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A motorhome is the most perfect vehicle that you can use to explore parts of the world around you. These versatile vehicles are usually designed with a wide variety of features that make camping fun and enjoyable.

If you are ready for a thrilling outdoor adventure in a home-like environment but far away from home, this article provides a review of the 9 best small motorhomes that you should definitely check out.

Best Small Motorhomes

1. Coachmen Freelander Class C

9 Best Small Motorhomes That Are Perfect For RV Parks 1

This is a versatile and classic motorhome with a compact size. Coachmen Freelander Class C is designed with multiple factory-installed features and it’s perfect for any type of outdoor adventure. What makes Freelander Class C stand out from the rest of the small motorhomes is that it can accommodate a large number of people despite its compact size. It is a practical and functional motorhome model that can host around five people comfortably.

Key Features

  • Fitted with the latest kitchenware including a 3-burner cooktop, faucets, microwave etc.
  • Residential fridge and beds
  • Full bath
  • Wi-Fi ranger
  • Carbon-dioxide and smoke detectors
  • Charging station and electric stabilizer jacks

Why it’s a top pick: Coachmen Freelander Class C Motorhome has multiple floor plans to cater to different user preferences. Additionally, it has a reliable design and its quality features guarantees buyers an unparalleled value for money. Generally, it offers the perfect balance between function, beauty, and monetary value.

2. Thor Four Winds

9 Best Small Motorhomes That Are Perfect For RV Parks 2

Four Winds Class C is one of the best motorhomes models from Thor Company. This vehicle is furnished with premium features that offer a great balance between comfort and fun. Thor Four Winds has been specifically designed to facilitate faster and seamless mobility during outdoor trips. The luxurious and affordable motorhome has a variety of floorplans so buyers have a wide range of options to choose from.

Four Winds’ interior contains a fire extinguisher, an 84-inch ceiling height that’s made with hard vinyl, and a residential vinyl flooring. There are also passenger seat belts in select areas and a leatherette dream-dinette booth. This motorhome has windows that provide privacy shades. Four Winds’ kitchen is fitted with laminate countertops, kitchen wastebasket, stainless steel sink, and a 3-burner gas cooktop with the whole interior area being illuminated by LED lighting.

Regardless of the type of floorplan you need, you will find a queen-size bed, pillow shams, bedspread, and a bedroom charging center. The bathroom area is fitted with a power bath vent which has a wall switch batch, porcelain toilet with foot flush, bathroom sink, and a wallpaper border bath. Furthermore, there is a skylight shower and several robe hooks.

Key Features

  • Great kitchen appliances
  • Large storage space in the cab-over bunk
  • Cherry cabinets
  • Denver mattress beds
  • Powered patio awning
  • LED Lighting

Why it’s a top pick: Thor for Winds is an affordable motorhome that’s easy to drive. It’s fitted with luxurious amenities and has a cheap price tag.

3. Roadtrek SS-Agile

Whether you are going for a simple road trip across town or camping in the countryside, SS-Agile is one of the most appropriate travel companions. It makes any kind of trip fun, relaxing, and comfortable. Compared to other motorhome models, SS-Agile is attached to Mercedes’ chassis. So, if you love Mercedes, this could be a great pick.

The versatile passenger coach with four-floor plans is well-equipped and it offers users the convenience they need while they are outdoors. For instance, its interior space provides a lot of ease during driving. The motorhome is fitted with various security features, making every journey safe regardless of the destination.

The exterior side of SS-Agile has clean lines, stylish design, and large windows. The vehicle comes in a variety of color options with distinct features which make it a head-turner. Constructed using the short Mercedes Sprinter Chassis wheelbase, this small motorhome offers RVers enough space which they need while they’re outdoors. Its size provides a great fuel economy and ease of parking.

SS Agile’s interior area is beautiful and spacious. Even with its shorter chassis, the premium motorhome is roomy and large. The design concept of its galley helps to ensure that the driver has lots of space. SS Agile’s occupants are guaranteed access to natural lighting thanks to the large windows. Besides that, this motorhome allows you to create your own personal, authentic style away from home thanks to the attractive fabrics which have beautiful finishes and are available in multiple style options.

Key Features

  • Spacious enough to accommodate a seat up of around 5 people and a sleep space of 2 people.
  • Expansive and well-equipped galley which is open from the front to rear.
  • Ample storage space.
  • Retractable power awning
  • An excellent interior connector that’s easily accessible
  • Frameless windows that are large enough to allow in natural light
  • Stylish and clean exterior with stunning ground effects

Why it’s a top pick: Roadtrek SS-Agile is a beautiful motorhome whose interior design is customizable. It allows RVers to personalize it per their tastes and preferences.

4. Thor Chateau Class C

Small Motorhomes

Designed with over a dozen floor plans, this motorhome is made to suit different user needs and budget. Thor Chateau Class C is a luxurious vehicle and one of the top-rated motorhomes on the market currently. It’s fitted with stunning and multiple interior perks which most motorhome models usually try to skip.

It doesn’t matter where your pursuit for outdoor adventure will take you, Chateau is the perfect catalyst that makes every journey unique and memorable. It’s designed with an attractive line-up of different floor plans in addition to modern equipment.

The spacious Chateau offers campers the much-needed convenience. It’s large enough to stretch your legs and also accommodating for comfortable driving. This mobile motorhome has a fully equipped kitchen which consists of the latest appliances. Its sidewall is made with an aluminum construction that provides long-lasting durability. The phenomenal motorhome has impressive wood-grain cabinets that have beautiful glass doors.

Key Features

  • Residential vinyl flooring
  • 3-point seatbelts for passenger and driver
  • Slick and durable fiberglass exterior alongside a graphics package
  • Powered patio awning
  • Inbuilt LED lighting
  • Premium furniture and mattress

Why it’s a top pick: Thor Chateau Class C Motorhome provides campers with the standard comfortable living option regardless of their outdoor destination. Its spacious and comfortable vehicle with lots of legroom.

5. Winnebago View 24J

9 Best Small Motorhomes That Are Perfect For RV Parks 3

View 24J is a great motorhome that offers a combination of luxury and comfort. It’s a camper-friendly model that provides greater mobility and a wide range of premium amenities. This Class C coach has a Sprinter chassis which makes it a compact motorhome with finer features. It’s a great vehicle that suits small families of about 2 or 3 members.

View 24J is a model that has overhead bunk-beds that are found right above the driving cabin. The fold-out beds provide campers with the much-needed seating flexibility. Note that this Winnebago motorhome is unlike other models. It doesn’t have any specific area that’s set aside for bed because it’s usually incorporated in the seating design. Although it has only 4-floor plans, View 24J comes with multiple customization options. You can alter the exterior and interior decorations to make it feel like your home.

Key Features

  • LED lights and soft vinyl ceiling
  • Powered patio awning
  • The infotainment section consists of a stereo system, subwoofer, two speakers, and DVD/CD player among others.
  • Exterior speakers
  • A cab-over bunk for extra sleeping capacity
  • Roof vent with rain cover and ventilator fan.
  • Tinted coach windows

Why it’s a top pick: Winnebago View 24J is a tastefully designed motorhome that’s powerful and efficient. It has a turbo-diesel engine that’s economical and powerful, offering campers the ultimate efficiency.

6. Jayco Melbourne

9 Best Small Motorhomes That Are Perfect For RV Parks 4

This motorhome is designed with high-quality craftsmanship. Its versatile design, as well as opulent features including an inviting interior, have made it one of the most sought-after vehicles for camping. Built on a Mercedes Chassis, Jayco is an agile and fuel-conscious vehicle that offers ease in terms of mobility. Besides that, it’s also durable and perfect for a cascading list of adventures.

This motorhome can take many years down the road as you pursue outdoor adventure. Its stylish and functional design means that you can simply add your personal gear and then hit the road. With a comfortable seating space, cruising along different terrains has never been simpler.

It offers an amazing off-the-grid experience thanks to the 3.6 KW generator, an outside shower, and a spacious cab-over bunk. Jayco Melbourne has a keyless cab entry, rear backup camera plus monitor, frameless windows, and a cab-area privacy curtain. Its attractive exterior walls are made with white fiberglass and soft sandy-vinyl graphics.

This motorhome’s kitchen area is fitted with a cutting board, wooden sink cover, convection microwave, electric refrigerator, 2-burner cooktop, and hardwood cabinetry. The interior also consists of a water-filtration system, air conditioner, skylight shower, LED ceiling lights, and queen size bed among others.

Key Features

  • The exterior décor can be Waterville, Pinehurst, or Muirfield paint
  • Keyless carb entry
  • Swivel passenger and driver seats
  • Holding tanks that are heated
  • Frameless windows
  • Electric patio awning
  • Incredible storage space

Why it’s a top pick: Jayco Melbourne’s design is rooted in versatility and durability. It allows campers to travel without limits, making every trip convenient, comfortable, and memorable.

7. Gulfstream Conquest

9 Best Small Motorhomes That Are Perfect For RV Parks 5

Conquest Class C is an impressive and versatile motorhome that has a dozen floorplans. The small motorhome has a quality interior and comes in a wide range of styles, heights, and lengths. It’s suitable for weekenders going on a road trip or countryside destination travelers.

Conquest has a unibody construction as well as time-horned features that offer long-lasting durability. It provides campers with a combination of luxury, comfort, and value. Its key standard features include maple cabinetry, large windows for beautiful views and natural lighting, a big entry door with a deadbolt lock, and a privacy window. Furthermore, this vehicle has a wide storage space with large doors.

Gulfstream Conquest is fitted with an air conditioner, stainless steel kitchen appliances, soft-pleated shades, and a premium mattress. The motorhome’s exterior wall is made of durable fiberglass while its kitchen and bath area are fitted with foot flush toilet, corner shower, bath vent, medicine cabinet, a 3-burner range, microwave oven, and a kitchen sink.

What makes this motorhome to completely stand out from the crowd is that it features a destination series of standard features. They include a residential range and refrigerator, fiberglass front, a converter with charger, and a water heater.

Key Features

  • Electric awning
  • LED interior and Exterior lights
  • Safety chains
  • Smoke detector and fire extinguisher
  • Vinyl flooring and laminate countertops
  • Window shades that are pleated

Why it’s a top pick: Gulfstream Conquest has a wide variety of floor plans which offer campers multiple options. It caters to different user preferences depending on budget and size.

8. Coachmen Leprechaun

9 Best Small Motorhomes That Are Perfect For RV Parks 6

This class c motorhome is another campers’ favorite from Coachmen. It’s a spacious camping vehicle that can accommodate a large number of people. This motorhome is suitable for big families or a number of friends since it can accommodate up to 9 people.

Leprechaun Class C boasts of an exterior TV-compartment which comes with a receptacle in addition to a coax connection. Additionally, it has power awning, a convertible auxiliary bed, and glossy fiberglass sidewalls. The sleeping area has a bedroom curtain, a child safety net, and a cab-over privacy curtain while its bath area is fitted with a power bath vent, skylight shower, shower faucet, and an on-demand water pump. Leprechaun’s galley has a dinette, kitchen wall border, and a residential microwave oven. There is also a 3-burner cooktop and a sink.

Some of the interior equipment found in this motorhome include an LP leak alarm, touchscreen radio, fire extinguisher, LCD TV connections, and a backer. This camper will provide your family or friends with an amazing outdoor adventure thanks to its appointment list which consists of nightshades, raised-panel cabinetry, upgraded flooring, and furniture.

Key Features

  • Power and slide room awning
  • Residential queen bed
  • Stunning door inserts in specific areas
  • Reclining passenger and driver seats
  • Steel-framed floors
  • Interior and exterior LED lights
  • Smoke and carbon dioxide detectors

Why it’s a top pick: From furniture to flooring, Leprechaun Class C vehicles have been designed with a concept that’s termed as “better stuff”. Basically, they have all the discerning features that RVers usually need. They are durable, convenient, and large motorhomes that are furnished with modern equipment.

9. Forester Class C

9 Best Small Motorhomes That Are Perfect For RV Parks 7

This is a motorhome where affordability and luxury are integrated. Forester motorhome Class C is rich in amenities plus detail. It’s made with a fiberglass roof, wardrobes that are cedar-lined, ceilings with the soft-touch feature, a 13500 BTU-Ducted A/C, and a glossy fiberglass exterior.

This Forester vehicle is a first-grade motorhome in regards to spaciousness and comfort. Its exterior is made up of fiberglass roof, block-foam insulation, stainless steel wheel liners in addition to slide out and power patio awnings

This motorhome’s cab area has keyless entry, side view cameras, power door locks & windows, swivel passenger and driver seat. It’s a well-furnished kitchen area contains a 3-burner range, microwave, double-door refrigerator, and other stainless steel appliances. Forester motorhome class c’s bedroom has a bedspread, memory foam mattress, and an optional closet. The bathroom is equipped with shower skylight, composite toilet, toothbrush, soap, and tissue holder among others.

Key Features

  • Interior and Exterior LED lighting
  • Electric patio awning
  • High-end kitchen appliances
  • Touchscreen display for controlling GPS, music, and DVD Player
  • Fiberglass running boards and roofs
  • Gel-laminated sidewalls

Why it’s a top pick: this motorhome is designed to offer campers comfort. Both the interior and exterior designs are great for seamless driving and accommodation.

Motorhomes Buying Guide

There is a massive number of motorhomes and they are designed by different brands. Choosing the right type of motorhome is, therefore, a daunting task because they come in a variety of floor plans and design features. So, if you need a motorhome, what are some of the specific features that should look out for?


In terms of size, you have to consider the weight of the motorhome which you can drive legally. Additionally, you need to know the amount of parking space you have in your home and if it can accommodate the vehicle. These two pointers will help you make a realistic choice.

Type of Bed

Note that beds that are fixed are usually the most comfortable. However, they have their own limitations i.e. the cut-off corners significantly reduce the legroom. If you want a motorhome with wide legroom, choose a vehicle that has a garage or over-cab beds.

Note: make sure that you thoroughly check the headspace especially if you are choosing a vehicle with an over-cab bed. This is because access may be restricted. Additionally, it should have enough ventilation to reduce the risk of overheating.

Kitchen Facilities

If you are going to cook frequently, you need to look for a vehicle that has a large kitchen workspace and fitted with all the necessary appliances. A modern motorhome should have a microwave, fridge, and full cookers. Additionally, there must be a cold and hot water system. Check the location of the sink and other equipment to ensure that they all offer convenience. If you’re unsure about the kitchen space, try to consider what you’ll be cooking frequently.

Washroom Facilities

If you will be going to spend most of your time inside, then the motorhome needs to have a shower space and loo. Most motorhomes have narrow washrooms and therefore it’s important for you to physically test if the available space is enough for washing and showering.


The layout of the motorhome normally indicates the amount of space left for storage. So, make sure that you thoroughly analyze the layout to determine if it can accommodate other items that you might want to take with you e.g. camping tables and chairs, a BBQ grill, fishing gear, bicycle among others.

Note: floor plans which consist of fixed beds usually have extra storage spaces under the bed which may also be accessible from outside. The garage motorhome model also has large exterior storage spaces.


This is even more crucial if you are going to spend more time in the vehicle. A motorhome’s seating arrangement plays a vital role in determining how you can watch TV, recline, or sit. So, make sure that the vehicle has enough lounge space for added comfort.


Are you going to use the vehicle alone, with your family or with a group of friends? The number of people who are going to use the motorhome will help you to determine if the dinette can comfortably hold their plates. Check the adjustment and extension mechanisms of the table. Besides that, you need to check if the motorhome has swivel cab seats because they are adjustable and can perfectly accommodate children.

Interior Design

Check if the vehicle has enough headroom and if you can be able to stand upright without your head touching the ceiling. Are you able to pass another person comfortably when they are seated or standing? Does the color or layout appeal to you? Can you use the washroom while the other occupants are inside? These are some of the interior design aspects that you should consider.


Note that there are some travel seats which shouldn’t be used with vehicles that have the 3.5-tonne chassis. This means that some drivers will end up being restricted.

Motorhome Maintenance

Maintaining a motorhome isn’t very difficult. All you need to do is create a scheduled maintenance routine that will be performed in intervals based on mileage, hours, or time. This helps to prevent unexpected breakdowns and ensure that the vehicle is in good operating condition.

When to Buy or Rent a Motorhome

If you want to purchase or rent a motorhome, understand that timing is very important. Prices are usually extremely high right before the Easter holidays start. This is because this phase is when the touring season normally starts. After determining your preferred layout and budget, you can go ahead and get yourself a motorhome that suits your needs.