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Most people who are serious about being outdoors have thought about buying some sort of trailer for their trips.

Tent trailers are quite a unique group.

They vary a lot in size and for that reason, they vary in what you’ll need as an individual consumer.

Different manufacturers offer models that have unique pros and cons – and we’re here to help you sort that all out.

We’re going to be introducing you to 14 of the best tent trailers on the market.  Be sure to match your potential tent trailer with what you need so you don’t end up spending money on something that isn’t an exact fit – use our guide to help you!

Let’s get into it!

14 Best Tent Trailers

1. Jayco Jay Series Sport Camping Trailer

tent trailer

Jay Sport has made a high-quality camping tent trailer with a lot of interesting features. It’s got a comfortable feel from top to bottom so you can tell that these units are being made with care.

This tent trailer sleeps up to 7 people and has a length that goes from between 11 to 18 feet.

You’ve got 4 options when it comes to the layout of your trailer.

Stainless steel makes up the sink, stove, and faucet – letting you be confident these will function for years into the future.

You’ve got an outdoor shower with a curtained bath in this tent trailer, most people will want to utilize that obviously. For those that don’t want to connect completely, you also have access to be ready to use TV and stereo units.

The A-frame of the unit is definitely high quality with resistance to any kind of scratches or corrosion.

As far as sleeping goes, and the beds are rated for over 1000 pounds.  When the rain comes down, you’re covered – the tent is completely water resistant.


The rooms of the tent trailer are able to be split up with private areas – a nice feature if you’re going to be getting up towards the “7” that this trailer lists as being able to sleep.  The water-resistance feature that keeps you dry is important, and the materials do check out in that regard. Your outdoor bathroom will keep you feeling clean, and the quality over the trailer is high.


As you push into more and more people, this camper may not be the best choice. The towing can be a bit unreliable at times if you’re really trying to offroad it.

2. Livin’ Lite – Quicksilver Tent Campers

15 Best Favorite Tent Trailers 1

LivinLite has a lot to offer here with their Quicksilver Tent Camper models!

Right off the bat, you’ve got a few different color options to choose from so you’ll be looking good in whatever unit you choose. On top of those color options, you also have 4 separate floor plans to choose from – making this quite a flexible offer.

When you set it up to your preferences, you should have a tent camper that really fits you and makes you happy.

The LivinLite campers are usually affordable, and you’ll find that these are extremely lightweight.

For a camper that sleeps anywhere from 3 to 6 people, this is a very lightweight tent camper. It’s made with a lot of aluminum so it’s one of the lightest models on the market. The light weight makes it easy to haul and easy to maneuver with – a big plus for those who don’t want a lot of hassle in that area.

The linoleum in the interior is pretty decent quality, and the aluminum cabinetry gets by.

You’re protected from the weather by walls that are both laminated and vacuum bonded.

LivinLite also has a lot of different packages available that can give you different features from an air conditioner to larger off-road tires for the all-terrain types.


The cabinetry and items like the counters are pretty high quality for such a light tent trailer. The storage units that are found under the seats are really nice – and the main draw here is that you’ve got a light tent trailer that can sleep up to 6 and can really maneuver and be hauled quite easily. That’s the convenience you’re looking for in a tent trailer.


If you’re completely new to tent trailers, setting up a LivinLite may not be the most intuitive process. The rooms don’t have a “privacy” feature with the base package, so you may want to invest in that if you have different families camping together or someone who needs space.

3. Flagstaff 176 SE Pop-Up

15 Best Favorite Tent Trailers 2

The “SE” stands for Sports Enthusiast and I have to say this model really lives up to its name in that regard.

This model is aimed at families or groups that are always going to be on the go – if you’re the type that is out in the wilderness and doing anything from kayaking or surfing or even biking, this model from Flagstaff is aimed at you.

Flagstaff is well-known for its amazing quality work, so that’s not going to be a problem here whatsoever.

The goal of this model was to be a light & convenient fold-down trailer.

The 176SE sleeps up to 6 and comes with all kinds of features that make it feel like one of the best products out on the marketplace today.

If you’re not trying to unplug the whole way, this Flagstaff model is going to be very interesting for you. You have all of the kitchen amenities that you could ask for including a fridge, sink, stove, and water pump. On top of that, the newer technology items are probably even more enticing.

Flagstaff has equipped this trailer with a wi-fi extender – that’s a must-have if you’re traveling with kids in tow. You’ve also got a heated bed for your comfort in all seasons, and the other add-ons and areas like the propane tank all measure up to the industry standards.

There are two-bed areas and a couch that switches into another bed.

The walls and roof are vacuum banded to add some weather resistance.

As I mentioned, the stereo system is pretty nice when you consider it’s got AM/FM/Bluetooth capabilities, really nice for when you’re just sitting around and want something to listen to.

The wrap-around dinette area might not be the best for some, but personally, I enjoyed the space and found it to be decent enough.


The pull-out couch is a nice space for a 3rd true bed area, I think a lot of families would really appreciate that feature. The construction is well-made and I really like the overall look of the model.

All of the technology perks are nice for families who need some level of connectivity on the road, and I could see tons of younger users appreciating them too.

Everything in the interior is really well designed and should give you the comfort of living at home even when you’re on the road. The features this model comes with are right in line with what active campers would want – perfect for those sports enthusiasts that this trailer was named after.


You’ll want to check the space in the trailer to see how many people you think can comfortably live out of it. Some may not like the exterior look although I don’t necessarily agree with that argument.

4. Coachmen – Clipper Camping Trailer

15 Best Favorite Tent Trailers 3

Coachmen is a name that’s been around for awhile – their main focus in these 2 campers was to give the user something convenient that was easy to set up and therefore easy to get outdoors.

When you’re headed out to the woods, you want something comfortable and convenient – that just makes sense. No one wants to spend a whole day setting up a tent or a trailer.

They have patented technology for their bedding system known as “Glide-N-Lock”.  

Tens of floor plans are available – again, to provide convenience to the customer and make sure they have their tent trailer set up exactly the way they want it.

The steel frame here means you have a camper that is quite durable.

The inside of the tent trailer is going to feel more comfortable than most. You’ve got heated beds for maximum comfort. The interior is all wonderfully designed with things like walnut cabinetry for a truly great look.  This camper really makes you feel at home – even when you’re on the road.

Fiberglass and layered walls make you comfortable in from the weather regardless of what conditions are like outside.


The whole build of this model is really durable and strong stuff. The frame and chassis are all built to high quality and should give you a confident feel when hauling. The inside of the trailer has a really great look and should make you feel at home.  Set up should be easy enough that you’re not going to waste all of your time just getting everything in place. The many floorplans mean you’ll find something that works for you.


It can be a bit pricey compared to other models, and there are questions to how the trailer would stand up in extreme weather (although that’s sort of a trend of tent trailers).

5. Turtleback Expedition Trailer

15 Best Favorite Tent Trailers 4

This offering from Turtleback Trailers (love that name) is their highest-priced model and so you should expect a pretty nice product if you’re going to pay that full price tag.

Turtleback says that the Expedition can be used for up to 6 people and should be durable enough to last on even multi-year expeditions.

Using the Expedition on an expedition sounds like a ton of fun, but that’s a really high claim so you know they’re confident in their model and in the durability to advertise it that way.

You have a lot of storage with this model, so you can be confident that you should be able to store a pretty good amount of junk (or treasure – your choice).

You also have a stove and sink available which is nice for food prep and a shower is available as well.

It’s really the flagship trailer for a reason – Turtleback is holding nothing back with this model. That being said, they also let their customers have a fair amount of custom options when designing their specific trailer – leading to more comfort in a product that you need to be quite comfortable.

The cabinetry is made from Baltic birch wood and the whole interior is designed to make you feel better even if you’re on the road.

The Expedition is made in the USA – Phoenix, AZ specifically. Turtleback says that they are big outdoor enthusiasts and that makes sense when you see the design of this model. It does seem like a model that is designed by people who would really use this trailer.

You have all kinds of lighting to make sure you’re comfortable, and along with that, you have outlets and USB ports as well.

The custom add-ons that I mentioned can range from anything from a dual-battery upgrade to a propane tank, to different solar options and even clear coat powder coating.


This is quite an expensive model, so you want to see an extensive feature list and the Expedition really lives up to that.  It can sleep up to 6 people, and the quality all over is extremely high. From top to bottom, this tent trailer really shines.


The price tag isn’t going to be appealing to everyone, obviously. Some of the features that aren’t included and are available as “add-ons” could push your price tag even higher.

6. Aliner & Somerset – NewPort

15 Best Favorite Tent Trailers 5

The NewPort offers a great value for a lot of buyers looking for a budget tent trailer.

That’s not to say this is a poor quality model, I actually like the NewPort – but it definitely has fewer bells & whistles than other tent trailers on the list.

If you’re looking for an affordable and simple tent trailer, this might be your best choice.

I also like this as an option for those who may not know how often they’re going to get outdoors and go camping – it’s pretty easy to put away into storage & won’t take up a ton of space in that scenario either. Since you’re not breaking the bank here, it won’t kill you if you don’t use it each and every day.

Not only that but for those who aren’t expert campers, the NewPort is really easy to maneuver and gets around on most terrain easily due to its large tires.

For a budget option, the NewPort still offers a lot of space inside the trailer. It sleeps up to 6 people and even has a dinette/bed area switch kind of deal that you’re probably used to seeing more often in truck trailers.


The price tag is going to be what stands out to a lot of potential buyers, and for what you get I think there’s some pretty decent value here with the NewPort.

It’s quite spacious inside and even if you don’t have quite as much of a “homey” feel as some of the more expensive models, you’d be getting the job done with this model.  The dinette/bed area is a big plus in my eyes as it helps you stay flexible, and again as it is spacious, you shouldn’t have any storage problems.


It’s not a premium product by any means, so you should set your expectations accordingly. The materials here aren’t great, necessarily. I wouldn’t call them cheap, but again it’s just definitely not premium. You may want to check one out in person to make sure it’s acceptable for you.

It’s also not the most durable by any means, it’s more suited to someone who is only camping an occasional amount.

7. Forest River Flagstaff High Wall Pop-Up Camper

15 Best Favorite Tent Trailers 6

Forest River is involved heavily in different RV products so they’re a familiar name in the industry. You’ve got a model here that should sleep right around 6 people comfortably, with 3 separate floor plans that you’re able to set up.

This is a nice camper because of some of the features available. You’re able to use USB chargers – excellent for those who don’t want to “unplug” the whole way.

The steel frames and fiberglass roofing can guarantee that you’re going to be living in relative comfort – this is a quality constructed tent trailer.

There’s a hot water package available here so if you need to take an outdoor shower, you’ve covered and Forest River will help you stay clean.

The Flagstaff will keep you basically living in luxury with a microwave possibility, a TV & stereo hook-up, just because you’re out camping doesn’t mean you have to go without any of those “basic necessities” – especially with the Flagstaff.


Quality construction can leave you feeling confident that you’re getting a durable product that lasts. The features and add-ons are definitely near the top of the class, so if your family doesn’t want to quite get away from everything, you’re covered here.  The wood flooring keeps you feeling comfortable – just like you’re right at home.


This is definitely a heavier version of a tent trailer, so you have to factor that in that you’re getting into something really serious here. The price may be a bit tough for some

8. Sylvansport GO Pop-Up Campers

15 Best Favorite Tent Trailers 7

This is probably one of the most popular tent trailers on the market – it seems to have really picked up a lot of steam recently and has been voted on by national magazines. The GO has definitely garnered attention for all of the right reasons.

The Sylvansport sleeps 4 comfortably (perfect for that small family size) and has 2 separate floor plans you could set up.

This is a really light model so you don’t have to have the biggest & most serious set up to take it out camping with you, undoubtedly why it’s gained a lot of popularity in the industry.

You have a weatherproof compartment for any gear that you need to keep dry, and the GO has an interesting little design that includes things like windows for looking out into the night sky.

If you want to bring some other gear with you like kayaks or bicycles, the GO is able to be hauled even while holding that outdoor gear – a nice 2 for 1 for most campers.

It’s not exactly a premium model, but it’s very convenient, easy to use, and gets high reviews by anyone who looks at it, so we know it’s a model to pay attention to.


The lightweight model is enticing to those who aren’t looking to be overwhelmed by some of the premium models out there. The size is “just right” for small families looking to get into some fun camping adventures.

The versatility of the camper is great and it is a quality product while being a little bit smaller than some others out there. You can easily bring a lot of outdoor gear with you if you’re going to be adventurous in your time outdoors.

9. LeeS-ure Lite Tent Trailers

15 Best Favorite Tent Trailers 8

This is an interesting “tiny” little model offered by LeeS-ure Lite.

Don’t be thrown off by the fact that this is a smaller company, they actually have a lot to offer here.

The neat thing about these trailers is that you can customize them the way you want. While it’s not “drawn by hand” custom, they do let you pick your options on their website for an interesting design.

They have 6 color options to pick from and you can add things like storage pods, air conditioner bracket kits, or even adjust if you want wide tires or not.

That level of custom ordering can really be a big plus for consumers who are looking to get exactly what they want – no more and no less.  Hopefully, that helps you save on price by only paying for the features your family needs outdoors.

The LeeS-ure is definitely a smaller class of tent trailer, but it seems the quality of the product is quite high.


Custom order is going to be great for individuals who know exactly what they have in mind. A lot of people online have mentioned how durable and comfortable this trailer is – that’s a big plus. It is fairly lightweight so you shouldn’t have trouble getting it where you need to go.


It may be hard to trust a company that’s on the smaller side, and I would understand if you have concerns. It’s not one of the biggest premium trailers on the market – so have appropriate expectations.

10. Turtleback Adventure Trail Trailer

15 Best Favorite Tent Trailers 9

This is a really interesting option from Turtleback that tries to mix and match a trailer with the more conventional style of camping.

There are two options for this trailer, a canopy or a sunroom option available to try to give the user even more choice.

The price may not be a complete turn-off, but it could cause a challenge to some for sure.

Basically, if you need a lot of space but you want to feel closer to the ground and want that conventional camping style, that’s the layout of this trailer. It’s unique in a way that’s hard to describe unless you see the trailer.

The Queen size bed and almost 200 square feet of space should ensure that campers have a lot of space and feel comfortable and not too claustrophobic.

As with all Turtleback offerings, you also have some custom options that allow for a higher level of personal attention and be sure that you’re getting exactly what you need.

I don’t think that this would be the trailer I would pick personally, but I can see the value in the unique style that the Adventure Trail offers.

This model is crafted by hand in the USA and so you know you’re getting a high level of quality from top to bottom.

You would need to have the battery option installed, but if you do you would also get the benefit of a 12-volt socket and USB charge ports, important for any family that needs to stay plugged in on the move.

The custom upgrades mostly deal with solar systems but could upgrade your kitchen area or add a propane tank and bracket.


If you’re looking for something different that helps you keep the feel of camping alive, the Adventure Trail needs to be high on your list.  This model is made in the USA and you can tell that Turtleback has taken a lot of attention to the details here to build a high-quality trailer.


This definitely isn’t going to be for everyone. Personally, I wouldn’t like this style of trailer. The price tag is going to be a negative for some.

12. Jumping Jack Tent Trailers

15 Best Favorite Tent Trailers 10

The big feature that “Jumping Jack” wants you to know about their tent trailers is the fact that you can go from trailer to tent in 5 minutes.

They have demos online so you can be the judge of that claim and whether it’s fairly accurate or not… I believe 5 minutes may be a little quick – but the main idea is correct, this is a convenient model for sure.

Another of the big features here is that Jumping Jack can carry ATVs or Motorcycles on its upper deck. Even the smallest model carries one ATV and so for those looking to go quad riding, I would think Jumping Jack would make your short list.

You also have a nice and comfortable living space while you’re outdoors, and the big draw here really is the versatility. It’s hard to find a tent trailer that’s as quick or easy to set up as this one is.

The standard model sleeps 4 to 6 comfortably, although Jumping Jack allows you to pick from any one of 5 different models – each sizing up or down according to your needs. That level of selection is quite nice for sharp consumers.

The fact that you can actually haul along some ATVs for the trip is huge – and these tent trailers give you the quality construction and durability to be able to do that.


Where else can you find a product like this that is heavy duty enough to bring along vehicles while providing a living space?

That’s the biggest draw for Jumping Jack but they really do a nice job of giving you some comfort outdoors as well. The 5 different models allow customers to find what they need, and everything from the deck to the bar axles is made with quality construction to ensure you can use this product for years and years.


They’re really only carried by dealers on the West Coast, so that’s going to be a pretty big “Con” if you’re over on the East side of the country. Indiana is really the farthest East they go, so maybe you need to take a camping trip to travel to get one if you’re truly interested. Depending on what model you get, they may not be quite as spacious as some other models on the market.

13. Palomino Real Lite RLT10SE

15 Best Favorite Tent Trailers 11

This is an excellent offering in the pop-up tent trailer category – this Palomino model is really nice.

You have room for sleeping up to 6 and that seems to fit to a true measure as opposed to wishful thinking from the manufacturer.

You’ve got features galore when purchasing this trailer, which is great news for those looking for a premium product.

The front bed is also a Queen so those looking for a lot of sleeping space in one place have got it there – a Queen can really accommodate most people.

One of the best features with the RLT10SE is the 12 Volt Power Lift included.

For those looking for something durable, you have a manufacturer’s warranty so they clearly stand behind their product.

Curtains included for privacy in between those living out of the trailer is great for those bigger families or groups who need some space, and I think most people will be comfortable living in this model.

As an added bonus, you get a year of Roadside Assistance thrown in with this package, which is definitely more of an add-on, but it’s nothing to turn your nose at I guess.


This is a really high-quality model that has a home-like feel to the interior. You’re going to have space for up to 6 people with this trailer, and I generally believe that count sticks to the truth.

The add-ons are nice especially when you’re buying such a premium product. The curtains add an extra level of livability so that you have your own privacy.


This might be a bit heavy depending on what you’re looking for. I’m not sure how I feel about the dinette area, it almost feels like something more creative could have been done to add the last real piece of this trailer.

14. Flagstaff 228BHSE Pop Up with Wet Bath

15 Best Favorite Tent Trailers 12

Another “Sports Enthusiast” model, this one is a big boy – this model is honestly huge!

However, for all that size (and price) you get a lot going on.

The 228BHSE is an extremely well-designed model that can sleep up to 8 people. That’s a ton of room on the interior although you may feel a bit stuffed if you try to live up to that max of 8.

You get a ton of storage with this model (since it’s designed for up to 8) and features everywhere.

We’ve made it this far into the review to fail to mention that this tent trailer actually has a wet bath – that’s insane! If you’re the family that needs a shower and toilet included in your package, I think it’d be crazy not to at least give this model a look.

The shower and toilet area are not exactly the model of luxury, but it’s honestly not bad either. It definitely gets the job done, so to speak.

You have a fridge and a stove so you can eat in relative comfort while being away from home.

The beds on this model are appropriately larger than most of the others that you see. There’s actually a King bed as well as a Queen bed included. Obviously, you need some pretty decent bed space to get to that “8 max” measurement, but those beds are really impressive in giving you the comfortable sleep you need.

You’ve got an electric lift with this trailer and you have the WiFi extender and stereo that are typical on premium Flagstaff models.

The dinette and sofa area might be kind of awkward for a larger group, I think I’d prefer to see more of a focus on a dinette that can then be downsized, but that may change with your personal preference.

I really like the smooth feel of the interior of the trailer, you can tell that Flagstaff put a lot of thought into the design and how the user would feel about being in this trailer for at least some extended periods.


As you can probably tell, this model is definitely getting high ratings for a premium and very large pop-up tent trailer. The features, quality construction, and interior design deserve some pretty high praise. The actual levels of space and the fact that you could sleep 8 in this model is kind of amazing. You’ve got a wet bath.

Those kinds of features are something you take for granted on larger models of trailers, but when it comes to a pop-up, something like a wet bath is impressive just for the fact that it exists.

I love the whole package that Flagstaff has put together here, and if you’re looking for that big model that has a lot of space for a big family, I think you have to check this out.


As with anything, there are two sides to every story. It’s a really big tent trailer, so it’s going to be hard to manage for some people – this isn’t your extremely portable and light pop-up.  I thought the sofa was a little bit awkward and maybe could have been used a bit better.

15. Turtleback Getaway Trailer

15 Best Favorite Tent Trailers 13

This is the smallest model that Turtleback offers – and it makes sense that it’s also the least expensive model they have as well.

While they’re not just giving this trailer away by any means, I could see the price range making sense for a lot of consumers looking for a trailer like this.

Turtleback mentions that this model is probably more tuned for the weekend adventurer and I would highly advise you to keep that in mind. This is not the model I would recommend to someone looking for an extremely durable long-term living option.

Honestly, I’m not sure if the value will make sense for everyone. When you’re spending a lot on a model, you want to be sure that you’re getting something that will always fit your needs.

I’m not saying the Getaway isn’t high-quality – it’s a nice model and it does have a high-quality feel, but at the point that you’re spending this money, I think it might make sense to shoot a little higher.

At the same time, this could appeal to someone who doesn’t want a bigger model either.

The biggest selling point Turtleback has with this is that you’re getting an entry-level trailer with all of their quality construction.

The dry weight of the Getaway is 800 pounds, so this is something that should be maneuverable for most people.

To add to that maneuvering ability, the Getaway has off-road tires as well as steel wheels so you should be able to take this trailer wherever you need to get to.

The storage in the model is actually impressive with over 50 cubic feet of storage available – should be nice to those wanting to bring a fair amount of home with them on the road.

The custom options available are nice and would bring some more value, but then you’re adding to the price as well. You have to be careful when factoring that into your equation.


This is a nice trailer offer at a fair price, and for weekend warriors, I think they could get a lot of value and enjoyment out of this trailer. A trailer that’s made in the US is appealing due to the quality, and this is a model that’s quite easy to maneuver.


I think Turtleback has better offerings that aren’t overly expensive that I could see selling better than this model. For a certain type of camper, the value just won’t be there with this model. Add-ons add to the price you’ll see advertised.