Our 7 Favourite Travel Trailers with King Beds: Small & Big

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Buying a recreational vehicle can be a herculean task, not just because of many varieties to choose from but also because of several factors one need to pay attention to while selecting one.  If you’re looking for a travel trailer with a king size bed, then that does limit your options some what.

Recreational vehicles in itself is a vast category of vehicles. There are several types of RV’s one can find depending on one’s need and goals. The very common types of RV’s are:

  • Class A diesel motorhome: these are the most luxurious RVs suitable for long and cross country trips.
  • Class A gas motorhome: these are similar to the former types; the only difference being they are run on gas, and they too have the same type of amenities and facilities as class A diesel motorhome.
  • Class C motorhome: these are made on truck chassis and have a cab body, they are a bit smaller than the class A models but can fit all the amenities needed.
  • Fifth wheelers: these are the largest towable trailers, you must use a pickup to tow these.
  • Travel trailers: these are some of the most popular types of RV among campers and travelers, as they come in a large variety of floor plans and large living areas.
  • Fold downs: popularly known as camper trailers or tent trailers, these are popular among small families and usually are the first buy by those who want to enter the RV market.
  • Expendables: these are similar to the fold downs, the only difference being the solid side walls.

But, today the focus will be on travel trailers.  Wherever there are families and groups camping one can be assured that travel trailers will outnumber the other RV types.

Travel trailers can be pulled by almost anything, SUVs, truck, van etc. They can be towed by both bumper itch and frame hitch. One of the biggest benefits of a travel trailer is that not only do they provide luxurious accommodation, but you can also use your vehicle for day trips without lugging around the trailer.

Benefits of travel trailers

  1. Varying pricing models: travel trailers come in a wide variety and these options come with different facilities and amenities. As the options vary, so also does the prices. Varied prices give a good chance for buyers to choose the one which fits their budget. Overall, the prices of the campers are lesser than class A and C motorhomes, meaning one can have a great RV at a great price.
  2. Easy towing: this is one of the reasons why people tend to choose travel trailers over motorhomes. They are towable. This means one can tow these campers to the camping site on their SUV or truck and leave it there and can utilize their vehicle for other purposes. Also, the frame or bumper hitch is easy to use and can be used on any kind of vehicle.
  3. Easy maintenance: travel trailers are towable which make them engineless, and this is where most of the maintenance work reduces significantly. Like other motorhomes need timely engine checkups, just like any other vehicle, travel trailers don’t. This saves a lot of money, time and effort. But still one should take it for general checkups from time to time.
  4. Variety: travel trailers come in a huge variety in term of shape, size, and colors. Each and every variant is for a particular kind of buyer and their needs. There are big travel trailers which can fit up to 12 people; just like there are smaller ones for one or two people, also there are different colors and shapes to fit one’s choice completely.

Types of travel trailers

Before thinking of buying a travel trailer, it is important that one should know the type of trailers one can get their hands on, and how they differ from each other in purpose and utility. Types of travel trailers available in the market are:

  • Expandables: These are those travel trailers which can be expanded. These are great for trailers where one needs extra space to sleep or keep things once they reach their camping site. The expansions can be horizontal or vertical which depends on the type of expanding mechanism there is, like is it the foldout type or slideout type.
  • Folding camping trailer: these are small in size as compared to others and have decent enough space for a kitchen, sitting area and sleeping area. These can expand vertically when one is at the camping site. These are small and very compact for those who do not travel in big groups and do not want too many lavish interiors.
  • Teardrop: these are named so because of their overall look. These trailers are small in size and do not take a large space in any campsite. These trailers are really good for those who like to travel single and do not need much of the amenities and can do with small cooking and dining area. They are also very lightweight as they can be towed by a van or SUV.
  • Sports utility: these trailers are big in size as they have a hauler portion attached to them to in which one can store mechanical equipment, vehicles etc. Also, this part is separated from the living area by a wall. These trailers have a size that can carry all the home-like facilities and amenities with them.

Things to consider while buying a travel trailer

There are several things one need to take care of while buying a travel trailer. As they are expensive as compared to all other vehicles, they are also a big investment. So before selecting a trailer of one’s choice, it is advisable to consider these things:

  • Trailer weight: this is one of the important points to consider in the case of towable trailers. As the trailers are to be maneuvered, while hitching it with the SUV or truck, one should keep in mind how many people are there who can help in maneuvering. Also in case of heavy trailers, one would need jacks, jockey wheels etc.
  • Amenities and requirements: these are things that one needs to pay attention to regarding any kind of vehicular shopping. That is why one needs to ask themselves what they are expecting from the trailer, what kind of facilities one need, how many members are there in the family, and do they have a suitable vehicle which can tow a certain weighted trailer.
  • Value for money: these travel trailers are made in such a way that they are fuel and energy efficient along with it shows cost effectiveness too. Great design along with spacious compartments make all these travel trailers a great campers’ option. One should find the one that should justify its price tag with sturdy built, great design and quality.
  • Long term: one should always think of the long term effects of buying a certain trailer, as they are not cheap in terms of money. Also, campers are meant for traveling and that means a lot of wear and tear. One should take into consideration everything like after sale service, availability of parts, warranty etc. Investing today in a good travel trailer means one can use it for longer periods of time and reap all the benefits.
  • Customer reviews: this is one of the things that one should always pay attention to, as customers who have used the trailer and took it for road trips and for camping are the ones who can tell all the pros and cons of a particular model. This is will give one an idea about whether to buy a model or not.

Best 7 travel trailers with king size bed

Choosing a travel trailer which will match one’s expectations and also turn out to be value for money can be difficult. But here is the list of 7 amazing travel trailers with king size bed which is perfect for families and couples.


Jayco White Hawk 32KBS

Travel Trailers with King Beds


This travel trailer is perfect for those who want a lightweight trailer to go around camping. This trailer is super stylish and spacious and it comes with various floorplans which one can choose from. The interiors are luxurious in make with hardwood cabinets, solid counter tops and LED lightings. The best things about this trailer are that it utilizes space completely without giving a haphazard look.

The trailer has a king size bed which can be slid out and the bed is attached to a dresser and an electric fireplace. This total set up is perfect for those who like to have a cozy sleep after having an outdoorsy day. There is also a slide out sofa and a dinette. The kitchen has a large fridge and then there is also a TV area with a fireplace.

Technical features:

  • Sleeps: 6
  • Bed: king
  • Bunks: 0
  • Slides: 2
  • Convertible beds: 2
  • Freshwater capacity: 42 gallons
  • Cooktop burners: 3
  • Water heater capacity: 6 gallons


Heartland North Trail 33RETS

Our 7 Favourite Travel Trailers with King Beds: Small & Big 1


This trailer is the best if one enjoys traveling and being on the road as it features large wide windows. One can enjoy the road and campground with these windows and natural light. The design of this trailer is perfect for large family outings too as there is a lot of space one can find.

The trailer interior is not at all cramped up, as the living space has slide outs which give enough space for the campers to move around and relax. There is also a large kitchen island with a four-door fridge which is big enough to store food for a lot many days. The bedroom area is also spacious with a slide out king size bed which is perfect for couples camping around. There is also a washer and dryer prep and a big wardrobe in the master bedroom

Technical features:

  • Length: 39 ft 8 in
  • Sleeps: 3
  • Bed: king
  • Bunk: 0
  • Slides: 3
  • Freshwater capacity: 52 gallons
  • Cooktop burners: 3
  • LP tank capacity: 20 lbs
  • Water heater capacity: 6 gallons
  • Washer: yes
  • Convection cooking: yes


Palomino Puma 31 KRK

Our 7 Favourite Travel Trailers with King Beds: Small & Big 2


Palomino is for those who love longer trips on the roads and also do not want to compromise on the luxury of a trailer. These travel trailers are rugged in design and are great for outdoor activities. The overall design is spacious and well designed as one can find everything in there without compromising on space. The kitchen is out facing towards the living area and has a large fridge with enough space as a residential fridge. The kitchen also has a large window which is great for natural light and also give an open feeling to the kitchen.

The living area has a sofa which can slide out and dinette with two chairs and the master bedroom sports a king size bed with a spacious wardrobe. Also, the entire place has ample cabinets which can be used to store things easily. The main feature of this travel trailer model is that it comes with two entryways which are very helpful to keep the privacy intact.

Technical features:

  • Length: 37 ft 67 in
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Bed: king
  • Bunk: 0
  • Slides: 2
  • Freshwater capacity: 51 gallons
  • Cooktop burners: 3
  • Water heater capacity: 6 gallons


Keystone RV Cougar Half-Ton 29 BHS

Our 7 Favourite Travel Trailers with King Beds: Small & Big 3


This travel trailer is known for its heavy-duty and durable build as it is great for long road trips and can weather through bad roads and difficult terrains. Keystone travel trailers are known for their lightweight design which can be towed easily, and that makes this trailer a family-friendly one. The durability of this trailer is due to its innovative Tru-Fit slide construction and also its Roadarmor suspension, which makes it great for rough road trips.

The floorplans options are pretty high with this travel trailer. The interiors are well made and luxurious with open spacing and comfortable furnishings. The living area is well equipped with a slide-out sofa and dinette. The kitchen is also equipped with a kitchen island, large fridge and cabinets to store and stock food items for a long trip. The master bedroom is equipped with a slide-out comfortable king size bed and rear bunk beds. The most valued feature of the trailer which makes it money worthy is its forced air heat system and an underbelly for extended season trips.

Technical features:

  • Length: 34 ft 9 in
  • Sleeps: 9
  • Bed: king
  • Bunk: 2
  • Slides: 1
  • Freshwater capacity: 60 gallons
  • Cooktop burners: 3
  • LP tank capacity: 30 lbs
  • Exterior storage rack: yes


Prime Time RV Lacrosse 3299SE

Our 7 Favourite Travel Trailers with King Beds: Small & Big 4


This travel trailer is everything one would want in their long camping trips. The design of the travel trailer is meant for adventure and luxury. The trailer is known for its sturdy and strong built which is good for weathering any wear and tear from rough roads and cross country road trips. The interior of this trailer is fitted for a luxurious traveling experience with all the needed amenities and facilities. The interior is high end with hardwood cabinets for storing things and solid surface countertops. The kitchen is well equipped with a large refrigerator and a spacious kitchen island. The main attraction of this trailer is that it features an outdoor grill which is a great addition for any trailer.

The master bedroom is spacious and luxurious by all means as it has a slide out king size bed for comfortable relaxation and overhead storage cabinets. There is a large wardrobe and a fully equipped luxurious bathroom. The living area is spacious and has a slide out sofa with theatre sitting and a dinette with chairs.

Technical features:

  • Length: 36 ft 10 in
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Bed: king
  • Bunk: no
  • Slides: 2
  • Freshwater capacity: 48 gallons
  • Cooktop burner: 3
  • Convection cooking: yes
  • TV: 50’’ LED
  • Water heater capacity: 6 gallons
  • Washer: available


Dutchmen Aerolite Luxury Class 319 BHSS

Our 7 Favourite Travel Trailers with King Beds: Small & Big 5


This travel trailer is strong and sturdy and comes fitted with every amenity one might need in a trailer. This trailer can weather any kind of road and is best for long trips and camping vacations as it is sturdy and durable with comfortable interiors. The main feature of this trailer is that it has double entry and has a separate bunk house which is fully equipped with bunk bed, wardrobe and a half bath with toilet. It also has a tv mount and separate door to the outside.

The main living space is spacious with slide-out sofa and dinette with overhead cabinets for storage. The kitchen is spacious with a large fridge and kitchen island with sink and microwave installed. The master bedroom is spacious with a king size slide out bed with nightstands on both the side. One of the attractive features of this Dutchmen is that it sports an outside kitchen with countertop and burner and a fridge too.

Technical features

  • Length: 28 ft 6 in
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Bed: king
  • Bunk: 2
  • Slides: 1
  • Freshwater capacity: 52 gallons
  • Cooktop burners: 3
  • LP gas capacity: 30 lbs.
  • TV: 39’’ LED
  • Water heater capacity: 6 gallons


Keystone Laredo 332 BH

Our 7 Favourite Travel Trailers with King Beds: Small & Big 6

This travel trailer is everything that should count as a luxurious trailer for camping and road trips with one’s family and friends. The interior of this trailer is luxurious and spacious and have all the amenities that are required. The living space is big with entertainment area and slides out the sofa. The master bedroom is well equipped with a slide-out king size bed and wardrobe. The kitchen space is large and well equipped with a large kitchen island and breakfast counter, also there are ample cabinets for storing food items.

This trailer is equipped with a bunkhouse with two bunks and a storage closet, sofa, and a TV counter. Also, there is an outdoor kitchen with countertop, a fridge, and an exterior tv. The main feature of this trailer which will give value for money is the KeyTV high-quality channel operation system and also 4G Lite and WiFi system which will make the camping not only enjoyable but entertaining too.

Technical Features

  • Length: 38 ft
  • Sleeps: 7
  • Beds: king size/queen size
  • Bunks: 2
  • Slides: 3
  • Freshwater capacity: 43 gallons
  • Cooktop burners: 3
  • LP tank capacity: 30 lbs.
  • TV: 40’’ LED
  • Electrical service: 50 amp

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best travel trailers with a king size bed which will be worth one’s money and effort. Though there are several options to choose from, there are some amenities that one should buy if one is planning to go for a road trip or camping in the near future with one’s new travel trailer.

  • A generator which is quiet and has remote controlled access.
  • First aid kit in case of any kind of emergency
  • Dumping hose for tank cleaning
  • Water pressure regulator to keep the system leak proof from undue water pressure of the campsite
  • Hoses for fresh water so that one can fill the trailer’s fresh water tank
  • Toilet chemicals to keep the toilet odor free and also to make sure that the toilet paper breaks down
  • Bubble level if the trailer is parked on uneven ground
  • Insurance for the trailer, as it covers any kind accident and also gives coverage if anyone visiting the trailer gets injured while being on the trailer.

Deciding on a particular trailer for family camping trips is difficult as there are many options to choose from, but while selecting any particular travel trailer, one should keep in mind certain things such as space, ease of towing, facilities and amenities included, how many people can reside and sleep in there, cabinets and storages, the size of the fridge, toilet equipment, the size of the freshwater tank etc. As one will be spending much time on the trailer, it is good to select a particular one only after checking all of the variants and their floor plans. Also, one should take the trailer out for a test drive before buying. There are several experts who can help one in selecting and buying a trailer by comparing their features and prices.

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