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Class A and C motorhomes are fine pieces of machinery. They are not only comfortable to live in but also easy to drive. Class B motorhomes can essentially do the same, but they have a smaller scale of things.

And for some people, that smaller scale is exactly what they need!

Class B motorhomes can’t boast the same benefits as Class A and C motorhomes. Class B RVs often lack full bathrooms. They don’t have as much room. And overall, they are more suitable for traveling than for living in a remote spot for a long time.

However, this does not mean that Class B RVs are bad. They just have their own purpose.

And to demonstrate how good they can be, we’ve compiled a top 5 of what we think are best class B RVs out there at the moment.

Coachmen Crossfit

Coachmen Crossfit is a series of relatively inexpensive and compact Class B motorhomes. But in spite of the comparatively small size, this series has some good comfort to offer.

Floorplan 22C 22D
GVWR, lbs. 10360 10360
Size (L x W) 22’2” x 84” 22’2” x 84”
Bed size 68 x 76 68 x 76
Fuel capacity, gal 25 25


You definitely can’t compare a Class B RV with a Class C RV, let alone Class A. Class B motorhomes are noticeably shorter and narrower, as testified by this model line. However, this is what many people would prefer to have because they simply don’t need more.

What the two floorplans of Coachmen Crossfit Class B motorhomes differ in is how things are laid out in the rear end. The 22C has a single wide sofa, while the 22D has two 23 x 76 sofas opposite each other. Which one is going to be better is up to the buyers and owners to decide.

In terms of amenities included, this series is rather good. Namely, Coachmen includes a 2.8KW gas generator, a 6 cu. ft. refrigerator with a freezer, a 2-burner cooktop, a low-profile 13,500 BTU AC unit, a 100W solar panel, as well as a 22” LED TV. Basically, you are getting everything that could be fitted into this motorhome.

And besides, this series is equipped with a wet bath. If you didn’t know, that is a toilet & shower combo. It is used instead of a full-size shower due to size constraints.

So yeah, being a pretty inexpensive Class B motorhome, Crossfit delivers a little bit of everything in a small size.

Winnebago Era

Winnebago Era can be a good choice for people who are ready to spend about $150 thousand on a Class B motorhome.

This model line is pretty big and comfortable, first of all. And besides, it has a couple of other features to surprise us with.

Floorplan 70A 70B 70M 70X
GVWR, lbs. 15250 15250 15250 15250
Size (L x W) 24’3” x 6’4.25” 24’3” x 6’4.25” 24’3” x 6’4.25” 24’3” x 6’4.25”
Bed size Twin 29 x 25 70 x 80 52 x 75 70 x 80
Fuel capacity, gal 24.5 24.5 24.5 24.5
Interior height 6’3” 6’3” 6’3” 6’3”
Separate shower No No Yes No


What most likely caught your eye in this chart is that the 70M floorplan has a separate shower in it. That’s right, it isn’t just some kind of a convoluted wet bath system. This particular floorplan has a roomy bathroom with a full 24 x 31-inch shower. People who really need the room when showering will certainly appreciate this.

The larger size also allowed Winnebago to install a movable pedestal table in Era motorhomes. By making a small dining space, a table would allow you to keep things cleaner in the RV. And there is also room left for a sofa and/or a couple of armchairs, depending on the layout.

So in terms of comfort, Era motorhomes are definitely more comfortable than something like Coachmen Crossfit. But the price for the Era models is much higher.

Era motorhomes come with more equipment as well. In the electric department, there are a 2.5KW LP generator, a 1KW inverter, a bigger 200W solar panel, and a 45A converter included.

Also, the kitchen comes with all the basic stuff like a 6 cu. ft. refrigerator and 2-3-burner cooktop, as well as with a microwave oven (with convection on all floorplans besides 70A).

All in all, this RV model line seems to be definitely worth the price Winnebago asks for. And while Era motorhomes are pretty expensive, we really like the level of comfort they have packed in their very small space.

Hymer Aktiv 2.0

Hymer Aktiv 2.0 is an even more compact Class B motorhome than Coachmen Crossfit. It’s 1.5 feet shorter, which can make a big difference for some people. We realize this perfectly well, and that’s why we decided to feature this model on our list of best Class B RVs.

Hymer Aktiv 2.0
GVWR, lbs. 9350
Size (L x W) 20’9” x 6’11”
Bed size 70 x 71
Fuel capacity, gal 24
Interior height 6’1”


Aktiv 2.0 has only a single floorplan, so there aren’t any layout options for the buyers to choose from. On the other hand, it is pretty hard to make changes to such a small RV, so it isn’t very surprising that there is only one floorplan available.

In spite of its size, Aktiv 2.0 Class B motorhome has plenty of features packed in it. It has got everything one would need, albeit in a smaller scale.

First of all, this motorhome comes with an 11,000 BTU AC unit and a 14,300 BTU furnace, so one should be able to feel comfy all around the year.

Hymer also equips this motorhome with a 280A underhood generator, as well as a 2KW power inverter/converter/transfer switch. In addition, Hymer also offers a pretty beefy 250W solar charging system as an option.

In terms of kitchen amenities, Aktiv 2.0 is nice for the size. It comes with a small 0.7 cu. ft. microwave oven, a 2-burner cooktop, and a 3.1 cu. ft. refrigerator.

Hymer also included a 24” LED TV to make for a compact entertainment system.

So what do we think about this motorhome? Well, it’s good for people who don’t have much space to give to a motorhome in their yard. But we’re still quite impressed with how little impact its small size has on its comfort level.

Airstream Tommy Bahama Interstate

Airstream Tommy Bahama Interstate is yet another pricey Class B motorhome on our list. This one was priced about $170 thousand as of February 2019! Being such a pricey RV, Tommy Bahama Interstate RV boasts plenty of comforts.

However, the main feature of this Class B motorhome is that it runs on a diesel engine. Only one other motorhome on the list also runs on diesel. The rest operate on gas.

Diesel has both good and bad sides, as you’d probably suspect.

The main advantage of diesel engines is that they are built more rugged and durable than gas engines. Thanks to this, they tend to have longer lifespans. However, diesel engines require regular use, so if you leave a diesel motorhome parked for a long time, its engine will probably go bad.

As for the downsides, the main con of diesel engines is that they are more expensive to run. Besides, diesel motorhomes tend to cost more than comparable gas models.

With all that being said, a motorhome like this would only be suitable for those who can take care of the engine and can afford to maintain it.

Now, let’s move onto the floorplans of this Class B motorhome line. Airstream offers 2 floorplans for this RV, which are very similar to each other at the basics:

Floorplan Grand Tour Lounge
GVWR, lbs. 11030 11030
UBW, lbs. 9050 9300
Size (L x W) 24’4.5” x 6’7.7” 24’4.5” x 6’7.7”
Fuel capacity, gal 24.5 24.5
Interior height 6’2.25” 6’2.25”


The main difference between the floorplans is that the Lounge has 9 seats in it, while Grand Tour has 7.

In addition, Lounge has a higher unit base weight (UBW), so it is heavier when dry. And because the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of both floorplans is the same, the Lounge has a bit lower 1,730lb cargo carrying capacity, while Grand Tour has 1,980lb cargo capacity.

In terms of amenities, the two floorplans are pretty much identical. There are some little differences here and there: for example, the Lounge floorplan comes with a smaller 3.1 cu. ft. refrigerator. The refrigerator of the Grand Tour is not only bigger – 5 cu. ft. – but it also is equipped with a drawer freezer.

One would probably expect some great comfort from a motorhome of such price. Airstream Tommy Bahama Interstate does come with a couple of interesting things like a built-in bar, a bathroom with a sink, toilet, and a shower, as well as several LED TVs.

Airstream Air Ride suspension used in this RV should also be noted. It is designed to adjust to bumps in the road or changes in elevation/wind resistance. This feature makes this model line not only comfortable for living but also for driving.

And the last thing that we should mention in this model line is the luxurious interior. At such a price, one would expect nothing else, right?

And it may be not so much due to the materials used. Airstream did an excellent job combining light and airy-accent fabrics, matte-finish wood, and wall graphics. And there is also a slight tropical theme delivered by the bedding, which suits the overall bright interior of the motorhome pretty well.

What else would you expect from a motorhome based on a Mercedes-Benz 3500 Sprinter van?

American Coach 2020 American Patriot

American Coach 2020 American Patriot is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van chassis as well. However, this motorhome is about $50 thousand cheaper than Airstream Tommy Bahama Interstate RVs.

Just like Tommy Bahama motorhome, the American Patriot runs on diesel. So it has the same pros and cons: namely, higher durability at higher costs.

American Coach offers 6 floorplans in this model line, which are essentially the same.

Floorplan MD2 – Dinette MD4 – Dinette MD2 – Lounge MD4 – Lounge SD Dinette SD Lounge
GVWR, lbs. 11030 11030 11030 11030 11030 11030
Size (L x W) 24’3” x 6’11” 24’3” x 6’11” 24’3” x 6’11” 24’3” x 6’11” 24’3” x 6’11” 24’3” x 6’11”
Bed size 69 x 72 69 x 72
Fuel capacity, gal 24.5 24.5 24.5 24.5 24.5 24.5
Interior height 6’2” 6’2” 6’2” 6’2” 6’2” 6’2”


What differs between the floorplans is their layout.

The first difference is the number of seats. MD4 floorplans come with 4 seats – 1 driver’s and 3 passengers’ seats – while MD2s come with just 2.

What also differs between the floorplans is how things are laid out in the rear. In Lounge floorplans, there is a lounge-like area in the back. In Dinette floorplans, there are two dinette sofas opposite each other with a removable table in between.

All the floorplans expect for SD Dinette and Lounge have 2 table pedestal mounts – one in the rear and one behind the driver cabin. Those mounts take in the included removable table, allowing you to set up a little dining area. SD floorplans don’t have this feature.

Aside from these differences, the floorplans are essentially the same, including the amenities. Speaking of which, the American Patriot comes with basic things like a 2KW power inverter, a 2.5KW generator, a 100W solar charging system, basic kitchen amenities, as well as a bathroom with a stool and a shower.

The interior of this motorhome doesn’t have the luxurious feel that the Airstream Tommy Bahama Interstate delivered. No wonder: this motorhome is a much cheaper model. But its interior still looks light and quite premium.

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In a sense, the American Patriot is the smaller brother of the Tommy Bahama Interstate. Built on the same chassis, they are essentially the same. However, the American Patriot could allow one to enjoy Mercedes-Benz quality without spending too much money.