smallest rvs with bathrooms and toilets

There are dozens, if not hundreds of RV manufacturers out there, and thousands of RV models available for buyers. The wide range of RVs goes from small and cheap $25,000 units to $500,000 class A motorhomes that have any amenity one can imagine.

For some people though, the only feasible option is a compact RV, be it due to budget limits or maybe the limited towing capacity of their vehicles. And when you go for a very compact RV, you are getting much less comfort and fewer amenities than in a larger RV.

The smallest RVs out there even sacrifice such vital things as a bathroom in order to fit the size constraints decided by the manufacturer. But an RV with no bathroom isn’t an option that will satisfy everyone.

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Well, we decided to make a top 10 of the smallest RVs with shower and toilet to demonstrate that small size doesn’t always mean limited comfort. If you’re just passing by, maybe this material will be interesting to you. And if you are looking for a small RV with a shower and toilet, hopefully, this material is helpful for you.

Best Small RVs with Shower and Toilet

  1. Jayco Hummingbird 17RB Travel Trailer
  2. Jayco 2020 Redhawk SE 22A Class C Motorhome
  3. Airstream Basecamp Travel Trailer
  4. Starcraft Satellite 17RB Travel Trailer
  5. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E14FK Travel Trailer
  6. Chalet RV A-Frame XL 1920 Travel Trailer
  7. Gulf Stream Coach Track & Trail 17RTHSE Toy Hauler
  8. Winnebago Minnie Drop 170K Travel Trailer
  9. Winnebago Revel E44 Class B Motorhome
  10. Coachmen Catalina Summit 162FB Travel Trailer
  11. Casita Spirit Deluxe Travel Trailer
  12. Travel Lite RV Falcon F-Lite FL-14
  13. KZ Sportsmen Classic SE 130RBSE
  14. Oliver Legacy Elite Travel Trailer
  15. Little Guy Mini Max Travel Trailer
  16. Escape 17 Feet Travel Trailer 
  17. Dutchmen Kodiak Cub 172E Travel Trailer
  18. American Coach 2020 American Patriot Class B Motorhome
  19. Livin’Lite CampLite CL11FK Travel Trailer
  20. Thor Coach Gemini 23TB Class B+ Motorhome

Smallest RVs with a Shower and Toilet (Bathrooms)

1. Jayco Hummingbird 17RB Travel Trailer

smallest rvs with bathrooms and toilets

The Hummingbird 17RB is the smallest Jayco RV that features an interior bathroom with a shower and toilet. There is a smaller RV in the Hummingbird series – namely, the 13 feet 10RK floorplan – but it doesn’t have an interior bathroom.

The Hummingbird 17RB floorplan is 19 feet 9 inches long, and while there are shorter RVs on our list, it still is a pretty darn compact RV.

Now, what interests us the most today is a shower and toilet. And the 17RB floorplan does offer plenty of convenience in regard to them.

Just look at the floorplan, and you will instantly understand what we mean. The bathroom in the 17RB travel trailer occupies about 1/4 of the trailer’s length, which allows it not to be as cramped as in some other trailers.

The shower is sized decently, and there is plenty of room between it, the sink, and the toilet. This certainly isn’t the level of comfort of bigger RVs, but it’s quite amazing that Jayco has managed to put so much convenience in such a small space.

The Hummingbird 17RB travel trailer isn’t only about its bathroom – there are other things in it to boast. Jayco equipped this particular floorplan with a dining area with a dinette and two sofas, a small and rather well-equipped kitchen area, as well as a decently sized 60 x 74-inch bed.

Things are overall a little cramped in this travel trailer, but again, for the size, Jayco offers quite a lot.

In the end, the Hummingbird 17RB is a rather small travel trailer, but not the smallest on our list, as we’ve already mentioned. But smaller RVs lack free room and possibly comfort, things that the 17RB RV does deliver at the expense of compactness.

2. Jayco 2020 Redhawk SE 22A Class C Motorhome

The 20 Smallest RVs With Shower and Toilet 1

The Redhawk SE 22A class C motorhome again isn’t particularly small, but the thing is that it is among the most compact class C motorhomes out there. You can’t realistically expect a class C motorhome to be as compact as a small travel trailer, so the 25 feet 2-inch length of this RV isn’t actually that much.

In terms of overall comfort and free room, the SE 22A RV definitely is far ahead of the Hummingbird 17RB that we’ve just examined. There’s much more free room in the living area of this RV. The amenities between the two Jayco RVs are more or less similar, but this class C motorhome has noticeably more room to offer.

Needless to say, the SE 22A class C motorhome comes with a shower and toilet. However, the bathroom in this RV is arguably less convenient than in the Hummingbird 17RB. Jayco dedicated less room to the bathroom in this RV, to such an extent that the sink is placed outside of the bathroom.

Sized at 24 x 32 inches, the shower is quite decent in this RV. It actually seems bigger than in the Hummingbird trailer, but the bathroom overall is still more cramped in it.

There are some things outside the bathroom that are better in this class C motorhome though. For example, Jayco includes a 4KW generator with this thing by default, while the Hummingbird didn’t have anything like that.

The refrigerator in this motorhome is also bigger – 7 cubic feet against the 3 cubic feet in the Hummingbird. And there are many other advantages like that.

So even though the SE 22A RV isn’t as convenient in terms of shower & bathroom, it is more convenient as an RV overall.

3. Airstream Basecamp Travel Trailer

The 20 Smallest RVs With Shower and Toilet 2

The Basecamp travel trailer by Airstream is arguably the most remarkable RV with a shower and toilet on our list. This one is actually the second smallest travel trailer on our list – it is just 16.3 feet long and 7 feet wide. Weighing 2,585 pounds dry, it also is quite light.

But in spite of its compact size, the Basecamp travel trailer comes packed with multiple amenities, including, of course, a bathroom with a shower and toilet. The Basecamp comes with a porcelain toilet, an interior shower, as well as an exterior shower with hot and cold water.

There isn’t much room in this travel trailer, so the toilet is integrated into the shower area. The bathroom is overall a bit restricted, but for the size of the Basecamp, what the bathroom has to offer is nonetheless impressive.

The Basecamp travel trailer had a couple of things to surprise us with outside of the bathroom as well. In the back area, there is a rather roomy dining/sleeping area.  

At night, you can unfold the five-seat sofas to make for quite a large two-sleep bed. And during the daytime, you may fold the sofas and set up the included two laminate tabletops to have dinner.

The kitchen area is also quite remarkable. It’s compact, but it nonetheless is equipped with all the essentials like a two-burner cooktop, a two-way 3 cubic feet refrigerator, a microwave, and a sink.

There also 110V USB and standard outlets spread throughout the Basecamp trailer to allow you to use your devices conveniently. Plus, the Basecamp has a heating system to keep the interior warm.

The exterior design of this travel trailer should be mentioned as well. It has a sleek aerodynamic profile which, as Airstream claims, allows the trailer “to slip through the air”, “increasing fuel efficiency.” We can’t say how true this is, but the Basecamp trailer indeed looks cool at the very least.

4. Starcraft Satellite 17RB Travel Trailer

The 20 Smallest RVs With Shower and Toilet 3

The Starcraft Satellite travel trailer line includes four floorplans, the smallest of which is 17RB. This floorplan is named exactly like the Hummingbird 17RB floorplan we examined earlier. Thus, there are many expected similarities between the two, as well as some differences.

The general layout in the two floorplans is pretty much identical, with the furniture and equipment placed in pretty much the same manner. Most importantly, the buyers of the Satellite 17RB travel trailer get a roomy bathroom that is very similar to the one of the Hummingbird trailer.

There are some differences in the numbers though. Namely:

  • The Satellite trailer weighs 3,081 pounds when unloaded, while the Hummingbird weighs 2,890 pounds.
  • The Satellite RV is 19 feet 11 inches long, while the Hummingbird measures 19 feet 9 inches.
  • The exterior width of the Satellite is listed as 77 inches, while the Hummingbird is 97 inches wide.
  • At the moment of this material’s writing, the Satellite RV’s MSRP was around $4,500 less.

In spite of the reduced width, the Satellite RV actually feels roomier. This is mainly due to the more compact dinette and sofas. You won’t be getting as much dining space in the Satellite RV, but it has more free room overall.

In terms of equipment, the two travel trailers seem to be more or less the same. Pretty much the two main differences between the trailers are their width and price, so one would need to base their decision mainly on those two.

5. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E14FK Travel Trailer

The 20 Smallest RVs With Shower and Toilet 4

Behold the most compact travel trailer on our list! The Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro travel trailer line actually has many floorplans, but the E14FK is the smallest among them that has a bathroom with shower and toilet.

So, this travel trailer is just 14 feet 11 inches long, as well as weighs just 2,259 pounds when unloaded.

Needless to say, when dealing with such a compact travel trailer, there isn’t too much free room that you are getting. On the other hand, some people would rather prefer compactness to free room, so the E14FK floorplan definitely is going to have its own buyers.

Nonetheless, manufacturers try to include as much stuff in their travel trailers no matter how small they are. This is true for the Flagstaff E-Pro E14FK travel trailer as well.

This RV comes with a dining area with a U-dinette, a kitchen area, as well as a small entertainment area with a TV. Needless to say, the furniture in this trailer isn’t full-size in order to ensure that the RV stays comfortable.

The same goes for amenities. While you are getting all the essential equipment like a 20,000BTU furnace, a 3-way refrigerator, a microwave oven, and even an outside gas grill, they don’t offer as much comfort as larger units. But that’s the sacrifice you have to make for such compactness.

Nonetheless, every RV has its own buyer category, so, as we’ve mentioned above, there are people that will value the E14FK for what it has to offer. And it does offer a lot, mind you.

6. Chalet RV A-Frame XL 1920 Travel Trailer

The 20 Smallest RVs With Shower and Toilet 5

The A-Frame XL 1920 travel trailer by Chalet is a rather interesting one.

The main feature in the A-Frame series is the foldable roof, which allows for more convenient storage. In the cheaper A-Frame trailers – namely, the LTW and the Classic – the assembly and disassembly of the roof is done manually. Meanwhile, the XL trailers come with the Power Lift System that sets up and takes down the roof with a push of a button.

Aside from that, the XL 1920 travel trailer is the lightest on our list, weighing just 1,995 pounds. This means that it will allow for increased fuel efficiency, as well as won’t require as much towing power from your car.

Now, what interests us today is a shower and toilet. Chalet offers the optional Wet Bath Package that includes a shower, a cassette toilet, an outside shower, as well as a grey water tank and a water heater.

But what about the size of the bathroom, as well as the overall comfort level of the A-Frame XL 1920 travel trailer? Well, measuring 18 feet 7 inches in length and 86.75 inches in width, it does have some room to play around with.

The XL 1920 floorplan that we based our overview on includes a dining area with a dinette that can be removed to free up space for the unfolding bed, a kitchen area with a furnace, a 3 cubic feet refrigerator, and whatnot, as well as 46 x 80-inch bunk beds.

In short, the A-Frame XL 1920 travel trailer has four sleeping areas, as well as the essential stuff you’d expect from pretty much any travel trailer.

A thing that worries us a bit is the dome. Its shape limits the headroom quite a bit, so this travel trailer may not be too suitable for taller individuals. But that’s the price of the increased compactness of the A-Frame XL 1920 travel trailer.

7. Gulf Stream Coach Track & Trail 17RTHSE Toy Hauler

The 20 Smallest RVs With Shower and Toilet 6

400;”>Toy haulers can be rather compact as well. So while the Track & Trail 17RTHSE toy hauler isn’t even near to being the smallest RV on our list, we thought that we should include it nonetheless. It’s quite compact by the standards of toy haulers.

The toy hauler we chose for our list is actually one of three floorplans available in the Track & Trail series. Measuring 20 feet 3 inches in length and 8 feet in width, it’s the smallest among the three, which is why we decided to choose exactly it.

In spite of its compactness, the Track & Trail 17RTHSE toy hauler does have plenty of carrying capacity to boast. Namely, it has a net carrying capacity of 3,845 pounds, which should allow it to hold whatever toy you can fit in it.

Around half of the toy hauler’s length can be used to hold your toys, which should again be plenty for the weight capacity you get. When not in use, you could unfold the sofas (or the bed if you go for the optional bed package) installed in the walls of the garage area and have some rest.

We’ve talked so much about the toy hauler capacities of the Track & Trail 17RTHSE RV that we almost forgot to mention its bathroom. It’s very good, in our opinion – it has both a shower and toilet, as well as a decent amount of free room.

And even though half of the trailer’s length is occupied by the garage area, there still is good room left for some unoccupied floor space, as well as for a well-equipped kitchen.

8. Winnebago Minnie Drop 170K Travel Trailer

The 20 Smallest RVs With Shower and Toilet 7

At the basics, the 19 feet 2020 Minnie Drop 170K trailer is more or less similar to the other around 19 feet RVs we overviewed above. But there are two things that make this travel trailer stand out.

The first feature is the travel trailer’s outdoor kitchen. Aside from a traditional indoor kitchen, the Minnie Drop 170K includes a pull-out kitchen with a sink and a two-burner stove. Plus, there is an exterior refrigerator right next to the pull-out kitchen.

As a side note, while this isn’t what the focus of today’s list is, we think that it is an important feature that distinguishes this trailer from the others.

The other notable feature in this travel trailer is its bunk beds sized at 30 x 74 inches. Maybe not as roomy as a full-sized bed, the bunk beds free up some space for other amenities.

Namely, it probably wouldn’t be possible for this trailer to have its rather large dining area if it had a full-size bed. The U-shaped 58 x 74-inch dinette in the Minnie Drop 170K is a rather big one. Add to that the respectable amount of seating space next to it, and you get a dining area that can serve several people with no issues.

On the other hand, the large dinette area compromises the amount of bathroom area you are getting in this trailer. In the longer 20 feet floorplans of Minnie Drop, the bathrooms are noticeably roomier.

However, in the 170K floorplan, the bathroom is a compact wet bath with an integrated toilet. This setup is still fully functional, but it isn’t as convenient as in trailers with larger bathrooms.

9. Winnebago Revel E44 Class B Motorhome

The 20 Smallest RVs With Shower and Toilet 8

We’ve examined a class C motorhome a little while ago, and it was a rather big motorhome. But for those who wanted to go for a more compact motorhome that has a shower and toilet, the 2020 Revel class B motorhome may be more interesting.

Class B motorhomes aren’t that big usually, but it’s pretty amazing how compact Winnebago has made this RV. It is just 19 feet 5 inches long, which makes it even shorter than some travel trailers out there. However, it was quite enough to allow Winnebago to include everything that is of interest to us today.

First comes the bathroom, obviously. The Revel E44 motorhome comes with a bathroom that actually is a two-in-one gear closet and a wet bath. When not in use, you could install the included wooden shelf to make for some additional storage space.

The bed area is pretty notable in the Revel motorhome as well. Winnebago placed a 49 x 79-inch bed in the rear of the RV. And to make the bed more storage efficient, Winnebago equipped it with an electrical lift mechanism.

When the bed is all the way down, there is some room left under it for the users’ gear. And when necessary, you could lift the bed up to make use of all the headroom that the rear end of this RV has.

A small kitchen area and a dining area are also here. The kitchen area is equipped with compact appliances to maximize free storage, while the dining area boasts a flip-up dinette to again allow for increased storage efficiency. There also is a fold-down outside table in this RV to allow for more convenient outdoor meals.

In the end, those who know that they can’t live without the conveniences of motorhomes but do need a compact RV will probably find the Winnebago Revel E44 a rather interesting option.

10. Coachmen Catalina Summit 162FB Travel Trailer

The 20 Smallest RVs With Shower and Toilet 9

In the Catalina Summit travel trailer line by Coachmen, things differ very widely in terms of length. Here, you can find RVs measuring from 18 feet 3 inches all the way to 27 feet. That’s a way wider range than what you can usually see in RV lines, which is rather surprising.

Needless to say, we’ve chosen the shortest floorplan, which is the 162FB. Measuring quite modest 18 feet 3 inches, the Summit 162FB still has a couple of features to boast.

Those who love snacks will likely appreciate the large refrigerator that is included with this floorplan. This is a notable thing since travel trailers at this size usually have small counter-sized fridges. With the 162FB, users get more area to put their snacks in.

Coachmen also found some room to put a rather decently sized bathroom with a shower and toilet. Not only that, but there is a big 54 x 74-inch bed, a 32 x 70-inch dinette, as well as a rather roomy kitchen counter with a sink, a two-burner range, and some free area for tableware.

Overall, the Coachmen Summit 162FB travel trailer is rather well-equipped. As a side effect, things are a little cramped in it. But for the purposes of today’s material, the 162FB travel trailer was more than enough.

11. Casita Spirit Deluxe Travel Trailer

The 20 Smallest RVs With Shower and Toilet 10

The Spirit Deluxe travel trailer by Casita is a rather compact and an exceptionally lightweight RV. In fact, weighing 1,970 pounds, it is the second lightest RV on the list, which may be of interest to owners of vehicles with not so much towing capacity.

Measuring 16 feet in length, the Spirit Deluxe travel trailer is very compact, though there are smaller RVs out there. However, there are very few smaller RVs that actually have a shower and toilet in them.

Speaking of the shower & toilet, the Spirit Deluxe travel trailer has a rather decently sized bathroom. Given that many RVs at similar sizes employ cramped wet baths, the bathroom size in this travel trailer is quite amazing.

It’s also impressive how Casita made use of the limited room in its Spirit Deluxe travel trailer. So, there is a 54 x 76-inch double bed in the rear end of the trailer, as well as a single bed on the left side. Both beds are foldable, and when folded, they provide some free room for the included dinettes.

In other words, the Spirit Deluxe travel trailer has a two-in-one sleeping and dining area!

This travel trailer also features a multitude of kitchen amenities, including a two-burner range, a sink, a 3-way 1.9 cubic feet refrigerator, and a microwave.

It should be noted that there also is a 17 feet variant of the Spirit Deluxe trailer which features a larger 4 cubic feet refrigerator, larger water tanks, as well as some other minor differences.

12. Travel Lite RV Falcon F-Lite FL-14

The 20 Smallest RVs With Shower and Toilet 11

The 16 feet Casita Spirit Deluxe RV already seemed very compact, but how about going even smaller? The Falcon F-Lite FL-14 trailer by Travel Lite RV pushes compactness even further with its exterior length of 13 feet 5 inches. Plus, weighing 1,692 pounds dry, it is the lightest travel trailer on our top.

When you look at the floorplan of this travel trailer, you notice a strong resemblance with the floorplan of the Spirit Deluxe RV we’ve just overviewed.

Namely, the bathroom seems more or less similar. The same goes for the sleeping area in the rear of the RV with a foldable bed.

A crucial difference lies in the absence of the foldable single bed/second dinette, and that the kitchen equipment is placed on the left side of the RV. Besides, there seem to be fewer overhead storage cabinets in this travel trailer.

And, obviously, the biggest difference lies in the reduced free space in this travel trailer. There is a nearly 3 feet length difference between the FL-14 and the Spirit Deluxe RVs, and this is quite a big difference. But those who have limited storage area for an RV or don’t have a too powerful vehicle would appreciate what this RV has to offer.

13. KZ Sportsmen Classic SE 130RBSE

The 20 Smallest RVs With Shower and Toilet 12

The Sportsmen Classic SE 130RBSE travel trailer by KZ lies in the middle of the two previous RVs in terms of length. But when it comes to the subject of today’s material – the shower and bathroom – we like it a bit more.

The other two travel trailers had a web bath-like bathroom. This particular travel trailer has a more traditional bathroom with a separate toilet and shower. This allows for a little more room for both the toilet and the shower and makes the bathroom overall more convenient.

When it comes to the general layout, the 130RBSE RV is again somewhere in between. Namely, this travel trailer has a sofa/bed like the Spirit Deluxe RV, but it doesn’t have a second dinette like it was with the Fl-14 RV.

The sleeping area in this travel trailer is also shifted to the front, while the bathroom is moved to the end. This doesn’t really make that much difference in terms of function – it’s just that things are arranged in this travel trailer differently.

The bed in the front can again be unfolded to free up some space for the included 54-inch dinette.

A thing that we like about this travel trailer very much is how roomy it is inside. The Classic SE 130RBSE isn’t the widest RV out there, but it still has a surprising amount of free room in it.

Not that KZ saved on space by removing some kitchen stuff or whatnot – this travel trailer has all the basics you’d expect a travel trailer to have. This travel trailer actually feels bigger than it is in reality for some reason.

Interestingly, this travel trailer weighs heavier than the Casita Spirit Deluxe travel trailer in spite of being shorter. The dry weight difference is 156 pounds, which may be a big difference for some.

14. Oliver Legacy Elite Travel Trailer

The 20 Smallest RVs With Shower and Toilet 13

The Oliver Legacy Elite travel trailer may look vintage and old, but it actually is a fully modern RV that has quite a steep price tag for a travel trailer.

The main thing that makes this travel trailer cost just shy of $50,000 is its double fiberglass hull shell. If you didn’t know, this material imparts increased durability to the hull while not adding too much weight. For its length of 18 feet 5 inches, the Legacy Elite travel trailer is quite light – it weighs just 3,400 pounds when unloaded.

The bathroom in this travel trailer is a rather decent one. Occupying quite a lot of area in the trailer’s front end, it has enough place for a toilet, a shower, and a sink. Due to the addition of the sink, the bathroom feels a little cramped for the amount of the room it has, but it nonetheless is convenient.

The Legacy Elite travel trailer has a familiar bed configuration – it features a foldable bed in the back, plus a retractable dining table. In addition, it has a side dinette – like it was in the Casita Spirit Deluxe trailer – which can be again retracted to free up some room for the unfolding single-sleep bed.

By the way, you could say that this travel trailer essentially is a larger alternative of the Spirit Deluxe trailer we reviewed at the very beginning. The layout in them is very similar overall.

As we mentioned before, this is a fully modern travel trailer. It may look old, but it actually is equipped no worse than any other modern travel trailer. Well, that’s what you’d expect for the price tag that Oliver put on this RV.

Overall, the Legacy Elite travel trailer would probably interest those who like vintage things, as well as those who want a little bigger travel trailer.

15. Little Guy Mini Max Travel Trailer

The 20 Smallest RVs With Shower and Toilet 14

Yet another lightweight travel trailer on our list! The Little Guy Mini Max is far from being the most compact trailer on our list with its length of 17 feet 2 inches, but it is the third lightest model with its weight of 1,993 pounds.

Thus, this travel trailer provides plenty of room for people who don’t have too much-towing capacity in their vehicle.

The first thing that catches the eye in this travel trailer is its “uniquely huge”, as Little Guy writes, refrigerator. It indeed is big – sized at 5.0 cubic feet, it is way bigger than what you usually see in similarly sized travel trailers. For long trips or those who like to have plenty of snacks on them, the big refrigerator is probably going to be a welcome feature.

The bathroom in this travel trailer is a pretty traditional one for the size. It’s a wet bath with an integrated shower and toilet, which allows it to make use of the limited space that the bathroom has.

Interestingly, the sleeping space in this travel trailer is also quite large. The Mini Max RV actually has three sofas arranged in a U-shape. And then the side sofas are folded, you essentially get a queen-size bed.

On the other hand, the tradeoff of the increased sleeping space and the big fridge is that things are comparatively cramped in this RV. Even though this travel trailer is 3 inches wider than the KZ Sportsmen Classic SE RV that we praised for its amount of free room, it feels noticeably more limited.

Well, that’s the price of the increased sleeping and food storage area you are getting with this travel trailer.

16. Escape 17 Feet Travel Trailer  

The 20 Smallest RVs With Shower and Toilet 15

The Escape 17 feet Travel trailer is yet another vintage-y RV on our list. It still is equipped with only modern equipment, but at the moment of the review’s writing, it was nearly two times cheaper than the Oliver Legacy travel trailer we overviewed earlier.

Escape offers two layout variants for their 17 feet travel trailer – Plan A and Plan B. The main difference of the Plan B from Plan A is that it comes with a complete bathroom including a wet bath and a sink. That’s why we chose this exact plan for our overview.

This isn’t the only notable difference between the two floorplans though.

The Plan A trailer comes with a permanent 52-inch bed, whereas the Plan B comes with two dinette sofas that convert to a bed. Due to this, the B layout is much more storage-efficient.

Aside from this, there are some other minor differences between the plans – the Plan B trailer comes with gray and black tanks, as well as a 20 feet sewer hose, while the Plan A doesn’t have these.

The Escape travel trailer also features a second dinette in the front which converts to a single bed. Thus, you are getting 3 sleeping areas with this travel trailer.

In terms of layout, the 17 feet escape travel trailer doesn’t really offer anything new to us. Like other similarly sized RVs, this travel trailer offers a pretty decent amount of room.

It should be noted that the Plan B travel trailer weighs 2,400 pounds, which is 430 pounds heavier than Plan A. All that bathroom stuff isn’t too light, after all, so keep that in mind.

17. Dutchmen Kodiak Cub 172E Travel Trailer

The 20 Smallest RVs With Shower and Toilet 16

The Kodiak Cub travel trailer by Dutchmen differs from everything we examined above quite a bit. This mainly concerns the storage efficiency and the amount of room you are getting from this travel trailer.

It should be noted that the Kodiak Cub travel trailer line has many floorplans, and we chose the 172E since it is the smallest among them.

So, if you have a look at the layout of the floorplan, you will instantly notice its key features. We mean the tent beds both in the rear and front of the travel trailer. If you don’t quite know what tent beds are, let us clarify.

Both ends of this travel trailer feature retractable tents. After you fully unfold them, you can place the included 60 x 80-inch mattresses in them. And when you don’t need the bed space, you just store the mattresses in one of the trailer’s storage boxes and retract the tents.

Since the beds don’t occupy any room in the travel trailer itself, you are getting much more free room than you would with a permanent bed. And this opens plenty of opportunities for other amenities.

The Kodiak Cub 172E travel trailer isn’t particularly long – it measures mere 18 feet 10 inches in length, not including the tents. However, thanks to the space freed by the tent beds, you are getting much more free room for the kitchen, for the dining area, and the bathroom.

The bathroom in this travel trailer is particularly notable. It’s very decently sized and includes a shower, a toilet, and a sink, but still has plenty of room left.

What the freed up space also allows for is a huge 6 cubic feet refrigerator. Given that this travel trailer has four sleeping areas, the large refrigerator is a very welcome feature.

Aside from that, the Dutchmen Kodiak Cub travel trailer has a large dinette with two sofas, as well as another sofa just across.

And the best thing about this travel trailer is that it actually isn’t that pricey. Those who want a compact and not too pricey travel trailer with a shower and toilet but still wish to feel comfortable would probably appreciate what this trailer offers.

18. American Coach 2020 American Patriot Class B Motorhome

The 20 Smallest RVs With Shower and Toilet 17

Since our material isn’t limited to only travel trailers, we figured that we should include examples of compact trailers from other RV types as well. So behold the 2020 American Patriot class B motorhome by American Coach!

Needless to say, a class B motorhome and any kind of motorhome, in general, is never as compact as a travel trailer. However, there probably are people that are ready to sacrifice some compactness for increased comfort.

The American Patriot motorhome has several floorplans, but since all of them measure 24 feet 3 inches in length, we didn’t pick any of them specifically for our overview. Instead, we’ll talk about all the floorplans and pinpoint the unique features of each.

In terms of the bathroom, all the floorplans are identical. You are getting a traditional wet bath system in this travel trailer, which we can’t say that is particularly convenient. What’s more important though is that the bathroom perfectly performs its functions.

This class B motorhome has 6 floorplans – MD2 Dinette, MD2 Lounge, MD4 Dinette, MD4 Lounge, Patriot “SD” Dinette, and Patriot “SD” Lounge.

The Dinette and Lounge in the names of the floorplans refer to the layout of the dining area in the rear of the RV. Both types have dinettes in the rear, but the difference of the Lounge is that it has an additional sofa-lounge for more seating comfort.

MD2 floorplans have two seats in the front, while the MD4 floorplans have two. The Patriot “SD” floorplans have two seats as well, but they have longer sofas in the back.

It should be also noted that MD2 floorplans have the refrigerator placed right behind the driver’s seat. In the other floorplans, it is placed beneath the cooktop. Aside from that, the Patriot “SD” floorplans don’t sacrifice the kitchen sink for the increased sofa length.

There are plenty of options to play around with in this class B motorhome. However, functionally, it remains similar to what regular travel trailers can offer. The main reason for you to go for such an RV is if you don’t want to tow a heavy travel trailer behind.

19. Livin’Lite CampLite CL11FK Travel Trailer

The 20 Smallest RVs With Shower and Toilet 18

It is quite rare for a compact travel trailer to have more than two sleeping spots. So far, we’ve had only one RV on our list that had more than two sleeping areas – it was Dutchmen Kodiak Cub 172E. Livin’Lite employed a similar bed design in its CampLite CL11FK travel trailer, but it is a bit different.

The Kodiak Cub 172E trailer had two double beds placed in the retractable tents in the front and the rear. The CampLite also has a 46 x 68-inch tent bed, but it is in the rear. As for the second bed, you just unfold it from the dinette sofas.

Overall, you are getting a layout that is again quite storage-efficient. However, since this travel trailer is much shorter than the Kodiak Cub trailer – 15 feet 7 inches, to be exact – it has less free room in it overall.

When it comes to the shower & toilet facility, you are getting a wet bath, which is a traditional thing in such small RVs. It isn’t going to provide you with too much free room, but it does perform its function as you’d expect.

It should be also noted that Livin’Lite equipped this compact travel trailer with a large 6 cubic feet refrigerator, a surprising thing for this size.

All in all, those who are looking for a compact travel trailer with two to four sleeping areas will most likely be quite interested in this model.

20. Thor Coach Gemini 23TB Class B+ Motorhome

The 20 Smallest RVs With Shower and Toilet 19

As the last model on our list of smallest RVs with shower and toilet, we decided to pick the Gemini 23TB class B+ motorhome by Thor Coach. This again isn’t the smallest RV out there, but we included it since we wanted to cover models across various RV types.

The Gemini 23TB is arguably the most well-equipped RV on our list. None of the other RVs on our list had a slide-out with a flip-up queen bed, two interior TVs, as well as a mount for an exterior TV. When it comes to entertainment, this RV is second to none on this list, in our opinion.

The bathroom in this motorhome is also remarkable. It is allocated quite a big area in the rear right end of the RV. It has enough room in it to accommodate a 24 x 32-inch shower, a toilet, as well as a sink. And it still has plenty of wiggle room left!

In terms of sleeping space, this RV isn’t the most spectacular on the list, though it does deliver quite some comfort. Aside from the flip-up 60 x 74-inch bed in the rear, it also has a 64-inch sofa bed in the dining area. This makes for three sleeping areas in total.

Needless to say, this amount of comfort has its price. And given that the Gemini 23TB costs around $110 thousand (at the moment of this material’s writing), not everyone will be able to afford it. But not everyone needs this RV’s features either, to be fair.

But if you happen to need exactly the things we described, then such an RV might be worth it for you.

What is the smallest motorhome with a toilet?

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What is the lightest travel trailer with a bathroom?

The scamp 13 foot standard trailer is likely a strong contender for the lightest travel trailer with bathroom, coming in at a between 1,200 and 1,500 lbs. Which is light in anyone's book.

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