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Pop-up campers are smaller and cheaper than travel trailers and they are filled with many more features than typical tents. And this is the reason why they’ve become the new favorites of Camping Enthusiasts.

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There are so many popular mini pop-up campers in the market with varying features, and in this article, we’ll be looking at our seven favorite small pop-up campers.

The Best Small Pop-up Campers in 2020

1. Jayco Jay Series Sports Camping Trailers

Small Pop Up Campers

Jayco is one of those manufacturers, which are so confident about their products that almost everything they make comes with a 5 year to a lifetime warranty. Whether you prefer ruggedness or coziness or comfort in a camper, Jayco Jay Series Sports Campers have everything.


The lifter system is a double steel system instead of pulleys and strings. It’s a push-rod system which ensures that you’ll have no problem while setting the tent up or while folding it down.
The tent section material is Jayco Exclusive Vinyl canvas material which is breathable and so it keeps the inside from getting too hot.
The tent section is made of five sections, which means that you can unzip it and replace only that part which needs to be replaced. In many other campers, you have to replace the entire material which is very costly.

The windows are upgraded and tinted. They maintain privacy as they aren’t transparent, and they also keep the inside environment cooler.

The entry door is not a two-piece door, but a one-piece door. It is spring-loaded and so it closes by itself. It also has a locking system to keep your things safe.

The steps are strong and they ensure you don’t slip over them.

On the off-door side, this camper has a diamond plate that resists any type of debris and gravels when you’re traveling on a gravel path.

For power, there’s a 20-pound propane tank and a marine-grade battery.

Most of the other brands use particle-board in the bunks, but Jayco has plywood with a holding capacity of 1100 pounds.

It has a twenty-eight liters fresh water tank, and since the tank is placed between the axle and tires, it provides a good weight distribution.

The scissor-jacks provide better stabilization, and on the back, you find a spare tire.

There’s also an outdoor cook-top with a two-burner stove.

The awning is big and reaches up to seven feet to give you plenty of shade.

The roof is one piece of fiberglass that doesn’t leak. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.


If you don’t want to cook outside, then you can use the stove on the counter inside the camper.

To use the water from the tank, you get a 12V pump with a hot and cold water faucet and a sink. Below them, you find some storage, a refrigerator, and a thermostat.

The bed has a canvas mattress that feels so comfortable and breathable. Inside the bed is plywood which is strong and lasts for years. Above the bed, you get a fan and the lights.

The dinette has a very light table which you can carry outside and use as a picnic table. The cushions of the chairs have a vinyl cover which deals very well with water and moisture.

This unit is equipped with privacy curtains. On the ceiling, you get a large 14-inch fan with three-speed settings. It has also an AC mount so you can install an AC if you want.

The greatest thing about Jayco Series Sports Camper is that they are strong and durable, and you don’t have to worry about spending money on repairs as they have long warranties.

2. Rockwood ESP Tent Campers

Our 7 Favourite Small Pop Up Campers 1

Rockwood is the leading maker of the best campers, and its Extreme Sports Packages can be commended to have more features than any other small pop-up camper in the market.


It stands a little higher than the ground as compared to others, and so you can be assured of not getting stuck in anything during off-road camping.

The tires are 15-inch in diameter, and they have aluminum rims that don’t rust. They have nitrogen inside them, which gives a better tow and ride.

The bunk is made of diamond plate trim all over which makes the bedside very rugged.

The tent section is made of vinyl canvas and its green accent gives a very sharp look.

Underneath the bed area, you’ll find plywood which is very durable. Many brands use flake-board or chipboard and they rust quickly.

The roof of the camper has a pro-rack system, which allows you to carry extra bikes, canoes or totem kayak if you want to.

The step has two steps made of strong and durable metal-ladder which ensures you’ll never slip from it.

The door has removable panels that can be removed for using the door as a screen door.

This unit has a solar prep, which means you can carry along solar panels, for camping, to keep your batteries recharged.

On the outside, you also find a barbeque and an electric outlet for charging your phones or for connecting speakers.

The windows are tinted instead of being transparent. They ensure privacy and also prevent the inside from getting too hot.

In addition to the water hookups, furnace vents and a large freshwater tank, there’s also a spray hose that you can use for washing your pets or bathing your kids.


The interiors are really very lovely and you get so much room.

The table can easily accommodate four people, but if there are guests or other people, then you attach the extension and increase the space.

The ceiling has a large super-fan with multiple speed options. It also acts as an exhaust and replaces all the air inside the camper within seconds.

The additional interior features can be summarized as a) port-a-potty package, b) roof-mounted Fan, with three-speed settings, c) Pro-rack crossbars, d) spray away utility hose, and e) outdoor grill.

For privacy, there are spots where you can hang curtains of your choice.

All the lights are LED which consumes less power and provides more lights.

The kitchen is compact but complete with a stove, a sink with faucet, and a small refrigerator.

The bed is large with a heated mattress and you can adjust its warmth manually.

As we saw, Rockwood EPS has everything which camping-geeks will require, and this is why it is one of the most popular mini campers out there.

3. Rockwood Freedom Model 2318G

Our 7 Favourite Small Pop Up Campers 2

Whenever we talk of the best small pop-up campers, it’s impossible not to mention more than one camper from Rockwood. Freedom Model 2318BG is another masterpiece and it promises to give the best camping experience.


The best thing about Rockwood Freedom Model is that it has a standard pro-rack which allows you to carry paddleboards or totem kayaks.

The roof is made of pebble green fibers, and since there are no seams, you never have to worry about the leaks.

There’s an LED light strip that provides very elegant lighting during the night. This is something that is unheard of in many other campers.

The tent section has vinyl over canvas which has excellent durability and water repellant property.
The tent material is actually a five-piece sectionalized tent section so that you only have to replace the defective section and not the whole tent section.

The lifter system is double-gauged with a lifetime warranty. Many other brands simply use a thin piece of steel.

There are tinted windows which not only give you privacy but also maintain the inside environment.

It has an upgraded spring-loaded door that opens and closes very easily. The doors also have a strong grab handle and a very sturdy metal step.

The 15-inch tires are filled with nitrogen and they have upgraded rims instead of steel ones.

You get the option of a standard outside barbeque grill with a prep table and a connection to the propane hose.

The unit is also solar ready so you can keep your batteries charged with solar panels.

Underneath the camper is marine-grade plywood instead of cheap particle-boards which most brands use. These bunks can carry the loads up to 1000 pounds.

To keep the bugs and insects away, there is a Velcro. To keep the camper straight without shaking, you get upgraded stabilizers.

There’s an outside furnace vent, a large freshwater tank, a six-gallon water heater—something that is a luxury for pop-up campers.

There are also an automatic refrigerator and a spray hose that you can use for washing pets.

There are city water connectors and other power cords. At the front are a battery box and a twenty-pound propane tank.


When you go inside, you’ll find that all the lights are LED, which consume less power and give a very decent glow. For safety, theirs is a mechanism such that the moment you start folding the tent, the lights go off.

The kitchen is small but you will find everything you need. There’s a three-burner stove, one 12V pump, hot-and-cold water faucet, a sink, an automatic refrigerator, and plenty of space.

The bed is large and queen-sized. The mattress is a heated mattress and you can manually adjust the warmth.

The dinette is elegant and can accommodate as many as six people. The cushions on the seats are covered with vinyl and they have inner storage.

There are so many features where Rockwood Freedom has no competition, and if you are looking for a complete camping package, then this is the one for you.

4. Rockwood A-Frame Camping Trailer

Our 7 Favourite Small Pop Up Campers 3

For more than 40 years, Rockwood has continuously strived for evolving pop-up campers, and now they are here with a brand-new A-Frame camping trailer.


The process of setting up is very easy and it takes less than a minute to pop the camper up. First, you have to put up the slides and then the walls. The handles are strong and easy to use, and they hold the camper in position. Other tent campers take at least ten to fifteen minutes to put upright.

To start with the features, this unit has a rubber torsion axle suspension system. This system gives a smooth ride against the rocks and bumps on jagged paths. It also comes with a five-year warranty.

The door is single-piece and spring-loaded. It also has a grab handle for going in and out.

The entry step is big and strong, and it doesn’t let you slip.

On the outside, you get large storage and it has the leveling jacks of the kind which are used in big travel trailers.

There is a connected rack and propane fuse connection, so you can easily set an outside grill.

On the back, you can see that the roof is made of colored fiberglass which provides both strength and a nice appearance. There’s a spare tire covered with strong coatings to keep it safe from sun and rain.

On the off-door side, you’ll find tons of utility features such as power-cord for charging the batteries, and a spray hose for washing the pets and kids.

You get a six-gallon DSi spark water heater. In addition, there’s a large front storage tank with a large capacity.


Just as you enter inside the door, you’ll find a stereo sound system with speakers both on the inside and outside. The camper has 1100 BTU standard AC along with a heat pump.

Most small pop-up campers don’t come with microwave oven, but A-frame does.

The dinette area has a large seating space and it can accommodate as many as eight to ten people. At the ceiling, there’s a 14-ich super-fan, which replaces the inside air in seconds.

The kitchen is small and compact, and you get everything you can need: a cook-top stove, a hot-and-cold water faucet, a refrigerator, and some storage.

The greatest feature of Rockwood A-frame is that it is very light and yet it has all the features packed in.

5. Livin’lite Quicksilver 10.0 Popup campers

Our 7 Favourite Small Pop Up Campers 4

Livin’lite is known for making reliable and durable campers, and Quicksilver 10.0 is also not an exception.


These campers are very light and quick to set up. Instead of a cranking-up process, the bed folds in and the cover goes up and over it. The advantage of this mechanism is that the things inside the camper remain as they are.

The frame is made of 100% aluminum, which reduces the camper’s weight, and this is the reason why this pop-up camper weighs only 1200 pounds and is very easy to tow.

When it comes to the walls, this camper utilizes nothing but aluminum and Azdel, and since there are no woods, there’s no chance of rotting.

At the front, you get a spot for keeping the batteries and diamond plating to shield the campers from gravels and stones. There is also a twenty-pound propane tank.

The camper stands firm with the help of four stabilizer axles.

The step is single and foldable. It is strong and slip-free. Behind the step, you’ll find a spare tire.

The tires are 15-inch in diameter and they provide added ground clearance. The rim is made of aluminum and not steel, and so they do not rust.
The Dexter Torsion Axle provides a smooth ride on any type of path.

The camper has a built-in rack where you can set your outside cook-tip or grill and connect it with the propane hose.

On the off-door side, you’ll find the furnace, a 30 AMP detachable power-cord and a city water connection. The unit is also solar-ready, and so you can bring solar panels for keeping the battery charged.


The great thing about Livnite Quicksilver 10.0 pop-up camper is that both the sides fold completely without disturbing or breaking the inside stuff.

The interior is very bright with large windows, which also provide a very pleasant cross-breeze.

The beds are queen-sized and very plush and comfortable.

The dinette has a large seating capacity. The table is light and can be taken out for outside picnics.

The wall panels make use of Azdel panels which not only prevent leaks but also make the camper light and strong.

The unit is pre-wired for AC so you can install your own AC.

Livin’lite QuickSilver 10.0 is a very advanced pop-up camper and has all the modern systems installed. If you are looking for such a camper, then here is your solution.

6. Somerset Utah Grand Tour Pop-Up Camper

Our 7 Favourite Small Pop Up Campers 5

This is one of the most rugged hardcore designed pop-up campers in the market and it proves to be your best camping companion.


It has a very unique lift system which is composed of many individual lifts instead of a single thin rod. They not only provide strength but also hold the camper in case the cable breaks. The lift is made of stainless steel and comes with a five-year warranty.

The body is made up of galvanized steel which is much stronger than laminated or fiberglass body used by most of the other campers. Moreover, the walls have a double layer.

The tires are large and rims are made of aluminum which does not rust.

Instead of ordinary pull-down jacks, you get solid crank down scissor-jacks which provide very good stability.

The tent section has no vinyl cover but double-stitched Sunbrella 302. It is more breathable than vinyl and prevents its inside from getting humid.

The strange and very cool thing about this camper is that it has a 12-foot slide-out which provides extra space.

On the off-door side, you get power outlets and a 6-gallon water heater.

The roof is made of one-piece aluminum instead of fiberglass. They prevent leaks and provide a better build to the camper.


Inside, you’ll find a lot of free space.

The slide-out is 12-feet long and provides extra space.

There are two beds instead of just one. Both are queen-sized and can accommodate at least 8 to 10 people. Moreover, the sofa can also be turned into a bed.

At the dinette, the table is free-standing and light, so you can carry it out for outside picnics.

This camper has a pre-wired AC mount so you can install your own AC if you want.

In the kitchen, you get a furnace, water heater, a pump, and the refrigerator, which runs both on gas and electricity.

You get a two-burner cook-top, a hot-and-cold water faucet, and a stainless sink.

Another surprising thing about this camper is that you get a bathroom. There are curtains which you can put on around the bathroom.

The problem with many small pop-up campers is that they are small and cannot accommodate more than 2 to 4 people. But in Somerset Utah, you can carry your entire family and never run out of place.  

7. Somerset Evolution E3 Box

Our 7 Favourite Small Pop Up Campers 6

While other brands have to strive hard to attract viewers’ attention, Somerset Evolution steals their hearts just by its looks. Let’s dive in to see what it’s got.


At the front, you get front storage, which can be opened from the side, and when the tent is packed, you can also open it from the top.

The body is made up of six-inch tabular powder-coated steel which is much stronger than typical fiberglass. The sleeping areas are tall and have good ground clearance.

The bunks are strong and they are made of plywood. And there is no useless Velcro to be annoyed with.

For stability, this camper has nice and strong scissor-jacks. The lift system is made of stainless steel. The supporting cables are twice as big as what you’ll find on normal pop-ups.

The tent material is composed of Sunbrella which prevents the inside from getting hot and humid. The bottom of the material is vinyl, which provides more strength.

The panels are made of steel and are not laminated, so you don’t have to worry about leaks or poor strength.

With Azdel composite panels, the walls never get delaminated. And since there is no wood, nothing can ever rot on this camper.

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The tires are meant for both on-road and off-road camping. These are large and filled with nitrogen. They come with aluminum rims.

On the outside, you get speakers and electric outlets.

One special thing about Somerset E3 Box is its Posi-lock system. Its advantage is that if any cable breaks, you can replace that particular cable without changing the entire system.

The roof is made of one-piece aluminum instead of fiberglass or rubber.

On the off-door side, you get a furnace-vent, drain outlets, fresh water tank, and a 30-Amp power cord.


The beds are big and their compartments are comfortably high.

You’ll find everything in the kitchen: stove, sink, faucet, refrigerator, and tons of other space.

The dinette is elegant, and the seats have inside storage. Another great thing about the seats is that they recline as much as you want them to.

The sofa can be also turned into a bed. On the ceiling, there’s a fan, and the lights are all LED.

Somerset Evolution is a very nice-looking compact camper with every facility you’ll want on your camping trip.