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Most trailer owners are likely to forget to do the most important thing with their trailer, to keep their trailer safe and secure all the time. Forgetting to do this leads to their trailer susceptible to break-ins and robbery by people with bad intentions.

And most likely, you will put your valuable possessions inside your trailer, which are one of the targets of these robbers, aside from the trailer itself. As the world today isn’t that safe anymore, you need to safeguard your trailer and your valuables inside it from possible break-ins and robbers by keeping your trailer secure all the time with the help of Trailer Hitch Locks.

In this article, we will help you protect your trailer and the important things you put inside it from potential thieves by sharing with you all things you should know about hitch locks for your trailer. You start with the basics of hitch locks up to the things you need to know when looking for the highest quality trailer hitch lock.

Additionally, we have included in this article a list of hitch locks for you to choose from. And the list is composed of the top 12 best trailer hitch locks readily available in the market today. We also have reviewed them for you so that you will have more information about each one of them and for you easily decide which one is the best for your trailer base on the reviews.

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In the list, we have reviewed what we think are the best trailer hitch locks available in the market today. Also, the items on the list will help you decide which one to buy. The list will guide you through each item on the list, give you an overview and item summary with pros and cons on each hitch lock.

Browse through the list to find the highest quality hitch lock that will serve its purpose for your trailer.





Fits Multiple Hitch Classes

Master Lock 2866DAT 1/2 in. and 5/8 in....

Master Lock 2866DAT 1/2 in. and 5/8 in....

  • It comes with a watertight cap
  • It has an excellent push to lock mechanism

Easy To Install

Proven Locks 2516 AS - All Steel - Heavy Duty...

Proven Locks 2516 AS - All Steel - Heavy Duty...

  • The lock is just easy to install.
  • The manufacturer gives you a lifetime warranty for this lock

Resistant to Rust and Corrosion

Master Lock Trailer Lock, Universal Trailer...

Master Lock Trailer Lock, Universal Trailer...

  • The lock is easy to install.
  • This hitch lock is resistant to rust and corrosion

Affordable Price

Reese Towpower 7014700 Tow 'N Store Lock Kit

Reese Towpower 7014700 Tow 'N Store Lock Kit

  • The hitch locks come with a heavy-duty steel pin.
  • The kit has an affordable price

Easy Installation Process

Master Lock 377KA Trailer Hitch Lock, Fits...

Master Lock 377KA Trailer Hitch Lock, Fits...

  • Easy installation process and lifetime warranty
  • Corrosion and rust resistant

Cam-Style Locking System

Andersen Hitches Stainless Steel Lock Set for...

Andersen Hitches Stainless Steel Lock Set for...

  • Cam-style locking system
  • Rust and corrosion resistant

Weather-Resistant Jacket

BOLT 7018447 5/8' Receiver Lock for Ford,...

BOLT 7018447 5/8" Receiver Lock for Ford,...

  • Comes with a weather-resistant jacket.
  • It has auto-return spring that will automatically lock the tool

Lock is Extremely Durable

Trimax Premium 100% Stainless Steel 5/8' Dia....

Trimax Premium 100% Stainless Steel 5/8" Dia....

  • Comes with an O-ring seal the prevents dirt and grime.
  • Extremely durable

Hitch Lock is Made of Steel

motormic Trailer Hitch Lock Pin Set - 5/8'...

motormic Trailer Hitch Lock Pin Set - 5/8"...

  • Easy to use, with the push to lock mechanism
  • Comes with a protective rubber cap that prevents grime and dirt 

Weather-Proof Camp

Cocoweb Chrome C-Lock Heavy Duty Locking 5/8'...

Cocoweb Chrome C-Lock Heavy Duty Locking 5/8"...

  • Comes with a weather-proof camp
  • The lock supports multiple hitch classes

Heavy-Duty Coupler Lock

Trimax 'The Ultimate Universal Solid Hardened...

Trimax "The Ultimate Universal Solid Hardened...

  • Heavy-duty coupler type of lock
  • Comes with a Type A key for added security

Steel Locking Rod

Blaylock TL-33 Coupler Lock

Blaylock TL-33 Coupler Lock

  • It has a steel locking rod
  • Has three different hole positions for your coupler uses



trailer hitch lock


Before you buy a hitch lock for your trailer, you should understand the tool first. You need to know how the lock works and how you can use it in your trailer.


A trailer hitch lock is a device that secures your trailer and prevents robbers from taking away from you your precious belongings and even your trailer. The lock will keep the hitch of your trailer and the receiver together by locking them in place.

When you have to separate the trailer hitch and the receiver, you will have to unlock the hitch lock of your trailer by using the lock key.

The trailer hitch lock will also stop anyone who would attempt to lift the receiver when they do not have the key to the lock. Those people who have the intent of stealing your trailer from you would not be successful in their plan as they can’t unhitch your trailer without lifting the receiver.

In general, this locking device is the best tool that provides the best security to your trailer as it prevents anyone who would attempt to take away your trailer from you in doing so. Without the help of a trailer hitch lock, stealing your trailer would be just easy and simple as unhitching your trailer from your receiver and the thief would just hitch it to his own truck’s receiver then he’d go on his way, away from you with your trailer in tow.

Just a reminder, this tool will not completely stop anyone from taking away your trailer from you. The hitch lock will give those thieves a hard time in succeeding with their plan. Most of these locks will let you catch the thieves in their act as the lock will give them much trouble before they achieve their plan of stealing your trailer.  Some of these thieves will just stop trying and will just leave your trailer alone.


There are two main types of hitch locks then you can choose from. These are the Coupler and Receiver hitch locks. Both types’ function differently from each other, but their main goal is just the same, to secure your trailer and keep away those thieves from stealing your trailer.


Coupler trailer Hitch LocksThese locks are U-shaped in appearance, and they fit over the coupler on the tongue of your trailer, which gives the person with the intent of stealing your trailer a hard time in hooking it up onto his own vehicle. Coupler hitch locks simple prevent thieves from stealing trailer when it is unhitched and alone in your driveway.

Usually, coupler hitch locks have a ball-shaped top that would go to where the ball unit of your own towing vehicle, which is typically located into the coupler. Because of this, it will be difficult for anyone to hook their own towing vehicle into the hitch of your trailer and steal it.

The lock is ideal for you if you are looking for a tool that will secure your trailer and keep it safe from thieves even when unhitched. And this is even greater for you if you are just going to leave your trailer in your driveway for a long period of time.


Receiver trailer Hitch LocksIn general, these locks are mostly metal pins that have locks on their ends. Other models of this receiver hitch lock type have two locks on either of their ends. While others come with a curved end which makes them extremely difficult to pull them off. Any of the designs are effective in preventing any attempt of stealing your trailer.

Receiver hitch locks are there for you to safeguard your trailer from break-ins and robbers when it is hitched onto your vehicle. Even when you are mostly on the road when your trailer hitched and in tow of your vehicle, this type of lock is incredibly effrvfective for you.

But this type of lock is not suitable for an unhitched trailer. In this situation, what you need to do is to make sure to unhitch your trailer in a safe and confined area where it is difficult for someone to steal your trailer. Or you can just buy a coupler type hitch lock for this matter.


As previously mentioned, trailer hitch locks to secure your trailer and prevent any attempt of stealing your trailer. And the effectivity of these locks will depend on the situation you are facing with your trailer.

These hitch locks can be classified into two main types; they are the coupler and receiver type of hitch locks. Just an overview of the two, coupler hitch locks is for those unhitched trailers while the receiver types of hitch looks are for trailers that are hitched to a tow vehicle.

This is how each type works.


For coupler hitch locks; they work when the ball unit of your tow vehicle is in place. Then you will have to fit the rod or, for some models, the bar to the hitch assembly of your trailer and lock it in there. You also need the accompanying key of the lock to unlock it.


And in the case of the receiver type of locks, they work differently from the coupler type. These locks work at the receiver of your towing vehicle. And you will have to make sure that your towing vehicle’s receiver is in place before you put the lock to use.

When the receiver is already in place, you will have to slide the metal pin of the lock through the mount’s hole and the receiver. After this, you will now have to attach the lock to the ends of the pin to secure it. Your trailer is now safe in an attempt of stealing it.



Keeping your trailer secured all the time will depend on the trailer hitch lock you have, or you will buy. The two main types of hitch locks work differently with each other and the detailed discussion on how they work can be found in the previous section.

When you have put on the hitch lock to the hitch of your trailer, this means that the hitch of the trailer is already secured and thus your trailer too. Any person that has a motive of stealing your trailer will not succeed in doing so once the lock is in place.

Yet, if ever it still does not make sense to you how a hitch lock works, you can visit the website of “etrailer” or their YouTube channel to help you out with it. They have a lot of wonderful video series and collections that cover all the things relating to any trailer hitch locks.

You can even search through Google a specific type or model of a trailer hitch lock.  There will be video suggestions on that specific type of hitch lock you searched in which you can watch. You can even search videos on the web on how to you that specific hitch lock to help you learn it.

If ever you encounter any issues with the trailer hitch lock you have bought, you can always contact the manufacturer of that hitch lock to help you fix the issue. Or you can even ask the help of the professionals of hitch locks to look at your problem and solve it.


Regardless of the type or even the model, unlocking your trailer hitch lock will be a simple and easy process that even those people who are not an expert in mechanical stuff can do it.

Just an example, let’s have a look at an item from our list the Trailer Coupler Hitch Lock by Master Lock. For you to unlock this device, all you will have to do is use the key in the lock and turn it into the direction that will unlock it. In doing this, it will trigger the slide to come out from where the ball in the coupler would be, and then it will be disconnected.

And in the case of Receiver Hitch Lock by Trimax, to unlock the device, you need to use the key and put it into the core of the lock and turn it into a counter-clockwise motion until the end piece of the device detaches from the rest.

In general, you won’t be having any hard time unlocking the tools as they are just easy to do so. But in case you encounter some problem unlocking your hitch lock, you can check the packaging or the manual of the hitch lock for instructions you can follow.

Another way to help you when you are having a hard time unlocking your hitch lock, you can search the web or even YouTube, so you can watch the video on how they actually unlock it.


Once again; hitch locks prevent your trailer from being stolen. They give security the trailer itself and the valuable possessions you have put inside your trailer.


The safety of your trailer will always depend on how you take care of it and where you place your trailer. Here’s an example, if you have parked your trailer alone in your driveway, and you have not attached it to anything just to keep it secure, then it will make your trailer an easy target for those hijackers.

And another one, if you are on the road and your trailer in tow without any locks, then you go for a stop. Someone might go near your trailer and unhitch it from your towing vehicle then hitch it to their own towing vehicle and go away from you.

Even those people having a fifth wheel trailer are still victims of this hijacking or robbing. The hijacker would just do is to make sure you aren’t looking then get pass the jaw mechanism of the trailer then take it away from you.

As you have seen in the examples, your trailer will be an easy target to those thieves if you don’t secure it and keep it safe. And hitch locks are the best ones that can help you with it, providing security and keep away those people with the intention of stealing your trailer.

Even though you have already a trailer hitch lock, factors of the lock will also help in making sure your trailer is secured.

Here are the factors you should look for in a hitch lock to make sure it is an effective one.

  • The Key Combinations in the hitch lock

To make sure the hitch lock is effective in providing your trailer security. You should check the accompany key of the lock. A unique key wouldn’t let your trailer to be easily stolen. There hitch locks in which their key is mass-produced, this can lead to your trailer being stolen. As the keys are mass produced they will have the same quality that can be used by other locks with the same model.

You should put your effort in the search for hitch locks that come with a unique key. Or look for those manufacturers or brands that offer hitch locks with keys having thousands, even millions of unique combinations. As this adds to the security of your trailer.

  • The Build Quality

Make sure you select a hitch lock that is made of high-quality material that can withstand or absorb multiple hammer blows without being severely damaged. As this will discourage thieves from attempting to steal your trailer. Or if they have attempted to break the lock, it will end up for them to stop trying as the lock won’t easily give in.

Just to keep in mind, some materials are easily damaged by hammer blows, especially materials like aluminum or zinc. Just make sure to choose the lock that is durable and made from a durable material.

  • The Design Flaws

In general, locks with cheap prices mostly come with flaws in their designs, and they are prone to malfunctions. And having flaws in your hitch lock will compromise the security of your trailer. This will just lead to more problems as it will make your trailer easy to steal.

You should always look for reasonably priced hitch locks or even those expensive ones if you don’t have a problem with money. You should always look for a high-quality hitch lock.


There things you can do to keep your trailer safe and keep those thieves away from it, aside from having a high-quality trailer hitch lock.

Here is a list of things you can do to keep your trailer safe from robbers, hijackers, and thieves.

  • You should paint your trailer with noticeable markings or markings that will stand out.
  • You can also buy a wheel clamp, make sure to select the one with the highest quality.
  • Get or install a GPS tracking device for your trailer.
  • Make you park your trailer in public places where there are lots of people.
  • And park your trailer to places hard to navigate or presents as an obstacle.

It should be enough to keep away those people who try to steal your trailer if you follow the things listed above and add in your high-quality trailer lock.

But if you are not yet satisfied with the security of your trailer, you can extend the alarm of your vehicle to your trailer as some people usually do. The alarm in your trailer will work just like in your vehicle. If anyone tries to steal your trailer or messes with it, the alarm will set off and will produce a loud noise that can alert you or anyone in the place.

The alarm will discourage this kind of people in doing their bad deed to your trailer. But having an in your trailer will cost you too much. Just think this carefully.


You will be having a hard time in choosing the trailer hitch lock with the right size for your trailer. It is difficult because there are different types of hitch locks, and each lock in each type comes with varying sizes.

In the case of a receiver hitch lock, you will have to measure the receiver of your towing vehicle and count the pin holes of your trailer’s hitch. With the use of the measurements that you have gathered to find the hitch lock that matches those measurements.

And for hitch locks with class 1 and II, what you need is a lock that comes with a ½ inch pin and a 1 & ¼ inch receiver. For the other classes, class III to class V what you will look for is a lock that has a 2 inches receiver and a 5/8-inch pin.

In a coupler hitch lock, you will have to measure the coupler’s ball to determine the size. And If you have a coupler with a ball having a size of 1 & 7/8 inches find a coupler trailer hitch lock in the same size.

Getting the correct measurements of your receiver or coupler will help you look for the hitch lock with the right size, faster and easier. And just make sure to select that one that has the exact same measurements with your receiver or coupler and at the same time a high-quality hitch lock.


In general, the quality of products varies from the manufacturers that produce them. In the case of trailer hitch locks, this principle still applies.

And looking for the high-quality hitch the most important thing you should do. The quality of the lock will determine how effective it will be in providing your trailer security and keeping it safe from thieves.

Here are some of the best brands that offer you high-quality hitch locks.


The brand has started its career in the trailer hitch lock industry when it has experienced misfortune, their trailer was taken away from them by thieves. After that incident, Proven Locks has been a strong player in the trailer hitch lock industry.

And because of this and by providing their customers the best security they can have in their trailer through the high-quality hitch locks they produce, Proven Locks has established a reputation for itself.

This brand is one of the best brands that produce quality trailer hitch locks. And this brand comes only with little issues with their locks.


Since 1921, this brand has been producing high-quality trailer hitch lock. Master Locks has been in the hitch lock industry for a long time. And the brand has a long history of providing security to your precious possessions.

And they have survived tough competitions and still active in the industry because the brand is true to their promise of delivering strength and quality in their products. And because they constantly set up standards for your lock in terms of application, design, and performance. They adapt to the trend and needs of people in the present.


The leading brand in the world that manufactures locks. Trimax is also a reputable brand that provides its customers with the highest quality lock and makes them satisfied with the performance of the product.

And they have stayed ahead in the competition as they stay in tune with the trend present in the market today. They handle the demand for more security by producing the highest quality hitch locks.


There are certain aspects of the hitch lock that you should look for to ensure that it provides the best security for your trailer. And you should know what these aspects are, to guide you choose the best hitch lock for your trailer.

Here are the most important aspects you should look for in a trailer hitch lock.


The hitch of your trailer has its own varying class, same with RVs. And these varying classes range from Class I up to Class V. Not all hitch lock can support each of the classes.

Generally, receiver locks will use a ½ inch pin or a 5/8-inch pin. And you should make sure that the lock will work on your hitch.

In addition, if you have a class II trailer hitch, what you need Is a receiver lock that comes with ½ inch pins. When the hitch class you have is from class III to class V then you should have a receiver lock that gives 5/8-inch pins. You should make sure that the trailer hitch lock you buy is the exact same size with your trailer hitch.

In the case of the receiver lock, you will have to get the size of the receiver in your towing vehicle and then use it match the size of the lock you will buy. A 1 & ¼ receiver lock is needed for hitch class I or class II. And for the other classes, class III and above will need to have a receiver measured at 2 inches.

For a coupler trailer hitch lock, you can get the size through measuring the ball of the coupler then match it to the one in your option. If your coupler ball measures 2-inches in diameter, then you need a coupler lock in the same measurement.  Coupler balls’ sizes range from 1 & 7/8 inches up to 1 & 5/6 inches. And there are universal coupler locks that fit all sizes.

It is always a good idea to get the measurement of your coupler or receiver before buying one for your trailer. You will have to match the size of your coupler to the one in the market to ensure that it fits perfectly.


You can determine the durability and quality of the trailer hitch locks through the materials used in making the locks. High-quality locks are mostly made using high-quality material like hardened steel.

These materials will give the locks the ability to withstand abused from thieves who try to steal your trailer. The locks will be enough for them to give up trying to destroy the lock and won’t succeed in their plan.

There are manufacturers who use light materials in making the locks, like aluminum. This will make the hitch lock lightweight, but this material is easy to get damaged. This would put the security and safety of your trailer at risk. Using lightweight materials will make the lock easy to destroy and makes your trailer an easy target to thieves.

You should look for trailer hitch locks that are made using a strong and durable material.


There are manufacturers out there that produce lock keys that can be used to other server locks with the same model and manufacturer. They do this because it will just be easy for them to produce a large number of locks in a short time. But this approach creates a problem regarding your trailer’s security.

If ever an unintended person gets hold of a key from a lock the same as yours, then this person can use the key to unlock your hitch lock, which compromises the security of your trailer and makes it easy to steal.

But there are keys that are uniquely designed to be used in a single hitch lock only. Some keys are combinations, thousands, even millions of combinations, that you need to input to unlock your hitch lock. All you just what is to keep your trailer from harm and get stolen, so buy a high-quality hitch lock paired with a unique key.


There are locks that can last longer when struck down by a hammer, and some can’t even withstand certain weather conditions. And locks that can prevent rusting and corrosion from happening, which cannot do resist it and end up damaging your hitch lock.

Choose those trailer hitch locks that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, can absorb blows and even resist rusting and corrosion from happening. You the locks that you can use for a long period of time without losing its quality and performance.

You can always check the customer reviews of the hitch lock you are planning to buy. A reminder, an effective hitch lock will survive the test of time at the same time provides your trailer the best security it needs.


As you have reached this section; you now have the knowledge about trailer hitch locks. Use what you have learned from this article in deciding what type of hitch lock you are looking for and what to buy. Or even better which hitch lock in the list you choose for your trailer.

Just make sure when you have decided to buy a certain hitch lock, always look into these aspects in the lock; durability and the material used in making the lock. Keep away from those locks made with flimsy material without the other aspect of the lock making sure it still provides security to your trailer.