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Travel trailers are available in different shapes, styles, and sizes. Lightweight travel trailers are among the best travel trailers for outdoor vacations.

The fact that they are lightweight means they can be towed by many types of vehicles including mid-size SUVs.

Heavy travel trailers cannot be towed using mid-size SUVs. The fact that they are lightweight also means that they do not require a lot of gas money to tow, unlike heavy travel trailers.

And the best thing about lightweight travel trailers, the best ones at least, is the fact that they come in floorplans/ designs that are perfect for families.

In this article, I will share with you the best lightweight travel trailers. All the eleven travel trailers I will share with you are under 6000 pounds. And they have different floorplans perfect for different camping lifestyles.  

What Makes Lightweight Travel Trailers so Great

Most families in America own Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs). This is because SUVs are perfect for small families. Why? Most of them (the mid-size ones) are fuel-efficient and have got good seating capacity. They are also powerful enough to use as tow vehicles. 

Unfortunately, most SUVs on the market have got a maximum towing capacity of between 7,000 and 8,000 pounds. Therefore, they cannot tow heavy trailers. Fortunately, most SUVs can comfortably tow any lightweight travel trailer. This is because lightweight travel trailers weigh less than 6,000 pounds. 

So what makes lightweight travel trailers so great is the fact that they can be towed even by most SUVs. So if you have a mid-size SUV or a full-size SUV, you do not need to get a new vehicle to tow a lightweight travel trailer. 

Lightweight travel trailers are also great because they are durable, minimalist, and stylish. They also usually do not require a lot of parking space.

11 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers below 6,000 Pounds

Below are the best lightweight travel trailers under 6,000 pounds:

1. Jayco Jay Flight SLX

Jayco Jay Flight SLX

2,380 to 3,210 lbs

This is a relatively small lightweight travel trailer. It is made by Jayco – a company that has been making quality travel trailers for decades and is now regarded as one of the best RV manufacturers.

The best thing about this lightweight travel trailer is the fact that it is perfect for entertainment. This is because it comes with an amazing open floor plan that is perfect for entertaining even a large family of 6 or 8 people. This sitting area can be converted into a large sleeping area for relatively comfortable sleeping at night.

The trailer also comes with a relatively large open-concept cooking area. The cooking area features a sink, a stovetop, a microwave, and a decent refrigerator. 

The Jayco Jay Flight SLX lightweight trailer also includes a bathroom which with a shower and a toilet. Perhaps the best thing about its bathroom is that it has a tub. Not many lightweight travel trailers come with a tub. 

Its layout is perfect for small families and for occasionally entertaining larger crowds during vacations.

2. Starcraft Satellite 18MK

Starcraft Satellite 18MK

3,950 lbs

In my opinion, this is the best lightweight travel trailer. This trailer is made in the United States by a company known as Starcraft.

Starcraft was founded in 1903. Initially, the company only manufactured agricultural equipment. However, in 1915, the company diversified its operations and got into the boat manufacturing business. By the 1960s the company was a renowned boat manufacturer. 

In 1964, Starcraft further diversified its operations and started manufacturing recreational vehicles. Over the years, the company has gradually become a reputable RV manufacturer. Today, not many manufacturers in the US make as durable RVs as Starcraft does.

The Starcraft Satellite 18MK is one of the best lightweight RV models made by the company. It includes a kitchen/ dining area, a sleeping area, and a bathroom. In my opinion, it has a genius floorplan for comfortable living.  

The kitchen includes a microwave, a sink, and a stovetop. It also comes with plenty of storage space. 

The bathroom is well-made. It includes a shower and a toilet. It is surprisingly spacious despite the size of the trailer. 

Probably the best thing about this trailer (and the reason why I say it is the best lightweight trailer) is its sleeping area. This RV has a spacious sleeping area that fits a large queen RV mattress. Its dining area can also be converted into a sleeping area.

3. Coachmen Clipper 17CBH

Coachmen Clipper 17CBH

3,883 lbs

This RV is made by the legendary Coachman Company. The Company has been manufacturing RVs since the mid-1960s and it is renowned for making high-quality travel trailers. 

This particular travel trailer is lightweight to tow and is perfectly designed for long adventures on American roads. The fact that this travel trailer is lightweight means you can pull it using many different types of vehicles. 

The best thing about this Coachman trailer is the fact that it comfortably sleeps four people. You and your partner can share its RV queen-size bed, while your two children can share its 2 single beds arranged in a bunk design.

The trailer also comes with a kitchen area and a half bath. The kitchen includes a microwave, a stovetop, a decent refrigerator, and a sink, while the half bath includes a shower and a toilet. 

The sitting/ dining area is large enough for a sizeable family or a small group. In short, this Coach trailer comes with everything you need to go for long adventures in relative comfort.

4. Airstream Sport

Airstream Sport

3,500 to 4,500 lbs

Even though somewhat pricey, this Airstream Sport RV is also one of the best lightweight travel trailers on the market!

The travel trailer is made by Airstream – a company that has been manufacturing RVs since the thirties. In other words, Airstream Sport is made by one of the oldest and most experienced recreational vehicle manufacturers. Like the many RV models Airstream has manufactured over the years, this travel trailer is stylish, durable, and extremely high quality. It is one of the best RVs to roll off the company’s production line. 

The RV weighs just 2,860 pounds so it can be easily towed by many types of vehicles. 

Despite being compact, this travel trailer features a wonderful design that makes it perfect for four people. The design includes a bedroom area, a sitting/ dining area, a bathroom, and a kitchen. 

The bedroom features a queen-size RV foam mattress that can comfortably sleep two individuals. It has great windows all around it so it can also double up as a viewing area when you are packed in a scenic area.

The sitting/ dining area is quite spacious. Even four adults can sit comfortably in the area. The area can be transformed into a spacious sleeping area for two in the evening.

One of the things I like the most about this Airstream trailer is its bathroom. It is a true bathroom with a porcelain toilet, a stand-up shower, and a sink. It is also quite spacious.

The kitchen in this Airstream is also quite something. It comes with a stovetop, a sink, and a decent counter. 

In summary, this lightweight Airstream Sport travel trailer is perfect for a bit of luxury on the road.

5. Coleman Lantern 202RDWE

Coleman Lantern 202RDWE

4,315 lbs

The Coleman Company started in the year 1900 as a gas lamp manufacturing company. It started producing RVs in the late 1960s and it is, therefore, one of the oldest RV manufacturers in the United States. The fact that it started as a gas lamp manufacturer is the reason why it has a gas lamp logo.

This trailer is one of the best RVs ever made by the company. It is an open floor plan RV that is spacious and fantastic for family or group traveling. It sleeps four people. 

Like most travel trailers, it includes a bedroom area, a sitting/ dining area, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The bedroom area has a queen-size RV bed that is secluded for privacy. So if you are traveling with kids or with friends in a Coleman Lantern 202RDWE, you can always have a bit of private time whenever you want. 

The thing I like the most about this RV is the fact that it has a dining area and a separate sitting area. There are massive windows around the dining area for viewing the surroundings. You can convert this area into a sleeping area for two at night. The sitting area (a comfy couch) is located opposite the dining area. 

The kitchen features several amenities including a big sink and a stovetop with multiple burners. 

Lastly, the bathroom is a good-size bathroom featuring a shower, a sink, and a toilet.

Overall, the Coleman Lantern 202RDWE is a great travel trailer for a family, a small travel group, or for long-distance road trips.

6. Forest River R-Pod Hood River 179

Forest River R-Pod Hood River 179

3,046 lbs

All the travel trailers I have talked about so far are made by companies that started decades ago. In contrast, this one is made by a company, Forest River, which started barely three decades ago. Despite being made by a relatively new manufacturer, this travel trailer is one of the best lightweight and compact RVs ever made. 

Although this lightweight travel trailer is compact, it has an open floor layout that makes it comfortable to live in.

The RV includes a dining/ sitting area, a sleeping area, and a kitchen. The dining area is well-designed for comfortable dining. And at night you can convert it into a sleeping area if you have kids or visitors. 

The sleeping area is located at the back of the Forest River R-Pod Hood River 179. It features a great queen-size bed that you can sleep on alone or with another party. 

The kitchen of this RV has several amenities including a refrigerator, a microwave, a stovetop, and a sink. 

Lastly, this RV comes with a bathroom (a wet bathroom).

Overall, this is a great lightweight travel trailer that is great for RV living.

7. Livin Lite Camplite CL16DBS

3,160 lbs

This travel trailer is made by Livin Lite – a relatively new RV manufacturer that started making RVs less than 20 years ago. While Livin Lite is a newish RV manufacturer, the company builds high-quality RVs without using any wood. Their reason for doing this is to make sure their RVs are extremely durable and generational. So if you buy one, you can be confident that it will last long enough for you to pass it down to your kids. 

Unlike a number of travel trailers on this list, this trailer is not very expensive. It is a modern and stylish trailer that does not cost a lot of money. 

The trailer is available in several layouts all with sleek floor plans. All layouts also include a dining area, a sitting area, a bedroom area, a bathroom, and a kitchen. 

The best thing about this Living Lite RV is the fact that it has a very nice kitchen with amenities such as a microwave, a refrigerator, a stovetop, and a sink. 

Its bathroom has a standup shower and a sink.

In short, this RV is an exciting travel trailer to own.

8. Grand Design Imagine 2450RL

Grand Design Imagine 2450RL5,834 lbs

Grand Design is one of the leading makers of towable recreational vehicles. Their recreational vehicles are particularly known to be high-quality and customer-centric. 

This particular Grand Design RV is a lightweight travel trailer. It is on the heavier side of lightweight travel trailers. While this may sound like a disadvantage, it is not. It is an indicator that this RV is made of tougher materials and has more space and amenities than a typical lightweight travel trailer. 

Like most travel trailers, it comes with a bedroom, a kitchen, a dining area, a sitting area, and a bathroom. The bedroom in this thing is massive. It has plenty of room because the trailer itself is lengthy. A queen-size bed for is positioned in the bedroom. 

The kitchen in this travel trailer is also quite impressive. It has a multiple burner stovetop, a refrigerator, and so on. In addition to this kitchen, this travel trailer has a propane hookup for an outdoor grill and a 21-foot awning. Combined, these two things mean you can make your meals and enjoy them outside next to this trailer.

The dining and sitting areas are exceptionally designed. They make it easy for several adults to live in this travel trailer and to view its 40-inch TV.

In short, this is a wonderful travel trailer from Grand Design. 


PUMA XLE Lite 27RBQC5,933 lbs

This RV is a very spacious bunkhouse lightweight travel trailer. In other words, it has got two single beds in a bunk bed format. The two beds have got privacy curtains, which means your kids or visitors can relax or sleep in them in privacy even while the rest of the trailer is in use. In most cases, kids or visitors usually have to wait till night for the sitting/ dining area to be converted into a sleeping are for them to sleep. 

In addition to its two bunk beds, this PUMA RV also comes with a relatively large bedroom like the Grand Design travel trailer above. The bedroom has a large bed and a superior quality mattress.

The kitchen area of this Puma XLE Lite RV is amazing. It comes with a large pantry, a refrigerator, a sink, a large counter, and a stovetop. There is plenty of space for you to prepare a large meal for your family. 

This trailer also has a well-designed outdoor kitchen for preparing meals outside. The outdoor kitchen compartment has a storage drawer for keeping utensils. 

The dining area in this room has one of the best-designed dinettes with a lot of space for several adults to seat comfortably and enjoy a meal.

This is definitely one of the best RVs on this list!

10. Highland Ridge RV Open Range Ultra Lite UT2602RL

Highland Ridge RV Open Range Ultra Lite UT2602RL5,990 lbs

At 31 feet in length, this travel trailer has plenty of space for you and your family. Its bedroom is massive and has a good-size bed and a quality mattress. The living area also has a decent size and a very nice floorplan.

The living area features a tri-fold sofa and a dinette. Both can be transformed into additional sleeping spaces if you are traveling with your kids or friends. In total, this travel trailer sleeps six adults. 

One of the best things about this Highland Ridge RV is its kitchen. The kitchen is massive and has all the amenities you need to prepare a true meal. 

Another exciting thing about this RV is the fact that it has a LED fireplace. The fireplace gives off real heat. 

So if you want a great lightweight travel trailer that comfortably sleeps many people, you should get this one.

11. Shasta 29RK


3,000 lbs

Shasta has been making recreational vehicles since 1941. The company’s RVs are renowned for their clean and minimalist designs that make them appeal to many people. 

Like most Shasta RVs, this one too has a clean and minimalist design. And the fact that this vehicle is clean and minimalist should not mean that it does not come with many amenities or features. 

It, in fact, has all the features and amenities you need for a comfortable RV life. For instance, its sitting area is spacious with plenty of seating including a big dinette, 2 reclining chairs, and a sofa. So if you decide to get this RV, you and your family will have plenty of spaces to sit and relax when you get to your destination. 

This RV also comes with a spacious kitchen that makes it easy to prepare meals and a laminated floor which is easy to clean. 

In addition to the above-mentioned features and the basics you would expect from a decent RV, the Shasta 29RK comes with a faux fireplace and led lighting. 

This is definitely an amazing RV to own. 

Why Buy a Lightweight Travel Trailer

  1. They Are Cheaper. Lightweight and compact travel trailers are generally cheaper than bigger travel trailers.
  2. They save Gas. Considering they are small weight, lightweight travel trailers require less gas to tow compared to heavy travel trailers.
  3. They Are Easier To Maneuver. It is easier to maneuver compact and lightweight travel trailers than to maneuver long or heavy travel trailers, especially on narrow roads.
  4. They Eliminate the Need To Stay in Hotels. Lightweight travel trailers, such as the ones I have mentioned, allow you to eat, relax, and sleep in comfort and privacy while traveling without paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in hotels. 
  5. They Eliminate Boredom. Lightweight travel trailers eliminate boredom. This is because they enable people to travel wherever they want, whenever they want. So if you want to kill boredom or to escape a boring 9-to-5 life, get an RV to travel and enjoy new experiences. Where will you get the money to survive? Well, you won’t need a lot of money to survive in the first place and you can always work online.

The Final Word

You now know the best lightweight travel trailers. If you have been dreaming of getting one, now is the time! Get any of the great lightweight travel trailers I have reviewed above or any other model you like. I do not know your story but I can tell you that buying a lightweight travel trailer will probably be the best thing you’ve ever done.