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You’ve probably seen Tiny Homes on the news or online with all sorts of exciting and innovative designs.  

If you’re thinking tiny houses might just be the perfect fit for your needs, but you’re seriously lacking any DIY skills, then don’t worry.  We’ve pulled together a comprehensive list of amazing tiny homes for sale that you can literally buy with a few mouse clicks at a range of price points.

No matter if you’re looking for a tiny house with a solid foundation or you’d rather have the opportunity to wheel it around the country, there’s bound to be something to meet your needs.

It should go without saying but building your own tiny home will cost much less than buying one. The big advantage of buying something prebuilt from a well-known company is that you’re getting something that is built to a certain standard.

Tiny houses on wheels are technically classed as RVs, which means that they need to be certified by the RV Industry Association. While Tiny Houses that are offered for sale with a solid foundation will be required to adhere to local and state building codes.

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