If you’re lucky enough to travel cross-country, you’re lucky enough! However, a lot of people like to carry their toys with them while they travel. Whether it’s motorbikes, kayaks, or even ATVs, an adventure just isn’t complete unless you can take your toys with you. Thankfully, there are some pretty cool toy haulers out there today. If you’re willing to spend the money, you can get your hands on some amazing RVs.

What is a Toy Hauler?

A toy hauler is basically a garage that is attached to your RV. Just like we have garages attached to our homes, we can have one attached to our home-away-from-home. The front of the toy hauler is just like any other RV or trailer. It attaches to your truck and you two it across the country. The back of the RV, however, is wide open so you can load it full of your small (and not so small) toys.

The way it works is the back wall folds down and turns into a ramp. You can use this ramp to roll your toys on board. Any furniture that may have been attached to this back wall fold down as well so you don’t have to worry about moving furniture around.

If you’re not into toys, you can use all of this extra space as living space for your family. You could convert it into a larger dining area or even a bedroom. Just keep in mind that the garage section of the toy hauler is not insulated so you may be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. You can even use it for a picnic or BBQ spot in the summer. It opens right to the outdoors so it’s a perfect spot to hang out and enjoy the day.

So, the general rule is that not everybody who carries their toys around has a toy hauler and not everybody who has a toy hauler has toys! You can use this space for anything you want. If you’re not sure if It’s for you, rent one for a week. See if you like it. If you do, you’ll want to check out the models we review here.

Keep in mind, toy haulers are big – really big. If you don’t think you can handle either towing something this large or driving something this big on the road, don’t buy one. You also have to remember that, because of their size, they may not be able to stop for camp in certain spots. Some camps may have size limits or the camp may just be too small to accommodate your toy hauler.

If you are going to tow it around, you have to make sure you have a truck large enough to handle the weight and size of the toy hauler. You’ll need a super-heavy pick-up truck or large SUV to handle the magnitude of this toy hauler.

Check out the 6 toy haulers we are previewing here. They may be just what you’re looking for. They offer an excellent solution for people who want to take their toys on the road with them.

Evergreen RV Tesla T3950

This toy hauler offers the best of both worlds. You have plenty of cargo space for your toys and you get an amazing living and sleeping space in the RV. This triple-slide dual entry toy hauler offers 1 ½ bathroom and a kitchen island. There’s no skimping on space or style here. The very back, of course, is the cargo area which you can use to put your toys or use it to extend your living space.

Near the back of the trailer, you’ll find two 54” sleeper sofas with a table in between. You can even add a Happy Jack bed above if you need the extra sleeping space. You can choose to equip your model with a 40” television and outdoor patio area.

The Tesla comes with a loft that offers additional sleeping space for your friends or family. The kitchen area is rather large with a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and pantry. You can enjoy the kitchen island that has a sink and additional counter space. Along the side is another recliner sofa that you can use to lounge or even sleep.

As if this isn’t enough, there’s an upstairs compartment. Upstairs you’ll find the master bedroom and full bathroom. It comes with a larger shower, sink, toilet, and closet. The master bedroom comes with a queen-sized bed but you can certainly upgrade to a King if you want. The wardrobe in the master does come equipped with a washer and dryer which is mightily convenient for on the road travel.

The interior of the cabin is orange and cherry. The downstairs space is about 350 square feet, and this doesn’t include the upstairs or optional patio area. You really can’t go wrong with this Evergreen RV Tesla toy hauler.

Winnebago Scorpion 4014

Like the Evergreen RV Tesla, the Scorpion offers a ton of living space and plenty of cargo space for your toys. This 4014-model comes with 1 ½ baths, a loft, and garage. It offers over 350 square feet of livable space. There are a combined living room and kitchen space with a 3-burner stove and refrigerator. The large counter sports a sink and bar as well as plenty of storage space.

The U-shaped sofa looks upon the state-of-the-art entertainment system. There are two tables that can be used for dining or just entertaining. Upstairs comes with a full master bedroom and full bath. There is a linen closet, sink, shower, and toilet. You even get a full-sized medicine cabinet.

The master bedroom comes with a queen or king bed and two night-tables. There is a dresser and wardrobe with a set-up for a washer and dryer if you choose to have them installed. If you head back downstairs toward the garage area, you’ll find the half-bath. It’s conveniently located near the back entrance so people can come and go while enjoying the outdoors.

The garage space also sports two additional sleeper sofas and optional lifted queen-sized bed as well. There is plenty of storage cabinets and even a set-up for a second television if you want. There really is no creature comfort that you won’t find on this amazing toy hauler.

Keystone Raptor 355TS

The Raptor proves that you can have the best of both worlds – a way to store your toys while on the road and an awesome living space. The Raptor comes with 2 baths and plenty of sleeping room. Equipped with heating and air conditioning, this toy hauler offers the best Keystone has to offer.

The kitchen comes with a large refrigerator, microwave, and glass-topped stove. There is plenty of counter space and even shaker style hardwood cabinetry. There is a lovely ambiance thanks to the LED lighting and pendant lights. The downstairs offers a stand-up shower and toilet.

The entire toy hauler is crafted with crown molding and high-quality materials. The master bedroom is carpeted and offers a dual-entry master bath. The bathroom in the master even has a skylight in the shower!

The living area comes with tv ready set-up and two electric beds with opposing flip-down sofas. There is a set-up for a washer and dryer if you so choose. The garage area comes with a pull-down screen so you can enjoy the summer evenings without the threat of bugs or other critters joining you.

Jayco Seismic 4250

Jacyo is known for their campers and toy haulers. The Seismic model does not disappoint. The kitchen comes standard with an oversized 21-inch oven and 3-burner stove. You’ll also find under-mounted stainless-steel sinks. This hauler comes with 2 barstools and full-sized bar.

Entertainment is paramount with the Seismic toy hauler by Jayco. It comes standard with 3 televisions and even offers a cabin-wide speaker system. There are electric queen-sized beds in the back and a sofa that sports heat and massage.

This model comes with 1 ½ baths. The master bathroom even comes with a full-size sunken tub and shower. All the toilets are single-flush for your convenience. All rooms, including the garage, are insulated and come with tech-foil insulation in the floors.

There is a slide screen along the garage door so you have the perfect place to hang out with family or friends on warm, summer nights. The awesome entertainment system provides you with the perfect place to entertain.

The ample storage cabinets will give you a place for everything. The garage area offers plenty of room to store your toys so you can take them with you on vacation.

Crossroads RV Altitude SL ATL225

Crossroads RVs offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate adventure of you just want to get from point A to point B (with your toys, of course) this toy hauler is perfect for you. Boasting plenty of garage and storage space along with a modern living area, this hauler is ideal for the cross-country traveler.

Crossroads is proud of their twilight décor, which offers tri-fold hide-a-bed sofa and an in and out dining table. The kitchen comes with an 8-cubic foot refrigerator and 3-burner stove. There is also a full-size oven so you can enjoy making meals for your family and friends. It even comes with a dishwasher so you don’t have to worry about washing dishes by hand while on your road trip.

The garage has a Happy Jack bed feature for extra sleeping space. There are also hide-a-beds in the main sleeping area. The wooden cabinetry is stylish and modern. You can pick from several different décor shades and designs.

The garage area comes with an electronic awning so you can hang out with friends and avoid the sun or rain. The Crossroads RV toy hauler offers a quick recovery water heater so you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water after a shower.

If you want, you can upgrade to include a party deck on the back of the trailer which is great for entertaining. It’s large enough to hold 10-15 people and is perfect for watching the game or just hanging out listening to music.

KZ-RV Venom 3911

Venom offers the most in luxury. Their toy haulers offer both additional living space and garage space to store all your toys. This model sleeps as many as you can fit! There is a large queen-sized bed in the master as well as power bed in the garage area. There are two additional sleeping quarters with a loft bed and full-size sleeper sofa off the kitchen.

There is a large and luxurious bathroom in the master bedroom. It comes with a linen closet, residential shower with seat, plenty of closet space and a full-size toilet. The bedroom also has a wardrobe that does provide a washer-dryer hookup if you so desire. Or, you can opt to use this for additional storage space for clothes, shoes, and anything else you take with you on the road.

The kitchen comes with a convection microwave and plenty of prep and counter space. There is a hutch and pantry so you don’t have to worry about fitting dishes and food in overhead cabinets. There is an 18-cubic foot refrigerator which is almost as big as a refrigerator you would have in your home.

If you like to entertain, there is even optional theater seating in the living area. You can have your buddies over to watch the game or stream a new release. What better way to spend quality time with family and friends?

The Venom comes with a ton of storage space. You can choose to use the garage area to store your toys or use it as additional living space. You can have parties off the back deck and use one of your two awnings to shade your eyes from the sun and rain. There is pass-thru storage along both sides of the RV so you definitely won’t be lacking for space.

The KZ-RV Venom is ideal if you are looking for the ultimate in luxury and cargo space. There really isn’t they haven’t thought of in designing this toy hauler. You have plenty of room to store your ATV, kayaks, sporting equipment or snowmobile. No matter what part of the country you’re in, you’ll be set to go on a fun-filled adventure.


If you have a craving to become one with nature or just go on a kick-ass adventure, a toy hauler may be the thing for you. You could even take a year or two off and live in any one of these toy haulers. They offer all the comforts of home without compromising on style or space.

The entertainment packages offered on all of these toy haulers are awesome. They come with smart-connect so you can get Wi-Fi or live-streaming while you explore the country. There are several televisions with the options of hooking up additional TV’s. They come with surround sound and some even come with whole-house speaker systems.

If you are looking to take the whole family on the road, these are perfect. Most sleep 6 or more comfortably and offer the privacy of a master bedroom. Mom and dad can hang out in their own oasis while the kids sleep in the living areas or loft. There are additional sleeping quarters if you take friends on the road with you.

You are going to be on the road for a few weeks at a time. You are going to want to cook. The kitchens in these toy haulers are as nice as any you’ll find in a condo somewhere. They come with large refrigerators, microwaves, and full ovens. Some even come with a bar area or dishwasher. There is nothing you can do in your kitchen at home that you can’t do in any of these kitchens.

As for price, they can get pricey. They all depend on how you customize your toy hauler. You may want to take advantage of some of the featured packages or upgrades. You can check any of these models out online and get pricing information. You have to look at it as an investment. You will have this thing for 10-20 years so you will get plenty of use out of them. And, lasI mentioned above, you could even live in one if you chose to.

As for hauling your toys, there is plenty of space for that. You have the entire garage area in any of these toy haulers to keep your toys. They will stay secure and safe from the elements. Store them away and roll them right down the ramp when you’re ready for a little fun!

You really can’t go wrong no matter which brand you go with. They all offer quality products with superior craftsmanship. They all have a good and solid reputation in the RV industry and back up their products.