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Summer is almost here, and now is the perfect time to start planning your warm-weather adventure. There are plenty of opportunities to experience the outdoors for any family or group of friends.

One perfect investment for a perfect summer weekend is a small camper.

Having one can make a camping trip be more relaxing, comfortable, and memorable for the right reasons.

Whether it be a pop-up camper, travel trailer, 5th wheel, class B RV, truck camper, or anything in between, there’s a perfect recreational vehicle for any group of people who want to have a great (and comfortable time) outdoors on any budget.

When you are considering purchasing a camper, you need to ask a lot of important questions.

  • What is your price range?
  • How much weight can your vehicle tow?
  • How many people does your camper need to sleep?
  • What kind of amenities do you want?

Narrowing it down to a couple of options can be hard, especially since there are so many options. It’s important to think of what kind of camping trips you plan on going on, how often you think you’ll use your camper, and how much camping experience you already have.

Here are a few of our favorite options to help narrow things down for the prospective camper shopper.

The Top-rated small campers under 5,000 lbs

1) Aliner Classic Travel Trailer 480

2) SylvanSport Go Camper

3) Timberleaf Teardrop Trailer

4) Sportsmobile Sprinter

5) Eriba Touring Trailer

The Best Small Campers under 5,000 lbs

1) Aliner Classic Travel Trailer 480

Small Campers

Priced start at around $18,000

With a quirky and memorable design, many people associate campers with the Aliner Classic Travel Trailer. This trailer has stood the test of time and has been a fundamental part of outdoor enthusiasts’ free time all across the world, and has been in production for over 30 years.

This trailer comes equipped with the right amount of bells and whistles to keep your campout comfortable yet simple and features easy set-up, durable build, and versatility for any camping adventure.

It’s not particularly large – it only sleeps two people (albeit very comfortably) and is on the lighter side, which is a perk for owners of almost any kind of vehicle.  

Pros: This camper comes with a sink and water tank, refrigerator, and gas stove, electrical outlets, and a microwave. It’s on the lighter side – coming in a little over 1,500 lbs, and can be towed by most kinds of vehicles (although there are plenty of other campers at a similar or smaller weight).

It also features easy setup and take down. Its comfort and ease of use make it perfect for first-time campers who want to make a serious commitment to spending more time outdoors.

Cons: This camper is moderately priced – however, it makes up for the price with its quality. It’s also on the smaller side – it is built to sleep two. However, this could be just the camper for a romantic weekend or outing with a couple of friends.

2) SylvanSport Go Camper

The 17 Best Small Campers Under 5,000 lbs in 2020 1

Prices start at $9,995

The SlyvanSport Go looks like a tent disguised as a camper – don’t be fooled though. There are plenty of perks with choosing a SylvanSport Go over a standard tent. It features plenty of storage space, blow up mattresses for excellent sleeping, and is deceptively easy to set up and take down.

Having one of these can be the set up for the perfect trip for a small family or group of friends – you can load up all your gear, food, and supplies on the camper and still have plenty of leg room in your car, and then go on a great camping trip to boot.

Pros: This camper is easily one of the lightest weight options on the camper market, at only 840 lbs, and it can be hooked up to most vehicles equipped with a hitch. You can be right next to nature in the easy set-up tent-like structure without being too uncomfortable or close to the ground. This is perfect for anyone with some camping experience and the occasional spare weekend to whip off and have fun in nature.

Cons: If you’re looking for the comforts of a stereotypical camper, this is not your trailer. It doesn’t feature amenities such as a gas stove or fridge – however, this is not what this kind of trailer was meant to feature.

You can read more about it here.

3) Timberleaf Teardrop Trailer

The 17 Best Small Campers Under 5,000 lbs in 2020 2

Prices start at $21,500

The Teimberleaf Teardrop trailers are great examples of trailers on the lighter side that still have no set-up involved. Available in versions that you can even take off-roading, they are perfect for any kind of camping trip for a couple of people. It is compact and has storage space that also doubles as a workspace for prepping food or filleting a fish.  

While it is compact and requires no setup, it doesn’t come with any kind of appliances, which may be a drawback to some looking for a camper. On the flip side, this is a great option for someone who wants a simple camping experience without a lot of hassle.

Pros: This trailer not only comes pre-set-up but is on the lighter end of preset up trailers. Weighing as low as 1,000 lbs, this can be towed by relatively smaller vehicles. It can also be equipped to go off-roading and adventuring, making it truly versatile.

Cons: This trailer doesn’t have a lot of space or the most storage in the world, but is great for relaxing and is quite comfortable.

You can read more about it here.

4) Sportsmobile Sprinter

The 17 Best Small Campers Under 5,000 lbs in 2020 3

Prices start at around $40,000

This is the perfect option for anyone looking for a small, compact RV that isn’t too hard to navigate around tight turns. This features everything you would look for in an RV or small mobile home, but more compact. It has a Sink, stove, microwave, plenty of storage, a fan and a heater, and can sleep up to six people.

You can take this to go camping almost anywhere, without sacrificing comfort or convenience, and leave on just a moment’s notice. This trailer is perfect for any weather and any small group of people.

Pros: No setup, no hassle, no worries. This has everything you want for a relaxing weekend trip to your closest state park or going cross country – appliances, sleeping space, and room to move around and stretch, and manages to fit all this while being really compact (the size of a medium-large van). This can also come equipped with solar panels and some options become a small bathroom.

Cons: This camper is definitely on the pricey side and is not in everyone’s budget. It also has low gas mileage – only consider buying this if you’re seriously committed to spending a lot of time in it, otherwise, save the money and pay off your next year of rent.

You can read more about it here.

5) Eriba Touring Trailer

The 17 Best Small Campers Under 5,000 lbs in 2020 4

Prices start at around $26,000

This trailer, while still on the smaller side, is also on the more luxurious side. They are heavier compared to other trailers on this list, but lighter compared to trailers of the same caliber of luxury. It features a full kitchen, and a bath with a shower, a king size bed, and space to move around. It features an air conditioner and a heater and has led lighting throughout.

This is great for anyone who secretly hates camping but loves spending time outdoors anyway because sleeping in it feels like sleeping in a building.

If you’re looking to buy an RV and want to get a great deal on financing, have a look at our review of the best RV financing providers.

Pros: The Eriba Touring trailer comes with every amenity possible in a trailer. It features both heating and air conditioning and can be used at any time of the year. It has a fully equipped kitchen with a sink, stove, and microwave. It has a generator and a battery to keep things running when you don’t have access to an electricity source.

Cons: This trailer weighs in at about 2500 pounds, which isn’t especially heavy for a trailer of this type, even being compact, but is definitely on the heavier side. This trailer may also be out of the price range for anyone on a budget, or anyone who is only occasionally planning on using it.

You can read more about it here.

6) Jay Sport

The 17 Best Small Campers Under 5,000 lbs in 2020 5

Prices start at around $11,000

The Jay sport is everything you could look for in a pop-up trailer. While pop up trailers can take a minute to set up, they are compact, easy to hitch onto a vehicle, on the lighter side, and can feel spacious and comfortable. The Jay Sport is no exception. There is plenty of space in this trailer to move around and enjoy yourself, your company, and the outdoors. This trailer comes with a dinette, sink, stove, a fridge, fan, and microwave. Depending on the floorplan you buy, it can sleep 5-7 people. There is plenty of storage. It can even come with a toilet, heated mattresses, a radio, and speakers.  

Pros: This trailer is a perfect trailer for someone with moderate camping experience and who likes to spend the occasional getaway outside – it is relatively easy to set up, and comes equipped with great appliances. The toilet, speakers, stove, fridge, and open layout are all great perks and the recipe for a great weekend. This trailer is also on the more economical side, especially if it is bought just a couple years used

Cons: While this trailer isn’t the heaviest camper in the world, it isn’t the lightest pop-up coming in at over 1,700 lbs. Setting it up may be a hassle for someone who wants an easy camping experience, though it is relatively streamlined.

You can read more about it here.

7) Happier Camper

The 17 Best Small Campers Under 5,000 lbs in 2020 6

Prices start at around $24,995

The Happier Camper is a great, retro style small camper that’s both comfortable and perfect for the ‘gram. It comes solar-powered, with an optional heated shower attachment and Bluetooth sound system. It has a configuration set to be swapped out and transformed, making it the perfect on- and off-road option for any one or two, or even five people who want to adventure in comfort.

The interior setup can be reconfigured like building blocks for any kind of space. It can also be towed off-road, which makes it perfect for an adventure into the desert or on a secluded beach.

Pros: The interior configuration of this trailer could not be more versatile – it’s unique “Adaptiv” system allows for a limitless number of different configurations, making it perfect for any family or individual. It has solar power and feels relatively spacious inside considering its lightweight and movability. It weighs 1,100 lbs and can be pulled by almost any kind of vehicle.  

Cons: While it isn’t the most expensive camper on the market, it is definitely not cheap – you pay a little extra for its versatility, high tech, and eco-friendly features and quality. While it sleeps 2-5, you may also find it a little cramped when you fit in four or five people to sleep.

You can read more about it here.

8) Roadtrek Simplicity

The 17 Best Small Campers Under 5,000 lbs in 2020 7

Prices start at around $82,000

The Roadtrek Simplicity is a smaller, luxurious van with plenty of perks, and looks like a cross between a fifteen seater and a tiny RV (it technically classifies as a Class B Motorhome). It features great seating, sleeping spaces, storage, and a space to prepare food. It has an air conditioner and propane heating system, as well as a sofa that pulls out into a queen-sized bed. This is a perfect option for a group of 2-4 people to travel literally anywhere in comfort.  

Pros: This camper features lots of perks. The Kitchen has a two burner stove and a sink. There is a TV, a fridge, a toilet, a sink, and an optional shower. Its temperature can be regulated, allowing you to adventure in all seasons and environments, without having to set anything up or even get out in the cold or heat. The Simplicity, like its name suggests, makes traveling simple.

Cons: This camper costs a bit of money, but isn’t quite as expensive as competing models. It doesn’t have great gas mileage and doesn’t sleep as many people as similar-sized models from competing companies do. Overall, it is still a great option for people who want to travel in style and comfort.

You can read more about it here.

9) Forest River Flagstaff

The 17 Best Small Campers Under 5,000 lbs in 2020 8

Prices start at around $18,000

The Forest River Flagstaff High Wall pop-up camper is a great pop up camper for a medium-sized group of people who want to have a good time. It includes basic amenities that many pop-up campers include, with a stove and sink. It also features a toilet and shower, plenty of seating and storage, and sleeping space for 6-7 people. It has an exterior gas grill and exterior storage.

This camper is great for people of all kinds of camping experience who want to be outdoors and want to sleep comfortably as well.

Pros: this camper is spacious compared to other pop up campers. All the amenities and appliances are a huge selling point. It’s moderately priced, which may be a drawback for some consumers, but there are plenty of new and used models on the camper market. This camper not only has an exterior gas grill but has an optional exterior slide-out kitchen, featuring a sink and gas stove. It has a queen and a king-size bed, and the benches and dinette can be folded down to sleep additional people.

Cons: This camper is on the heavier side, especially for pop-ups, coming in at over 3,000 lbs, making it towable by trucks, SUVs, and some vans. This camper also requires a little bit of set up and a little bit of planning, but its large amount of storage makes up for it.

You can read more about it here.

10) Cricket Trailer

The 17 Best Small Campers Under 5,000 lbs in 2020 9

This trailer is part tent and part RV and is a great quirky middle ground trailer for someone who enjoys the outdoors and is looking for more opportunities to spend time outside. Its interesting design folds out and up for plenty of headspace and stretching room. This trailer is easy to set up, and easy to hook onto your towing vehicle.

The interior was designed by a NASA engineer and is designed for practicality and versatility. It features plenty of storage and several ways to reconfigure the layout, depending on what kind of camping trip you want to go on. It’s especially good for hunting and fishing trips and has room for all the necessary equipment, and space for all the necessary equipment to be stowed away when it is not needed.

You might like to check out our guide to RV Depreciation before making a buying decision.

Pros: With a great interior and exterior design, this trailer has a lot of utility. It can sleep up to 4 people, and hold up to 16 gallons of water. It is compact, and perfect to go off the grid. It comes with an internal battery that recharges, and its all-terrain tires let it weather the toughest roads.

Cons: The cricket doesn’t have a stove or grill or many other bells or whistles, which may be a drawback for some prospective buyers who are looking to by a camper or trailer. It is moderately priced and may be out of some consumers’ budgets, and weighs in at about 1500 lbs. While this is lighter for a trailer in general, it’s on the heavier side for smaller compact trailers.

11) Chateau

The 17 Best Small Campers Under 5,000 lbs in 2020 10

The Chateau Class C Motorhome is the ideal small motorhome for anyone who wants to make the big purchase with all the bells and whistles. This motorhome features everything you could wish for in an RV. It has a full kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, great entertainment and technology, and the same electrical and plumbing you would find in your house. It is great for driving in luxury and having the time of your life in your home away from home.

Pros: The Chateau Class C Motorhome has everything you want in a small living space. It features a microwave, sink, fridge, closet and pantry, and oven. It has a bathroom with a separate toilet, shower, and sink, and a closed off master bedroom with a queen bed. There is also a cab over bunk, and several LED TVs spaced throughout. It sleeps 6-8 people.

Cons: The major drawback of this RV is the price, which may be out of range for a lot of prospective camper buyers, though you definitely get what you pay for.

12) Lance 1172

The 17 Best Small Campers Under 5,000 lbs in 2020 11

The Lance 1172 Truck camper is a great over the bed truck camper for anyone considering that option and owning a pickup truck. While this classifies as a small camper, it is on the larger end for truck campers. It has plenty of space, A small bathroom with a shower, a great kitchen and sleeping area, a fridge, and plenty of seating. Obviously, this is only an option for someone with a large pickup truck, but anyone with that and considering getting a camper should get this camper.

This camper is great for someone without a lot of camping and outdoor experience and is just as enjoyable for the seasoned outdoorsman as well.

Pros: This camper features every amenity you could hope for: A full kitchen, fridge, bathroom, and sleeping area with a wardrobe, and a lot more storage space throughout. It easily attaches to your truck compared to other truck campers, and is especially versatile, as it can go practically anywhere you’re truck can go! It has sleeping for 6-7 people, optional solar panels, and good lighting to boot.

Cons: This camper isn’t available to the whole market of prospective camper buyers, and it is also on the pricier end of the spectrum. Only consider getting the Lance if you plan on using it a lot.

13) Coachmen Leprachaun

The 17 Best Small Campers Under 5,000 lbs in 2020 12

The Coachmen Leprechaun Class C Motorhome is another excellent smaller RV for anyone who wants to travel anywhere in comfort and style. This RV can sleep a medium or larger group of people with its 310BH floorplan and has earned a high rating from customers all over. It has plenty of room for storage and sleeping, and space to move around during the rest of the day.

Pros: This RV, like a lot of other smaller RVs, features everything you could want to road trip in style, plus some. It has a pantry, full kitchen, bathroom with a shower, a queen bed, walk-in closet, and lots of sleeping space, with optional recliners as well. It has a lot of room for anyone who wants to be comfortable in and out of nature. It has wherry wood grain cabinets, nickel cabinet hardware, skylights, fans, heating, and even options for things like a washer and drier, and electric entertainment systems.

Cons: This Motorhome can make or break a budget, and while it is small for a motorhome, is quite large in general, and could be difficult to store if you don’t have storage specifically dedicated to it. It also has low gas mileage, but still is a perfect option to take a great group of people on a great adventure.

14) Forest River R-Pod Trailer

The 17 Best Small Campers Under 5,000 lbs in 2020 13

The R-Pod is a great and fun trailer for 2-4 people to go on a fun camping trip – it sets itself apart with an optional add on tent space, which gives plenty of extra space to sleep an additional four people. It is quite small for all the features included. It has a simple kitchen space which includes a sink, stovetop and refrigerator, and a simple toilet. The dinette folds into a bed, and there are two interior bunks. This Trailer is a great no-frill trailer for a simple trip.

Pros: This trailer has a steel frame and coated fiberglass, and is extremely durable. It sleeps four people but can sleep a lot more with the add on tent, and is a perfect smaller trailer for a larger group of friends or family. There is also a solar charging port for your electronic needs, and a lot of different floorplans to choose from. There is also a lot of storage space and an additional sink and food preparation space in the back, making for a perfect part.

Cons: This trailer is on the heavier side, and just under 3000 pounds. It also is moderately priced

15) Casual Turtles Camper

The 17 Best Small Campers Under 5,000 lbs in 2020 14

The Casual Turtles camper is a great quirky trailer for someone who wants to go into the wilderness with style. It looks similar to a tiny log cabin on wheels and is surprisingly spacious inside. It is called a “home of simplicity” and is perfect for anyone who wants to camp in an unconventional camper. The inside looks like the inside of a small log cabin as well. It has a small dinette and electrical outlets and a bed but doesn’t feature any appliances. There is plenty of room for storage as well.

Pros: This trailer is great for anyone who wants to camp in a sturdy trailer but keep it simple and rustic. It is fairly lightweight, at only 1360 pounds, and is built quite durable. This trailer is made by a smaller company and is perfect for anyone who wants to support local workers (though they might not be in your personal locality).

Cons: This trailer isn’t equipped with the electrical amenities you may be looking for in your trailer experience. The bells and whistles, however, are not an integral part of the experience for a lot of people wanting to spend time in the outdoors around the globe – and if this is you, this is still a perfect trailer for you. This camper is moderately priced but is made with excellent quality and durability.

16) Turtleback Getaway Trailer

The 17 Best Small Campers Under 5,000 lbs in 2020 15

The Turtleback Getaway Trailer is the most economically priced in the line of Turtleback trailers, all of which are known for their quirky setup and amazing durability and use. You can take the Getaway, or any of the Turtleback line out in the country without worrying about busting a tire or getting stuck in the mud – they are great for offroading or going on a hunting or fishing trip.

Anyone who wants to spend time in the outdoors to rough it easy should consider getting the Getaway. It is a small trailer with a fold out tent on top of it, and plenty of storage space as well as space to add a small kitchenette.

Pros: This trailer is perfect for anyone who wants to go off the beaten path, be it for a camping/fishing trip, or as a base for a long backpacking trip with a group of friends. It has amazing off-road tires and frames and can be used anywhere, any time of the year (careful in the cold though, it doesn’t come with heating!)

Cons: If you want a camper just to make your camping trip more comfortable and easy, then this trailer might not be the trailer for you. Its biggest perks are its ability to go anywhere and get through any situation.

17) Jayco Hummingbird

The 17 Best Small Campers Under 5,000 lbs in 2020 16

The Jayco Humminbird Trailer is perfect for a small family who wants to travel anywhere in comfort. It has a homey feel, sleeps 2-4 people, and comes in at a reasonable weight at around 1500 lbs. It is roomy compared to other trailers in similar categories. It has a lot of various available floorplans, great lighting, a kitchenette and dinette, and a comfortable queen sized bed.

Pros: This trailer has a lot of different options available to people with different needs. The space includes heating, air conditioning, Bluetooth marine grade speakers, plenty of space, a kitchenette and dinette, and good lighting. This trailer is perfect for any small group of 2-4 people who either are looking to start camping more or want a central hub for their adventures.

This trailer is made of great products and is especially cozy to sleep in without feeling pressed for space. Consider this as a first trailer if you’re starting your outdoor adventures if you have the time and money.

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Cons: This trailer is on the heavier side, and can only be towed with a truck or a similar vehicle with a lot of horsepower, coming in between 3000 and 4000 lbs, which is definitely on the heavier end for its smaller size. This trailer is also on the pricier end of things but definitely is great with its space configuration with the size given.

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