th Wheel Trailers 4

It’s a ten-foot long luxury camper made by Northern Lights. It’s a very hard non-slide camper with northern lights and dry baths. It’s designed for a box-size of eight foot.


There are two pieces of modern fiberglass construction. The molded top is one piece and so is the case with the bottom molded cap.

There are no seams in the camper except for the one in the middle, which runs all the way to the back.
It has a power awning in the back with an in-built LED lights to brighten up the patio area near the door.

You also get a roof ladder and a large entry assist handle beside the door.
You’ll also find LED porch and tail lights at the back.

The bumper at the back can be folded up and there’s a pin to lock it in place. There’s also a hitch back in the rear so you can also put a generator in there.

When you flip the step down, you get access to another large storage compartment under the door.

Corner jacks are remote-controlled and you can operate them individually and also all at once.

The dumping at the bottom holds all the black and gray water tanks with pumps and valves. The good thing is that everything is centrally located which makes it easy to winterize.

On the wall to the left of the back, you’ll find the water hookup and satellite cable.
There’s also a freshwater tank so you can also take water with you.
It has a big battery box which can accommodate at least two batteries.

The windows are acrylic thermal pane and not glass. Acrylic has good insulating value as they come with an air pocket in the middle. It is the acrylic which makes this camper a full-time camper throughout the year.

On the right side from the back, you have an emergency exit. There’s a side awning with LED lights. It’s not electrical but can be cranked in and out manually.

There’s a slide-out tray with two twenty-pound propane tanks.
Below these tanks is another big storage which can keep a generator. If you’re not taking a generator, you get a very large extra storage.


The door has glass shock arm, which means they’ll stay in whatever position you leave them. There’s also a screen door to help you close the camper without losing the light.

The floor is made up of linoleum tile floor so it’s all one piece.

Right by the door is the control for your power awning and a battery disconnect switch.

Inside the door is the dinette. The table can be dropped down to create an extra bed. There’s a big window beside the dinette and there are overhead cabinets as well.

Right across the dinette is the bathroom. It is a dry bath with foot-flush toilet, a sink, medicine cabinet. The bathing area is a tub-shower combo.

Towards the front, there’s a kitchen on one side with a big stainless sink. The sink has a matching cover to provide you more countertop space when not in use.
Below the sinks are all cupboards and drawers.

You get a three-burner stove and an electric oven. On the opposite of the kitchen, you have a refrigerator and the microwave oven.

In the bedroom, there’s a north-south queen size bed. The TV can be rotated so you can enjoy it anywhere.
And again, you’ll never run out of spaces and cabinets.
There are windows and charging stations on both sides of the bed.
You can maintain a comfortable reading light, and during the day, the skylight floods in the natural light.

In this Camper, Northern lights have made no compromise in terms of facilities. Most of the similarly-sized campers sacrifice the microwave or oven or fridge and even the AC. But here you’ll get everything with plenty of optional features as well.