7 Fantastic Small Camper Trailers with Bathrooms Included


When you’re in the thick of the wilds, sometimes you’ll need to tend to the needs of nature. Doing your business outdoors is not ideal, however, when the nearest restaurant or building is miles away, it’s your only option. Or is there another way?

I know when I bought my first camper, space was a major consideration. I wanted to have as much space as I possibly could for the essentials that I couldn’t live without. Sadly, that meant saying goodbye to the bathroom and hello to nature’s toilet. If it’s good enough for every other mammal on earth, then it’s probably good enough for me.

However, as I’ve discovered in the years since then, it’s possible to have your cake and eat it, or in this case, have your space and a toilet. I’ve put together these seven amazing examples of compact camper trailers that make room for luxurious bathrooms.

Jay Sport Trailer

If you have the Sport Trailer, you need not to pay for a room in a dubiously appointed hotel ever again. Revamped for 2017, this trailer packs an amenities filled punch, with all the essentials included without any wasted space.

Looking at the trailer for the outside, it’s compact, simple and sleek design contains a ton of clever features that have been included to ensure life in the wilds is that much easier. For example:

  • Retractable entry steps
  • Stabilizing jacks for added safety
  • Large grippy off-road tires

Moving onto the inside you’ll be surprised at what’s been packed inside the compact package. The interior features:

  • Lot’s of clever storage spaces
  • A rust-resistant stove suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • A generously proportioned sink
  • Hard wearing vinyl flooring

That’s just the start of it. If it’s a beautiful sunny day, just open up the roof vent with built-in mesh screening and let sunlight and nature soak in. You’ll also have access to the following:

  • Luxurious heated beds for those cold nights
  • Multifunctional cushions
  • A functional dining area
  • Audiovisual capabilities

Of course, we’re here for one reason, and that is for the bathroom. In this respect the Jay Sport does not disappoint, boasting a heater that is larger than you’d expect for a trailer of this size, coming in at a sizeable six gallons. This water tank powers the indoors and outdoors shower, as well as the toilet and sinks taps.

Casita Travel Trailers Spirit Deluxe Trailer

When you’re looking to take your small family with you on your outdoor adventures, then the Casita Trailer might just be the perfect pick. This trailer easily fits in three adults in its 17-foot length. The dining area can be quickly and easily transformed into 2 sleeping spaces and is easy enough to switch it back as required, so making this space you need shouldn’t be a problem.

This trailer has been designed from the ground up to withstand a range of climates and terrain conditions. It’s made from reinforced fiberglass and is custom fitted for each and every Spirit Deluxe. Additional external features you’ll not want to avoid missing:

  • Exterior fitted 110-volt outlet
  • A battery pack rated for 12 volts
  • A lockable freshwater fill
  • The option of connecting to city water
  • Exterior lighting

The interior of the camper is equally impressive, with a decently sized bathroom to boot. The toilet and the shower have been separated in order to provide increased privacy, and a powerful extractor fan is in place to deal with humidity and to ensure the space is well ventilated and smell free.

If you’re looking for additional space to store your space, you’re in luck. There are several carpet lined overhead storage spaces which are perfect for stashing additional camping equipment or other bits of gear.

Barefoot Caravans

Even though this is a UK based firm, Barefoot Caravans can send it to the USA. The trailer was designed by a quartet of caravan design experts, what’s even more impressive is that they received a well-deserved trust award for their efforts.

Perhaps the most appealing aspects of this trailer are its range of customization options available to the buyer. You can choose one of six colors for a range of the trailers features, such as:

  • The mini DAB Radio
  • The curtains (you can choose to have these made to your own specs or choose one of the available options based on your fabric choices)
  • The color of the kitchen or bathroom walls
  • The seat cushions, which can be either vinyl or fabric

You can pick from the following colors:

  • Lime green
  • Gray
  • Navy Blue
  • Orange
  • Stone
  • Duck Egg

You can either choose to make sure everything compliments each other or choose to mix things up to a more ecliptic design.

So, even though Barefoot caravans feature funky designs and sleek shapes, what else about them makes them a sensible purchase? There are a tone of features which make this a standout choice, including:

  • Adaptable seating area that can be converted into a sleeping area
  • Plenty of wardrobe and cupboard space for all your belongings
  • Attractive roof lighting
  • Polycarbonate windows made from recycled materials
  • Built in fridge freezer with enough space for a small family

We should of course also talk about the bathroom. Powering the shower, toilet and sinks is a 30-liter water tank with a combi water heater from renowned manufacturer Truma. Powering this can be accomplished with either gas or electricity.

The bathroom itself comes with a range of attractive features such as full portrait mirror, ample cupboard space, a shower, sink, and toilet. When you’re on the road with this trailer, you’ll probably never want to return to your home.

Lance 1575 Travel Trailer

Lance has been producing a range of truck campers and trailers for just over half a century. Exemplifying those years of experience and dedication of their craft is the Lance 1575, which despite is reasonable weight (2,700 lbs) has still managed to cram in a ton of useful features.

Just because you’re on an adventure, it doesn’t mean you have to be without the small luxuries. Lance has made sure you’ll have all the essentials to hand:

  • Optional spare tire
  • Vented roof space
  • Cleverly designed doors
  • Ample storage space
  • Insulated and laminated windows
  • Separated freshwater and wastewater systems

When you’re on an extended road trip, it’s normally the small things which make you feel like you’re in a home away from home, to that point, Lance has done a great job of making sure that all of those small things are present.

  • A key hook
  • Integrated clock
  • Cleverly designed work surfaces and tables
  • Curtains and shades for every window
  • Integrated stove with three gas burners
  • Built in fridge that’s capable of holding enough food for a small family
  • Thermostat controls for the easy adjustment of the internal temperature

And of course, there is a bathroom present as well. Lance have included a foot operated toilet that’s both easy to use and easy to clean. The toilet is plumbed into the black tank system and does its job very well. If you like plenty of light in your bathroom, you’re in luck, with the skylight providing bucket loads of naturally occurring light. It might be small, but the bathroom has everything you’re looking for.

United Recreational Vehicles, LLC’s iCamp Elite

The Elite range is known to be sporty, eye-catching, colorful and for their compact dimensions. Even though they are small in size, they are substantial campers made from an aluminum frame, reinforced fiberglass and industrial strength Styrofoam for insulation and sound dampening. This means the campers are more than just cute looking.

The Elite is one of the smallest campers we’ve come across and is even smaller than most of the diminutive options on this roster. As the external and internal dimensions are petite, you can expect to make some concessions if you’re planning a road trip with one these beauties.

The manufacturer has had to employee some clever design designs in order to save on space and maximize what is available. As such, furniture tends to have rounded edges that just fit with little room to spare. If you’re above 6 foot, the camper might not be for you, as the highest section maxes out just shy of six feet.

  • However, despite its size, the Elite manages to pack some great features into its footprint:
  • Increased fuel economy due to better aerodynamics
  • iPod connectivity for increased entertainment. If you love podcasts like me, this might be right up your street.
  • Weather resistant outdoor and indoor furniture
  • Fully wallpapered
  • Towing it is a piece of cake

At this point you might be wondering if they managed to squeeze a bathroom in, the good news is they did. Furnished with a shower and a rather nice toilet, the bathroom has everything you’re likely to need.

Scamp 13’ Standard Trailer

Scamp has proven that great things can be wrapped in small packages. The smallest offering from Scamp measures in at a diminutive 13 feet, which is far smaller than the largest offering from the same company. Despite the size, you can still choose one of the two-floor plans and the one we’re most interested in features a bathroom as the front and center, with a fully functional shower.
Included in this layout is the following:

  • A sleeping area that converts to an eating and sitting area
  • Seats with clever storage compartments
  • An integrated gas-powered stove and sink
  • Ample closet space

Made to accommodate a small family, the Scamp utilizes intelligent design and thoughtful planning in order to best utilize all the available space. Powering the bathroom and shower is the 12-gallon holding tank.

If you’re willing to pay a little bit extra, you can buy and have the following fitted:

  • Reinforced cabinets
  • Carpeting or tough vinyl flooring
  • Additional power outlets
  • Power Converters
  • Built-in air con
  • Heat Strips
  • Exterior lighting
  • Integrated microwave

Airstream’s 2018 Sport

For nearly a century, Airstream has been producing vehicles with the traveler in mind. The latest 2018 sport exemplifies this design philosophy. The brand is so well known that nearly everyone without an interest in RVs will have heard of their vehicles.

The Sport boasts several fantastic features:

  • Air con and heating strips
  • Powerful integrated fan for maximum air circulation
  • Branded and matching dinette sets
  • Essential items such as microwave, fridge, gas-powered stove and oven
  • Sink covers that double as cutting boards
  • Full blackout window covers
  • Extreme visibility front windows
  • Built-in HD TV with sound system

Not to be outdone, the bathroom provides sophistication and class, everything is well appointed. Ventilation is provided by powerful roof fans, preventing moisture and air entering into the rest of the trailer. The toilet is made from porcelain and is easy to operate and clean. Adding the finishing touches are the retractable clothesline, the towel bar, and the custom-made shower head.

Not one to disappoint, the outside is equally well appointed. Mounted outside the trailer is the black water tank wastewater system which makes it easy to dispose of the bathroom waste. Additionally, you’ll find the following features:

  • Reinforced windows with dark tinting
  • Reflective and insulated room for increased temperature control
  • Extensive awning
  • Easily used inlet for fresh water
  • Hot and cold exterior shower
  • Hookup for cable TV


If like me you like to spend some time in the outdoors for weeks at a time, a few small luxuries can go a long way. You might be forgiven for thinking that in order to enjoy the room for multiple recipients, cooking areas, appliances and a bathroom, you’d need to invest in a large trailer.

As we’ve already demonstrated in this article, that’s not necessarily true. You can quite comfortably live, sleep, cook and shower in a camper that quite comfortably fits into a standard garage. The only prerequisite is knowing what to look for and where to find them