What Do Pop Up Campers Cost

A pop-up camper, which is also called a folding camper can be described as a towable recreational vehicle that has a collapsible capability for storage. When the popup camper is set up, you get quite a lot of space inside.

Generally, the cost associated with purchasing a popup camper can range from as low as $3,200 to as high as $23,000 and more, subject to the amenities, capacity, features, and brand involved. That being said, it is possible to get older popup camper units for about $550 to $1,000. Typically, the more amenities and features for your popup camper, the more you have to part way with.

Industry experts state that new popup campers tend to cost anything from around $5,300 to over $21,000 for a fully furnished and large unit. RVTrader, a large dealer website for new and preowned RVs states that popup campers tend to cost $3,100 to $15,000.

Cost of popup camper by brand

When it comes to the price you are expected to pay for a popup camper, you should take into account that some brands tend to cost more than others. There are numerous reasons for this and they will be discussed later.

  • Forest River Inc charges anything between $9,000 and $17,000 for a popup camper
  • Coachmen charge anything between $9,000 and $19,000 for a popup camper
  • Jayco charges anything between $7,000 and $27,000 for a popup camper
  • Sylvan Sport charges $10,000 for a popup camper
  • LIVIN’ LITE charges anything between $5,500 and $10,000 for a popup camper
  • Keystone charges anything between $15,000 and $21,000 for a popup camper
  • Palomino charges anything between $8,000 and $16,000 for a popup camper

What are the variables that affect a popup camper’s price?


Standard popup campers tend to have basic amenities like a stove, heater, fridge, awning, a bed, and a bathroom. The more expensive models are often high end and end up with more luxurious features, some of which include cable TV connection, additional storage, and shelving, stereo system and outdoor speakers, heated mattresses. A power lift for the roof and an air conditioning unit.


Typically, popup campers can seamlessly accommodate as little as 2 and as much as 4 people, however, this depends on how large the camper is. Popup campers that come with a larger interior space are usually not only large in size but also costlier. 


Compared to newer popup campers, older models tend to be less expensive. This is in part because the newer models tend to have much better features, components and amenities, which have all been upgraded.

Usability factor

Certain pricier popup camper models usually come with amenities and features which make the process of setting up camp easier than the traditional standard models. For one, popup campers that have A-frames and the hybrid popup campers are more seamless and quick to open.

Are there any additional costs to consider?

While it can be easy to believe that the only cost associated with getting a popup camper would be at the purchase point. However, this is not the case. For one, you will have to tow your newly purchase popup camper and that means installation fees. This fee typically depends on the labor costs, materials utilized and the towing capacity of your vehicle.

Before you purchase a popup camper, however, it is imperative that you know your vehicle’s maximum towing capacity. This helps you determine if the popup camper and your vehicle are compatible. Doing this ensures that you tow your camper safely while on the road.

You should also know the towing ratings of the popup camper and its loaded weight. The moment you know the exact amount of weight you intend to tow, as well as the weight of the vehicle you intend to tow with, you can then proceed to get the most appropriate hitch. It is hard to believe but you simply cannot use just any old hitch for your popup camper. You have to get a hitch that is able to handle the weight of your popup camper.

There are 4 different types of hitch: weight distributing, gooseneck, receiver-style and fifth wheel. In the majority of cases, you will not need to have a certain type of automobile to move your popup camper around. 

You might also need to consider insurance in the event of an accident. Insuring a popup camper should cost about $25 more on your existing premium with the majority of insurance companies.

Steps to help you find the perfect popup camper for you

Depending on the manufacturer and model that you select, the popup camper can come with basic features and amenities for just about any trip. You also have the fold-down capability to ensure that is not only easy to tow but easy to store as well. 

Numerous popup camper models have a camp stove as standard, and some might come with a fridge, furnace, eating area, mattresses, beds, bathroom or even an awning to help shield you from the sun when outside. With popup campers, you get a vast array of floorplans to select from ensuring that there is a popup camper for everyone. 

When searching for the best popup camper for you, do not hesitate to check out numerous models and brands of popup campers, so you can have a better idea of the features you would like to have in your camper. Doing this ensures that you do not make a mistake during purchase and then have to rectify it by upgrading or purchasing a replacement.

Try to find out if the popup camper you’re buying has a supplementary warranty policy. If you are the type of person that only camps a couple of times in the year, you can consider buying a preowned model.

If camping is something you are going to be doing all year long, you should consider spending a bit extra to get the upgraded camper.

When purchasing a preowned unit, ensure that you have an expert mechanic thoroughly inspect the camper to ensure its condition is good.

What questions should you ask when purchasing a popup camper?

  • What type of vehicle would I need to tow this camper?
  • Does this popup camper require electric brakes to be towed?
  • How many persons can sleep in the camper?
  • Is the door to the camper secure and sound?
  • Does the popup camper come with batteries?
  • Is there a water heater in the camper, if so, what is its capacity?
  • Does the camper have a propane tank?
  • Does the camper come with an air conditioning unit?
  • Does it come with an awning?
  • Does the camper have an awning?
  • Does the popup camper have a storage compartment?
  • What type of maintenance does the popup camper require?


There are so many factors that go into calculating the cost of a popup camper. Some might erroneously believe that the only cost you incur is the one at the point of sale.

Nevertheless, you have to take into account how many things such as insurance, routine maintenance, and fees affect the overall price. That being said owning a popup camper can be a wonderful way to experience the outdoors at a fraction of the cost. 

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