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If you are searching to experience a new lifestyle far away from typical living norms; a lifestyle where you can enjoy a mobile living, then tiny houses on wheels are the perfect option for you.

 Yes, we are not talking about an ordinary camper; we are talking about real look-alike houses. They are just smaller in size than the regular ones. These houses are fully equipped with essential things you will probably need throughout your journey.

Check out these 13 tiny houses on wheels we have listed below. They are the best ones available on the market. You’ll be amazed at how affordable and comfortable they are.

The Best Tiny Houses on Wheels for Sale

Cypress- tumbleweed tiny house company

tiny houses on wheels for sale

Price range: $60.000-$70.000

Starting off the list of the best tiny houses on wheels with the Cypress Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

This type of tiny houses has been around for more than 15 years, even before tiny houses were a thing. Until today, it is still a popular option for a lot of camping lovers. The Cypress offers a truly classic appeal to its users making it feels like a fixed house. 

You won’t be able to feel like it is a movable home. Moreover, the house is covered by windows on all sides. This allows for free airflow and for the sun rays to brighten every corner of this tiny space.

 The front side creates an excellent location for either an evening niche or for your cooking area. With the construction of an open floor plan, the house doesn’t feel tiny at all. In fact, it feels spacious and convenient to live in.


  • 130 – 191 square footage
  • Classic appeal
  • Wrap around fenestrations
  •  Super Convenient 

You can read more about it here.

The Genesis – Genex Tiny Homes

13 Exquisite Tiny Houses on Wheels for Sale in 2020 1

Price range: $13,000- $50,500 

If you are looking for a tiny house on wheels that secures a great advantage of using small scope areas, then this one if the right for you. This house design includes 2 spacious lofts that can be used for different purposes. 

The first loft is a roomy attic that can be used to place your large size mattress. While the second loft can be used to perfectly store your belongings or unneeded stuff. The other rooms comprising a kitchen, a small lounge, and the toilet are located under these two lofts. 

They are all conveniently large to move around within comfortably with high ceiling in the center. Thanks to the innovative and creative designed architecture of the space, the house includes stairs and a comfy sofa placed in the lounge area. 

The great thing about this sofa is the fact that it transforms into a bed when it is needed. That means if you have someone coming over at the weekends, do not worry about him/her staying over.


  • up to 170 Square footage
  • High ceilings
  • 2 spacious lofts

You can read more about it here.

Vista – Escape Home 

Vista - Escape Home 

Price range: around $48,600

If you are searching for a special and unique space that will help you escape your busy lifestyle and consequent stress, then Vista is the right answer for you. The first things you will notice once you see the Vista escape home are the windows. Everywhere you look you will find a window, a big one. 

The idea behind the creation of this design is to be able to find shelter in Mother Nature, to instantly reconnect with it and enjoy it while it lasts. The design is relatively open, simple and has a clean finish. While the house might not feel very spacious to some, the built-in windows offer an open space vibe that will make you feel comfortable.

The spotlight area of the house is definitely the kitchen, located right in the center. The kitchen area is large and roomy enough to store all your needed cuisine appliances. Moreover, you can find a small-sized coffee table right the corner for your evening break.


  • 175 square footage 
  • Openness
  • simplicity 
  • huge windows

You can read more about it here.

Siskiyou (Colonial) – Oregon Cottage Company 

Siskiyou (Colonial) - Oregon Cottage Company 

Price: around $50,500 

Designed by Oregon Cottage Company, the Siskiyou is another great option when it comes to tiny houses on wheels. Apart from having wrap-around windows, this tiny house includes skylights over the living space allowing the sun rays to penetrate the different corners of the house. 

Moreover, these skylights will give anyone who enters the house the illusion of a very roomy and spacious area.  The loft is large enough to place your queen size bed and enjoy a comfortable sleeping. Furthermore, the roof windows will definitely add a nice feel to the attic and offer you a magnificent view at night. 

Another thing you will love about this house is the small-sized porch and the displayed windows at the front. They definitely give another feeling to the house.


  • 140 square footage
  • 19 square feet Storage Loft
  • high ceiling
  • cabin vibe

You can read more about it here.

Tiny Solar House 

Tiny Solar House 

Price range: $3.000-$4.000 (Varies) 

There is one thing that you don’t have to worry about when you purchase a tiny solar house and it is electricity. Yes, a major issue that can be found a lot in tiny houses on wheels. However, with tiny house solar, this one of the life basics is solved. 

With a sum of 6 solar panels placed on top of the house, you will never be out of battery supply. These panels provide around a whole of 1.68KW of power supply rate that can last you up to three days. 

This supply is more than enough to power all your house essential gadgets including your refrigerator, your lights and more. The only drawback that we can possibly mention is the use of a composting bathroom. This basically means that you have to take care of all the waste yourself. But then again that’s the joy of being always on the wheels.


  • 162 Square footage
  • 6 solar panels
  • Affordable 

You can read more about it here.

Custom Gooseneck – Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses 

Custom Gooseneck - Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses 

Price: $60,000 (varies)

The rocky mountain tiny houses company usually offers customized services for its customers. This makes their houses designs and constructed architecture stands out from the crowd. When we talk about a custom Gooseneck, we talk about a spacious and very convenient living area.

That means even if it at the end of the day a tiny house on wheels, it actually may not be as tiny as you might think. When visitors enter the house for the very first time, the first thing they notice is the large bathroom; equipped with full-size tub. Yes, a full-size tub. This is feasible thanks to the added given space.


  • 288 Square footage
  • spacious living area
  • small storage lofts
  • fully equipped bathroom

You can check it out here.

The Stanley

The Stanley

Price range: $25,000-$32,000 (depending on characteristics)

If you are looking for a reasonably priced yet spacious tiny house, then the Stanley model designed by the rocky mountain tiny houses company is the right one for you. This is another great option from the same company. 

This design style has a rustic feel. It is ideal for people who want to get out of their normal lifestyle and enjoy living on the wheels. It will definitely feel like you are camping the whole time. The house will offer you everything you could possibly need for your basics necessities moderately. 

It has a loft where you place your cushion or futon to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable sleep at night. The loft is spacious and roomy enough for one person. You can bring your pet either way. The house also features a fold-down porch. Amazing, right? This is perfect if you want to enjoy your beer after a long day and just chill around.


  • Rustic
  • Cabin feel
  • Folding porch
  • Super convenient 

You can read more about it here.

Artisan Tiny House Curved House Kit

artisan tiny house

Price range depending on s.f:

$12,000-$13,000- $14,000 (respectively 133sf-166sf-200sf)

If you are looking for an artistic finish within your crib, then the curved house on wheels model designed by artisan tiny house is the best option available. The house has a unique retro touch and a gypsy appeal. The house is designed with a curved roof.

The construction design is a combination of modern appearance with a historic camper finishing touch. Vardo is a curved tiny house is originally colorful painted and quite polished.

These types of houses are usually customized as they take a lot of effort to design and constructs due to roof edging and other stuff. They are usually available in different sizes depending on the customers’ preferences and needs. There can also be an incorporated loft when requested by the clients.


  • Gipsy feel
  • Combination of modern and historical construction
  • curved roof
  • customized windows placements (the same thing goes for the door)

You can read more about it here.

The Breezeway – Tiny Heirloom

The Breezeway - Tiny Heirloom

Price range: up to $44.000

Given a lot of attention to details and offering high-quality designing outcome, the breezeway tiny house mansion constructed by Tiny Heirloom is one of the top tiny houses on wheels available on the market.

The idea behind this model is to imagine a breezeway in the channel between two fronting mountains. The outer architecture itself entails a lot about the design of this tiny mansion. The materials used for construction offer the house a relatively natural yet modern vibe.

The house is built-in with a large garage entry that opens up to welcome visitors. The house includes a spacious kitchen area outfitted with several different cuisine appliances and gadgets. It has a nice breakfast counter as well as other items that you might need when you are throwing a barbecue party. It is that spacious.


  • Modern design
  • Spacious areas
  • Fully equipped
  • Large entry
  • Wingy structured roof

You can read more about it here.

The Drake tiny house by Land Ark

The Drake tiny house by Land Ark

Price range: up to $139,900

Now, when you usually hear tiny houses on wheels, the first thing that comes to your mind is the fact that they are small and only suitable for one person no more. However, this is not the case when it comes to the Drake tiny house by Land Ark.

This tiny house, I mean this mansion can host up to 7 people. Yes, 7 persons and more. The house is spacious enough to provide everyone with the comfort and convenience they need. It has two large bedrooms and one roomy office that look like a combo room. 

There is no way that you wouldn’t want to experience at least living there. The inside design is quite modern and stylish. It has a polished and clean finish. The house is fully equipped with everything you might need. The living room is well furnished and the bathroom is adequately outfitted.


  • Can host up to7 persons
  • Fully equipped
  • Well placed and designed operable windows
  • Expensive
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Exterior rigid insulation

You can read more about it here.

The Upslope Tiny House

The Upslope Tiny House

Price range: around $25,500.

This is a very simple and small tiny house design model. Generally, the house has a single shed roof with no extra features. The side wrap-around window offers a great spectacular view and air ventilation.

It can all allow sun rays to penetrate the house area. Thanks to the house small size it is easy to lighten it, to clean it and found things around. In order to access the loft, winding stairs are constructed to reach your sleeping area. 

Apart from that, the house includes small kitchen space, a feasible closet to store your clothes and precious items and more importantly a folding porch. The fold-down porch is the highlight of this crib; it is shielded with cantilevered top cover.


  • Small but efficient
  • Fold down porch
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable living style

You can read more about it here.

The Tandy 24′ Tiny House- rocky mountain tiny houses

13 Exquisite Tiny Houses on Wheels for Sale in 2020 2

Price: around $67k

This is a uniquely designed tiny house that incorporates a mass number of reclaimed substances used to construct it. This is because the owner wants to lower the expenses and at the same time to use a reduced carbon footprint.

All sides of this tiny house on wheels are made of wood or folded metals, excluding the windows and the cedar planks. Even the oak door was picked up randomly but it ended up fitting the car concept perfectly.

The interior architecture is no exception as well. The inside design gives a nice mix of natural yet modern style approach. A lot of shelf supports and brackets can be used for different and several purposes. They are placed literally everywhere inside the camper. The bathroom is highlighted by a brass golden sink to make it more appealing.

While everything might look simple and clean, the house is open and quite spacious for a tiny house standard. It definitely includes budget-friendly and inexpensive items but comfort and simplicity were high priorities when designing this model.


  • Indoor and outdoor shower
  • Less carbon footprint
  • Affordable
  • Pet-friendly

You can read more about it here.

The Pequod Tiny House

The Pequod Tiny House

Price range: around $78.000

Last but not least on today’s list of the best tiny houses on wheels is the Pequod Tiny House; another great design by the Rock mountain tiny houses. It is one of the most sophisticated refined tiny houses on the list. This elegant built-in construction is made to meet our high standards.

In fact, it is large enough to hold around 4 people at large. More likely, it is the perfect house for a family who wants to experience living an adventurous journey. The aesthetic design of the roof comes with a purpose; lowering the ceiling heights at certain areas and lofty again at other areas of the house. 

The house takes a lot of effort and time to finish designing and constructing it as there are many details that should be taken into consideration. For this reason, it can be quite expensive compared to standard pricing rate of other tiny houses on wheels.


  • LED lights everywhere 
  • garden fenestration inside the bathroom
  • insulated panels
  • protected storage for precious items 
  • elegant design
  • roomy space

You can read more about it here.

Why would you want to live in a tiny house on wheels?

First of all, I would like to say that living in a tiny house on wheels is a life choice which not everyone is up to it. However, if you are up to this life challenge and road advantage, here is why you should join the tiny house on wheels movement.

Some of the benefits of living in a tiny house on wheels include the following:

  • Minimalist lifestyle: learn to de-clutter and keep what you really value.

It goes with no doubt that embracing a minimalist lifestyle can have a positive impact on both one’s physical and mental health. 

As human beings, we have a bad habit of accumulating and assembling way too many unnecessary things. People find themselves attached to objects and try to persuade themselves to retain them forever.  It is just a way of satisfaction for some. 

As a consequence, our life and mind become more cluttered with time. However, once you get the real meaning of the value of things in your life, you will be able to approach the minimalist path. You will be able to evaluate more what really matters the most at the end of the day.

The tiny house on wheels is a great start to implement this path. With a shortage of space, you will end up getting rid and de-cluttering all the “useless” items that aren’t really essential. You will find yourself only keeping things that will truly enhance your journey. Less is more.

  • Environmentally mindful:

Living in a tiny house on wheels will push you one way or another to go out more and discover the area.  You will be able to reconnect again with nature and enjoy God’s creation. Apart from that, tiny houses are built in with less material in order to be environment-friendly. Not only that but you will be able to learn how to recycle and reuse certain things. And since you will be a minimalistic person with time, you will use less new materials in your crib.

  • Enjoy traveling around inside our house:

The biggest advantage of living in tiny houses on wheels is that you get the chance to visit and explore your city, your country, why not the world. This is not something that everybody can afford unless they are super rich. You will be a free spirit wandering around cities.

  • Save money:

Living in a tiny house will save a lot of money. Money is usually spent on a lot of other expenses if you were to live in traditional housing units. Cutting out these expenses will allow you to accumulate money for your future trips, an outing with friends and more important things in life. The chances are limitless. Furthermore, the tiny houses cost way less than the standard ones. Say goodbye to debts and mortgage.

  • Save time and energy:

Tired of cleaning and tidying your place every now and then? With less space in tiny houses, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. It is indeed easy to clean and to take care of things within it. 

This will not only save your energy but it will also save our precious time spent daily on cleaning and house chores. As a result, you will have more time to spend on things you enjoy doing, like hobbies, your business and more.

In fact, all these results naturally once you adjust to the minimalist lifestyle. De-cluttering will be your new thing.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a new lifestyle or simply a new adventure, there is always a way to do so. Tiny houses on wheels are the perfect options to help you in the process.

Each of these houses mentioned above comes with certain characteristics and features that define them from each other. 

Whether at the level of the price, material, design model, weigh, height dimensions and more, each differs considerably. Therefore, before you start looking for houses on sale, start making your research on what exactly you are looking for. 

Is it comfort, simplicity or luxury? Hopefully, these 13 examples will help you to figure out the right one for you as they alter from one another.