So, the roadtrippin’ adventurer in you wants you to buy a teardrop trailer.  And why not?

Not only are you leaving just a small footprint on this world compared to a conventional RV (recreational vehicle for the uninitiated), it’s compact enough to easily fit the tightest parking spot and are perfect for two people.

An average-sized teardrop trailer is only about 5’ tall and 10 ft length.  And that’s not a lot of room, is it?  Your bathroom at home could be way bigger than that.

Other Teardrop Camper Recommendations

You’re thinking that the teardrop should, at the very least, accommodate your basic activities inside such as cooking and sleeping? And maybe a little more?

With the teardrop trailers becoming popular once again and having evolved since its modest beginnings in the 1930s, manufacturers are also keeping up by building more ambitious models to suit the needs of the modern man or woman.

The teardrop campers are often more affordable options than a typical travel trailer.  We guarantee you will be amazed at how spacious they can be with our top 13 teardrop trailers.

We can wholeheartedly recommend any one of them to be your next teardrop trailer purchase, perfect for two people traveling on the road together.

From small-scale manufacturers such as Little Guy Travel Trailers to a more familiar Winnebago brand, these travel trailers are taking RVing to a higher level with their generous floor plans.

Come to think of it, teardrop-style trailers are often much more capable and luxurious than you might initially think.

For each teardrop trailer on our list, we will list items you probably would not expect to find inside a traditional travel trailer.  Believe me, it’s not magic – it’s space redefined, teardrop camper style!

Best Teardrop Campers in 2020:

  1. Bean Teardrop Trailer
  2. Winnie Drop Brand: Winnebago
  3. MyPod
  4. FronTear
  5. Diamond in the Rough

Top Teardrop Trailers of 2020

1. Bean Teardrop Trailer

What Is The Best Teardrop Trailer? 1What Is The Best Teardrop Trailer? 2

Model Cost Weight Build For:
Bean Stock $14,895 1650 lbs. Minimalist Camping
Classic Bean $15,895 1650 lbs. Road trips
Mean Bean $16,895 1850 lbs. Off-roading
Meaner Bean $18,695 2000 lbs. Overlanding


Bean travel trailers aren’t built by amateurs tinkering in their garage. They are produced by one of the most trusted manufacturing and custom fabrication companies, Sterling ATM.

They possess decades of experience working with fiberglass, and where therefore the obvious choice for Bean to turn to when they were looking to facelift their teardrop camper design.

Bean is the only manufacturer to produce their trailers out of a single fiberglass shell. In practical terms, this means a stronger construction and leak-proof design. To back up this claim they provide a lifetime warranty.

The interior has been designed and produced with human ergonomics in mind. From clever storage solutions to the lighting, everything has been put together with forethought and a deep understanding of what campers want in a teardrop camper.

You can read more about bean trailers here.

2. Winnie Drop Brand: Winnebago

Teardrop Trailer for sale

Dimensions L x W x H in feet:  18.4 X 8 X 9.3

  • other specs available: overall vehicle weight – minimum 2,360 lbs

This retro-inspired trailer is like having your own cozy nook with many lavish creature comforts. Towing is very straightforward given its size, and camping is made even more pleasant and spacious thanks to its slide-out capabilities.

If teardrop campers with slide-outs are something you’re interested in, you might want to check out this article. Surprisingly, it can accommodate up to 4 sleepers at a time.  It comes in a range of different floor plans and in three variants namely: WD170, WD170S, and WD170K.


  • relax in a 60 X 40 queen-size bed with storage underneath
  • the kitchen space contains a handy micro-refrigerator to store your meats and other perishable food items
  • a kitchen with sink, a stovetop-style cooker, and yet another storage space, albeit overhead this time
  • dine comfortably with your friends and family in a 42 X 74 dinette
  • a toilet with a sink in a bathroom
  • a living room with a mount for your TV and a sliding seat


  • All the items found under WD170 plus:
  • a bigger bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet – a definite plus!
  • Space for your pantry and wardrobe in the back of the bathroom
  • ample space above the kitchen and dinette


  • All the items found under WD170 plus:
  • has 30 X 74 bunk beds to replace a queen-sized mattress
  • a larger 58 X 74 U-shaped dinette perfect for bigger groups or families
  • a complete bathroom with shower and toilet
  • a TV mounting cab unit begging for a small flat screen

For more information and to view other teardrop campers for sale, check out Winnebago website at

3. MyPod

What Is The Best Teardrop Trailer? 3

Brand: Little Guy Trailer

Dimensions L x W x H in feet:  11.7 X 5 X 5.2

Other specs available:

  • overall dry weight: 630 lbs
  • tongue weight: 110 lbs
  • interior height: 37 inches

This compact fiberglass teardrop trailer for sale is aptly named MyPod for obvious reasons. It’s a tiny marvel weighing 630 lbs with a 110 lb tongue weight, your regular car could probably tow it without much difficulty.  It comes in five different colors: blue, red, silver, white, and black. The Mypod could very well be your designated camping companion.  And it has space for the following:

  • a 52 X 76 full-size single bed which could fit up to 2 slender sleepers
  • a three-speed fan to cool you during hot summer months
  • built-in air conditioning unit to even make extremely hot summers disappear
  • window shades
  • an entertainment center which can house your TV and video game console
  • a roof rack where you can place your camping gear
  • can be pimped even further to fit tailgate and side mount screen room tents, and trailer cover when in hibernation, so to speak

For more information, check out Little Guy Trailers website at

4. FronTear

What Is The Best Teardrop Trailer? 4

Brand: Oregon Trail’R

Dimensions L x W x H in feet:  8 X 4 X 5

Other specs available:

  • base towing wt = 1000 to 1300 lbs
  • tongue weight = 100 to 140 lbs

The FronTear is a popular teardrop trailer for sale from its manufacturer which you can further customize by choosing the exterior color and interior design. Interestingly, it is perhaps the smallest teardrop trailer in the market today.

Here are some of the customizable items as well as some standard features you can squeeze into this cute little wonder:

  • set of cabinets with drawers, some of which you can place overhead or on the rear side of the trailer
  • key holders based on your design
  • backup lights controlled through a tow connector
  • a battery holding tray for maintaining your batteries
  • a tongue rack for storage
  • folding holders for cups – great for your cup of joe
  • galley to host your kitchenware
  • drapes with a barrier backer layers that resist moisture
  • custom-sized door units
  • Digital audio amplifiers
  • a reversible Fantastic Fan and rain sensor
  • LED lights (Halo Dome)
  • TV and DVD prep
  • a bed with 4-inch thickness plus a custom cover
  • stainless steel sink and faucet
  • Propane set with a two-unit burner stove, 11 lb propane tank , and heat shield
  • a panic siren to ward off unwelcome guests such as a black bear for instance
  • a rooftop rack system where you can put your camping gear

For more information, check out Oregon Trail’R website at

5. Diamond in the Rough

Diamond in the Rough

What Is The Best Teardrop Trailer? 5

Dimensions L x H in feet:  8 X 5

  • other specs available: none

Just like its name, the Diamond in the Rough is a mini sparkler with so much potential despite being one of the smallest teardrop trailers for sale.  It has eponymous features such as the roofing, checker plating, and diamond-plated plate fenders.  The 14-inch chrome rims shine like diamonds, too.  Check out other features available by default and by order for this polished teardrop trailer:

  • a small portable kitchen which comes with a faucet and sinks which can be upgraded to an electric type
    drapes and a mattress
  • shelves and wooden rack to hold your plates, glass, cutlery, and cooking gadgets
  • an oven that you can pull out for baking delicious pastries and other specialties
  • space for refrigerator or cooler
  • optional small bunk bed for children
  • a 3,000-watt inverter
  • a large-sized front box to help you with additional storage needs
  • a trickle charger using a seven-round blade
  • solar panels for the green buyer
  • Plugin (12v)
  • deep cycle marine battery

For more information, check out the Teardrop-shaped Trailers website at

6. T@G XL Brand: nuCamp

What Is The Best Teardrop Trailer? 6

Dimensions L x W x H in feet:  13.7 X 7.8 X 6

Other specs available:

  • tongue weight – 100 up to 1,210 lbs when spare tires and its battery unit are accounted for
  • Gross Axle Weight rating – 2,220 lbs
  • interior width – 70 inches
  • interior height – 47 inches

The T@G XL trailers are deemed to have more space than what you are used to with teardrop-shaped trailers for sale.  In any case, it’s still small but can pack a lot of punch.

It could also be a sight for sore eyes with the color white combinations on the exterior with red, yellow, and black.  Unfortunately, there are no bathroom facilities in this trailer so you might have to find your “spot” outside in nature, alternatively, you can check out our article on the best teardrop campers with bathrooms here.

Meanwhile, these are  the amenities you will find inside the T@G XL:

  • an ample cooking surface for prepping your meals
  • a stovetop oven
  • a microwave oven that’s built-in a panel for your quick bites
  • a kitchen sink to wash your used utensils
  • cabinets on all sides for more storage space; it can also house an A/C and cooler
  • water capacity of 11 gallons enough to supply your needs at a time
  • 70 X 78 king-sized bed located in the middle of the room
  • interior with wood paneling for a bit of rustic feel

For more information, check out nuCamp website at

7. Timberleaf’s Teardrop Trailer

What Is The Best Teardrop Trailer? 7

Dimensions L x H in feet:  15 X 5.5:

Other specs available:

  • overall dry weight: 1,400 lbs
  • tongue weight 140 lbs

Touted as a featherweight by its manufacturer, the Timberleaf teardrop trailer for sale looks eerily similar to the MyPod and FronTear with its retro-modern structure.

It also comes in different exterior colors with their interesting color names such as Pepsi blue, Extreme green, Caution yellow, and Bright red.  You will be even more amazed at the facilities and optional extras you can find inside.

  • Plywood walls (Baltic birch) treated with low-VOC acrylic polyurethane
  • a  shelf with a drawer that pulls out to store all your cooking essentials
  • 12-gallon water tank including a sink with a dispenser for cold water
  • gallery-type cabinets with sliding doors that serve as extra storage
  • a 20 square-foot retro laminate countertop
  • a queen size mattress (Colorado style) with 4” thick foam
  • a tinted polycarbonate (44×26) skylight  complete with pull-down shades and double screen (14×17 each) venting windows
  • a Fan (‘Fantastic’ brand) to provide some air circulation
  • R-11 rated anodized aluminum roof and aluminum sides complete with ceiling and wall insulation
  • roof rack in euro styling to hold your off-road bike and other gear
  • tent room with mesh material to let more of the outdoors in
  • a roof storage using a pioneer platform that can fit any trailer size
  • awning for some shade and curb appeal
  • a stove paired with windscreen and a couple of 22” burners
  • a tongue-style aluminum storage unit which can be locked to secure your items
  • a wooden cooler that comes with a handy 45-liter optional countertop lid
  • a wooden shelf on the exterior which can be detached or 2 wooden foldable shelves on the interior

For more information, check out Timberleaf website at

8. Vistabule’s Teardrop Trailer

What Is The Best Teardrop Trailer? 8

Brand: Vistabule

Dimensions L x H in feet:  14 X 5 X 5.7

Other specs available:

  • tongue weight – 130 to 1520 lbs depending on load
  • overall vehicle weight- 1220 lbs

The Vistabule teardrop trailer for sale is another small wonder which boasts of large windows as if bringing the outside in. You can enjoy viewing the horizon with the front window which changes to your skyview when you’re lying down on the bed.

Towing is an uncomplicated process with its aerodynamic properties and its ball hitch that measures 2 inches.  You will be very excited to see what’s inside a Vistabule:

  • a kitchenette with outdoor cooking that has a sink and a two-burner stove
  • a pass-through feature that allows food the be easily shared when it’s time to eat
  • several cabinets for storing your cooking gadgets and dinnerware
  • a 58.5 X 78 main bed with underneath storage with a length of 6.5 inches and foot room
  • a gallery counter which approximately measures at 36 inches in height
  • a dining space to share with your family or group of friends
  • a two-in-one sofa bed
  • a nice headboard with which you can hang your keys has upper storage capacity for your clothes and other miscellaneous items
  • a nine-gallon storage tank each for graywater and freshwater
  • a floor-mounted table when the sofa bed is in sofa mode folds to become a side table if in bed mode

For more information, check out Vistabule website at

9. 560 Raindrop Brand: Camp-Inn Teardrop Trailers


What Is The Best Teardrop Trailer? 9

Dimensions L x W x H in feet:  14 X 10 X 5

Other specs available:

  • overall vehicle weight – between 1,000 and 1,500 lbs
  • tongue weight – 150 to 180 lbs

The  560 Raindrop figures as one of the biggest teardrop trailer for sale from the Camp-Inn fleet with its width of ten feet.  That said, you can expect this hefty teardrop RV to break conventional boundaries in its industry.

Towing and parking this RV are made simpler with the chock blocks, folding hitch, leveling jacks, and a hitch ball.  The front panoramic windows are big enough to enjoy the view outside.  Bedazzled some more by the following items you can discover about the 560 Raindrop:

  • dual cabin doors for gear storage
  • a set of bunk beds for small children
  • a queen-sized foam mattress with cover
  • a couch that can fit two adults
  • a propane gas tank for your cooking needs
  • graywater and freshwaters tanks with monitor and a capacity of 8 gallons each
  • outdoor kitchenette with underneath storage, a two-unit burner stove, birchwood cabinets, drawers, a sink with faucet spray hose that is made of stainless steel
  • more storage beneath the flooring and on the front side
  • curtained and screened windows
  • a ceiling fan
  • coat hooks
  • optional appliances such as 15-inch TV, DVD player, sound system, and air conditioning unit
  • solar panel prep

For more information, check out Camp Inn Teardrop Trailers website at

10. Mount Massive Brand: Colorado Teardrops

Colorado Teardrops

What Is The Best Teardrop Trailer? 10

Dimensions L x W x H in feet:  14 X 6.8 X 6.8

Other specs available:

  • overall vehicle weight – 1,430 lbs
  • tongue weight – 199 lbs
  • Cabin height – 56 inches

If you’re a family of 5 or more, the Mount Massive Teardrop trailer for sale is perfect for you.  Yes, it is a massive teardrop that should be towed by a pickup, minivan or an SUV.  This trailer is beautiful with its maple plywood walls, huge stargazer windows, and ample insulation not only on the walls but also on the floors, ceiling, and doors.

The walls will not corrode or degrade easily because of its low VOC polyurethane covering. And of course, you will be impressed by the many possibilities it can hold in its interior.

  • a kitchenette with a countertop, shelves that slide and rotate for your stove and other cookware
  • 41-inch galley counter for your kitchen prep
  • a 60 X 78 queen size bed with shelves
  • a convertible sofa bed
  • lighting
  • dividers for cooler/ water tank
  • a cleanup tub
  • cabinets to hold your utensils
  • a 14 X 14 pop-up vent
  • optional power package including plug-in, AGM batteries, an inverter and solar panel
  • a spare tire

For more information, check out Colorado Teardrops website at

11. Escapod Dreamscape

What Is The Best Teardrop Trailer? 11

What Is The Best Teardrop Trailer? 12

Brand: Escapod

Dimensions L x W x  H in feet:  13 X 6.4 X 6

Other specs available:

  • Maximum weight capacity – 3,500 lbs
  • tongue weight – 185 lbs

The Dreamscape teardrop trailer is a mobile version of the capsule hotel which is common in Japan.  It is as efficient but even capable of more functionality.  It is proudly American-made with powder-coated steel ensuring your trailer to rack up miles without problems.

It has complete insulation covering not just the walls but practically the entire trailer that will not only keep your interior at room temperature but also soundproof it somehow. The Dreamscape will continue to wow you with these awe-inducing standards and optional add-on line-up:

  • an outdoor kitchenette with cabinets on the backside and several drawers where you can keep your utensils
  • countertop with stovetop made with stainless steel
  • a  good space for small kitchen appliances such as coffee maker, microwave, electric mixer, etc.
  • a 65-liter cooler
  • a queen-sized 5-inch memory foam mattress with underneath storage for your personal items
  • USB charging device and deep cycle battery
  • LED lighting
  • a triple-speed fantastic fan
  • Three cubbies and four cabinets to keep your things organized
  • hitch that fully articulates
  • electrical converter (110v)
  • propane heater with water tanks
  • a water heater and shower unit to refresh you after a tiresome hike in nature
  • rooftop tent and awning combo
  • racks for bikes and kayaks
  • spare tire and mount for security in case of emergency
  • a stove with a propane tank

For more information and to view additional teardrop campers for sale, check out Escapod website at

12. Sierra Madre Basic On-Road Teardrop Trailer

Sierra Madre Basic On-Road Teardrop Trailer

What Is The Best Teardrop Trailer? 13

Brand: Sierra Madre

Dimensions L x  H in feet:  8 X 4 (smallest model)

The Sierra Madre Basic On-Road Teardrop Trailer could be your good start in a trailer lifestyle.  It comes in different sizes (4 X 8, 4 X 9, 5 X 8, 5 X 9, and 5 X 10)  which should suit the amount of stuff and number of people you’d like to join your trip.  The chassis of this teardrop trailer for sale has a torsion axle (Dexter type), wheel jack in front, safety chain, 14-inch powder-coated tires, and 2-inch A-frame in square tube.

The Birch plywood wall interior gives you UV protection with its clear lacquer covering and the anodized aluminum exterior.  The 12 X 18 windows provide a nice view of the outside. The ceilings are insulated to keep you comfortable during cold weather.  You can also enjoy more amenities inside this teardrop force to be reckoned with.

  • a foam mattress
  • a kitchen with counter, shelves, storage compartments where you can stash your cooking gadgets to make your prepping a lot easier
  • bedroom lighting, gallery, and cabin domes.
  • a bedside shelf to hold your night lamp and some books

For more information, check out Sierra Madre Trailers website at

13. RetroRide 5 X 10  Teardrop Camper

RetroRide 5 X 10  Teardrop Camper

What Is The Best Teardrop Trailer? 14

Brand: RetroRide Teardrops

Dimensions L x  H in feet:  10 X 5 (biggest model)

Other specs available:

  • Tongue Weight – 160 lbs
  • Overall vehicle weight – 1,110 lbs

The RetroRide 5 X 10 is the largest among the company teardrop trailer variants.
It also looks like it comes from an era gone by with its basic aluminum exterior but this time only a bit more polished.  You always have the option to customize the color to your own liking for an extra charge.

This simple teardrop trailer has varnished interiors and bare essentials such as a front rack, and two doors.  The low price tag will give you room for upgrades which you can add to your trailer’s stash.

  • A/C and heater units
  • replacement tire
  • Additional windows for some nice view
  • the battery is 12 volts to accommodate your small appliances
  • radial tires measuring 15 inches (standard is 14 inches)

For more information, check out RetroRide Teardrops website at

Are Teardrop Campers for you?

These teardrop campers make you think twice about getting a more conventional RV not only because of the price but also, you may have realized that you don’t need a lot of space to experience a home away from home atmosphere.

All you need is creativity, smart planning, and I must admit, a bit of compromise.  Yes, you can fit the queen-sized mattress of yours, you just have to be strategic in doing so.  As you have discovered from our 13 teardrop camper examples, no space is wasted, there is always a purpose it can serve one way or another.

While you manage your expectations, perhaps you will find yourselves pleasantly amazed when you step inside the not-so-small world of the iconic teardrop campers.  It will take you to places literally and figuratively speaking.  Living big in a teardrop-shaped trailer is not impossible indeed.  But then again, is it really for you?  In spite of all the details I have provided here, only you can answer that for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Teardrop Camper cost?

The average cost of a new Teardrop trailer is around $15,000. However, prices can vary from $8,000 all the way up to $60,000. Used models will likely cost between $500 and $50,000.

Are they worth it?

Teardrops are great value for anyone looking for a small pull behind camper. They are cheaper to buy and can be pulled with a much small car, making them more fuel-efficient.

Do Teardrop Trailers have bathrooms?

Many Teardrop trailers contain bathrooms. For example, the Little Guy Mini Max contains a bath, shower and toilet facilities.

Are they aerodynamic?

Teardrop trailers are naturally aerodynamic given their shape. Additionally, their lightweight nature coupled with there aerodynamic shape provides additional fuel savings.

Do they have AC?

A number of teardrop trailers come with AC as standard. For example, the TimberLeaf Classic comes with AC and Heating, as well as a host of additional features.

How do you heat one?

A small space heater or ceramic heater can quickly and efficiently heat the small interior space of a teardrop trailer. I would avoid propane heaters due to risks around carbon monoxide.

How Much Does A Teardrop Trailer Weigh?

You can expect Teardrop trailers to weigh between 500 pounds and 3,200 pounds. With the average being around 1,500 lbs. With these weights, it opens up a huge range of cars and SUVs suitable for towing.

Used teardrop trailer for sale: Tips For Getting a Great Deal

Buying a used teardrop trailer can save a ton of money. Before you jump in head first, it’s worth doing some research and know-how to get a good deal.

  1. Check Nada RV for the estimated value of the model you’re interested in.
  2. Research models for sale nationwide to see if the price is consistent.
  3. Shop during the offseason.
  4. Don’t be afraid to negotiate.
  5. Know how much you want to spend and don’t deviate from it.
  6. Ask for extras or a discount.