Survival RV

Imagine a situation where a human corpse mysteriously comes back to life to eat the living. How are you planning to survive if you have to take off during a zombie apocalypse? 

Don’t worry. We have a plan for you. Survival RVs are what you need to survive a zombie apocalypse, human-made disasters, and whatnot.

But you know what else? You can also use RVs in times of survival hardships.

In a world where nothing is permanent, an RV can be your best friend. You can say that again. It can help you survive in desperate situations.

But you’re probably wondering what makes an RV fit for survival? What makes it so unique? Keep reading as we answer these questions and more.

What is a Survival RV?

Troubles don’t knock before coming, be it survival hardships, epidemics, or human-made disasters. In such a situation, you might have to live in a vehicle.

If you are faced with a survival scenario, either by choice or extreme bug-out conditions, an ideal survival vehicle will shelter you when you’re away from home. So, in this case, your best option is a self-contained vehicle that can protect you and keep you safe and moving.

Or if you are one of those free spirits who want to adopt a full-time nomadic lifestyle, an RV will keep you on the road while still feeling like home. A home on wheels.

Can You Buy a Survival RV?

Yes, you certainly can. The question is, which one?

RVs can be grouped into three types: motorhomes, towable RVs, and truck campers.


A motorhome does not have to be towed behind a truck. It is self-sufficient. You simply have to get in and drive. Almost all motorhomes now have solar power systems, generators, inverters, water storage, and battery banks.

Towable RVs such as travel trailers have their own benefits. You can drag them behind your truck and drop your safe retreat wherever you find fit. 

Travel Trailers

Some of these RVs have fewer options than motorhomes. However, travel trailers come in a range of different sizes, weights, and colors. The smallest trailer can be towed by an SUV, while others need to be pulled by a truck.

Truck Campers

Truck campers are best suited for a maximum of three people. They have the most basic amenities you would need to travel long distances, and they are meant to take you everywhere. These campers come in a variety of types, from short-bed to slide-in and pop-up campers.

For all of the RVs mentioned above, you might find it challenging to keep them warm on the inside. So, if you are buying an RV, go for one with proper heating and cooling systems. You should also add some must-add accessories to your RV to turn it into a secure survival unit.

Do You Need to Make a Survival RV?

RVs are made in controlled environments, with carefully picked materials and parts to keep them as practical as possible.

Many DIY enthusiasts have tried creating the very basic tear-drop trailers. You can build one too, at half the price and double the amenities inside. 

If you are going to build one yourself, you will need some serious weather-proofing and insulation to make it worthwhile. Almost all the RVs today have insulated walls and roof, and double paneled windows to survive extreme temperatures. 

You would also have to pump your own water and maintain the truck without much help. If you go for a towable RV, you will have to check the trailer hook-up system regularly.

If you are in a cold part of the world, you can also equip your RV with warm blankets and throws to combat the wintry winds.

Since you want your RV to be completely self-reliant, you have to arm it with survival accessories to get the most out of it. Find the must-have survival RV accessories later in the article.

You can start with a new or a well-maintained RV to avoid maintenance costs and other potential problems. New or used, you always have to make some compromises. But when it comes to survival, they’re the second-best option after your home.

What Makes it a Survival RV?

Even with all the conveniences and comforts, an RV is still less capable than a jeep on the road. The good thing is, RVs can serve as your second home.

There is a wide range of RVs in the market, from class A coaches to motorhomes, and compact campers.

What makes your RV a ‘Survival RV’ is the overabundance of everything valuable: extra fuel tank, drinking water storage, battery capacity, solar panels, and storage spaces.

You will also need good heating and cooling systems to survive extreme weather conditions. The RV should also have some serious off-road capabilities with a powerful truck to keep you on the go.

Some other essential accessories in a survival RV can include a portable fire pit, tool-kit for quick repairs, and a first-aid for medical emergencies.

You can add many accessories to your chosen RV to make it more practical for you. 

Must-Have Accessories for Survival RV

After you have chosen an RV that ticks all the boxes for you, it’s time to equip it with accessories. The trick is to add things that are crucial for long-term survival.

Here’s a list of must-have accessories for your survival RV.

Air Pump

Everyone who owns a vehicle, be it a two-wheeler or a lorry, knows the importance of air pumps. No matter what kind of car you own, a flat tire is inevitable. A portable air pump will come in handy in situations like these.

The large LCD-display and LED flashlights of Mbrain Portable Air Compressor makes it reliable and easy-to-use in dark areas.

RV Jacks

RV jacks will stabilize and level your RV when you have to change a tire or go underneath for repairs.

With a capacity of 5000lbs per jack, WEIZE Jacks can lift an average RV, while remaining steady on soft surfaces. It is a must-have if you are going to be on your own with a big vehicle.

USB Car Charger

While you’re out on the road, you must know what’s happening around you, and your loved ones should know what’s happening with you. To keep your communication with the outside world, you need a phone charger.

Vano USB Car Charger is compatible with Apple iPhone, Samsung, LG, tablets, iPads, eBook readers, Nintendo gaming consoles, digital cameras, music players, e-cigarettes, and much more.

You can fit it in your RV lighter socket to keep your communication devices working.


Now that you are on your own, any repairs in your RV will be done by you. A multi-functional toolbox can help you with any repairs needed in your RV.

The DEKOPRO Tool-Kit includes many tools needed for vehicle repairs. If you want to go for a more advanced tool-kit, it’s all the better

Portable Fire Pit

Throughout your survival journey, you need fire to cook, keep you warm, and provide light if you decide to stay in one place. 

A portable fire pit can be an excellent accessory for you and your RV. It’ll also compensate for the cold weather when your RV heating systems need a break.

Sewer Hose Kit

A sewer hose for your RV that fits a variety of dump station pipes is a must if you don’t have it already. 

The Camco 20′ RhinoFLEX Sewer Hose Kit is a good option if you are looking for durable construction. It has permanently attached fittings and can easily collapse down to a shorter size for storage.

The Camco hose kit is an affordable option for RV owners who are sure to make good use of it. 

First-Aid Kit

When you have to survive in the wilderness, you have to plan ahead. No matter how safe your location is, a first-aid kit will never go wasted.

A comprehensive first-aid kit such as the Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit with 120 medical-grade items is perfect for outdoor emergencies.

RV Water Filter

When you are out and about, you will be using water from different water sources. A water filter will keep the water clean and free of harmful particles.

The Clearsource Premium RV Water Filter System is an impressive choice with NSF certified filter parts. It has a sturdy design to go along with the lifestyle of campers. 

The filter has a metal chassis with powder coating ensuring durability. It can easily be set up between your RVs water connection and the water supply.

Hitch Lock

Along with your own safety, you have to keep your towable RV safe too. To make sure no one takes off with your new trailer, a hitch hock is much needed.

The MegaHitch Lock is totally fool-proof and can be placed out of sight.

Can You Live in a Survival RV Full-Time?

Can you lead a full-time nomadic lifestyle in an RV? If you ask us, it all comes down to your chosen RV—it’s quality, safety, and comfort.

If you are going to live in one every day, you will have to take care of all kinds of jobs. Get ready to get your hands dirty, filling up the tires and dumping sewage.

However, once you get a taste of living in an RV, you might as well get used to doing all the maintenance jobs. 

Are they Practical?

The practicality of your RV is dependent mainly on its size and quality of the exterior and interior. These factors can affect the comfort levels of the RV.

A fully equipped RV with all the necessary amenities for cooking, sleeping, and sanitation is an ideal vehicle to live in. The RVs on the bigger side, travel trailers, and fifth wheels, are closer to homes with almost all the amenities, just like a small apartment sized down even more.

However, if you are in a situation where you don’t want to be noticed, you might want to think twice before choosing a big vehicle. The big RVs are going to be the highlight of the road unless you go for something small.

Whichever survival RV you choose, you should feel safe in it. That’s the point. You can hunt down one with unbreakable and tinted window glass, robust exterior, bullet-proof tires, safety alarms, and the like.

A kick-ass AC and heater, as we mentioned before, add to the practicality of the RV.

In case of emergency, you will have to stay in contact with your closed ones or emergency service, so adding accessories such as a signal booster can make an RV more suitable for survival.

Survival RV Best Options

There’s a wide range of RVs that you can customize to your own will. You can choose from a number of options, from average motorhomes to the the more luxurious RVs like the Earth Roamer LTi. With this luxurious RV, designed in Dacono, Colorado, you don’t have to fear anything anymore.

The Earth Roamer LTi has a vacuum-infused carbon fiber construction, which makes it lightweight and super durable. The Ford F-550 chassis features bunk side windows, a powerful lithium battery with 11000 Watt-hours and the raised ceiling.

The entirely self-sufficient RV has a 100-gallon freshwater capacity, 1320W solar power system, and five different floor plans to choose from. 

If you are going for a used RV, research is the key. A well-maintained RV will not trouble you in the long-run. You can find more tips to buy a used RV here.

Where to Buy a Customized RV?

A good place to start exploring RVs can be Lance Camper. Lance lets you build your own campers and travel trailers. You can choose from a range of floor plans and then choose interior colors, electrical systems, exterior, and more.

If these RVs don’t satisfy you, you can build your own survival RV, such as small tear-drop trailers, or truck campers that can be designed in cool ways. You can make a truck camper with off-grid electricity in less than $1,600.

Final Thoughts

Retiring to a survival RV can be your best bet under bug-out conditions. You can equip your RV with survival accessories to pull through the most difficult of situations.

We think that RV living is less expensive if you know your stuff. So, in times when you have to take off from home, an RV will be an ideal shelter.

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