This question is not easy to answer. Because there are many large custom-made travel trailers owned by millionaires and billionaires whose sizes are not known. However, while we may not know the size of the longest travel trailer currently roaming planet earth, we know the sizes of the longest travel trailers currently approved by the Department of Transport (DOT) for use on American roads. 

In this post, I am going to share with you details about some of the longest travel trailer RVs allowed for use on US roads. These RVs are some of the longest towed homes on the market. They are perfect for families and for people who really want to live life on the road for many days, weeks, or months at a time.

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But before I share with you a list of some of the longest travel trailers on the market, let’s first go over the basics. 

What exactly is a travel trailer?

A travel trailer is one that is hitched to a tow vehicle. Most travel trailers can be hitched to any vehicle that is powerful enough and towed to any destination. This is why they are very popular in many states and markets across the world. 

What are the sizes of travel trailers?

The shortest travel trailers are about 10 feet long while the longest ones measure about 40 feet long. The shortest ones are simple and very basic. They have only several amenities. In contrast, the longest travel trailers are generally more luxurious and have more amenities. They also happen to be more expensive.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, here are the longest travel trailers made by North American manufacturers.

1. Airstream travel trailers

Airstream is one of the leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles in the United States. The company has been making travel trailers since before the Second World War. Its travel trailers are best known for comfort, convenience, and technology. Their most characteristic feature is their classic look and design. 

The longest travel trailer by Airstream is the Classic model. It has a length of 33’. Other long travel trailers made by Airstream include Globetrotter, International Serenity, and Flying Cloud models. They measure between 23’ to 30’ in length.

2. Braxton Creek travel trailers

Braxton-Creek is a family-centered RV manufacturing company. Although it produces only a handful of recreational vehicle models, all the models are highly-rated by campers. Moreover, all the models exhibit quality craftsmanship. It is really difficult to find a fault in a Braxton Creek RV. All Braxton Creek recreational vehicles also have a 2-year comprehensive warranty, which is very rare in the industry.

The longest travel trailer by Braxton Creek is the BRAXTON CREEK LX-300BHS model. It measures 32’ 8”. The BRAXTON CREEK BX-27BH model is also long. It measures 29’ 4”.

3. Crossroads travel trailers

Crossroads has been making quality RVs since the mid-nineties. Many owners of Crossroads travel trailers are really proud of their vehicles. This is because the vehicles are well-made, feature quality workmanship, and are specifically designed for customer comfort and satisfaction.

The Crossroads Volante VL25BH model is one of the longer travel trailers made by this company. It measures 29’ 11” in length. The longest is the Crossroads Cruiser Aire CR30RLS model. It measures 34’ 10”.

4. Cruiser RV travel trailers

This company makes solid products and has been doing so since the eighties. The fact that the company is still in business to date is proof enough that its recreational vehicles are a hit with the market.

The longest Cruiser RV travel trailers include the 30′ 11″ Cruiser RV Fun Finder 23SR model and the 30′ 11″ Cruiser RV EL260 model.

5. Dutchmen RV travel trailers

Although this company is named Dutchmen RV, it is a fully American RV manufacturing company. The company is known for fully inspecting RVs before delivery to ensure the required quality has been met. It is also known to have brilliant after-sale service and the industry-best 3-year warranty.

Dutchmen is also known for making some of the longest travel trailers you will see on American roads. Some of the longest Dutchmen travel trailers on the market include the Dutchmen Rubicon XLT and the Dutchmen GUIDE 3147BH models. The former measures 35′ 2″, while the latter measures 34′ 9″. The longest product they currently have on the market is the Dutchmen Kodiak 3321BHSL model. It measures 37′ 11″ and sleeps eight to ten people.

6. East to West RVs travel trailers

This American RV manufacturer is known for making huge luxury-quality travel trailers. If you buy one you will love the attention to detail throughout the exterior and the interior of the vehicle. All East to West RVs is made in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The longest East to West RVs is the Alta 3150KBH and Della Terra 312BH travel trailer models. They measure 37′ 8″ and 38′ 0″, respectively.

7. Jayco travel trailers

Jayco is an award-winning manufacturer of recreational vehicles. The company makes ultra-modern, well-planned, and very comfortable recreational vehicles. The RVs are built to last a lifetime.

The longest Jayco travel trailers include the 2020 JAY FEATHER model and the 2020 WHITE HAWK 32RL model. The former model measures 34′ 11″, while the latter measures 36′ 8″. 

8. Highland RIDGE RV travel trailers

This is a relatively new RV manufacturing company. But it is owned by the above-mentioned Jayco so you can genuinely expect solid products from them. Highland RIDGE RV makes travel trailers that exceed customer expectations.

Some of the longest travel trailers made by this manufacturer include the 2019 Open Range OT328BHS model that has a length of 37′ 11″ and the 37′ 5″ 2019 Ultra-Lite model.

9. Gulf Stream Coach travel trailers

This is one of the leading makers of recreational vehicles and recreational vehicle products in North America. The company was founded in Nappanee in 1971 and has been operating ever since. It is best known for three things – innovation, value, and quality. 

Gulf Stream Coach makes some pretty long travel trailers. Examples include the 41-foot long Gulf Stream KINGSPORT LODGE SERIES and the 41-foot long INNSBRUCK LODGE SERIES. These two are part of the company’s destination trailers collection. These are trailers designed to provide large families with great accommodation in the outdoors. 

Most of the company’s conventional trailers also measure around 31-foot long. In short, most of Gulf Stream travel trailers are long travel trailers.

10. Grand Design RV (GDRV)

GDRV started recently in 2012. Although relatively new, this company has already distinguished itself from the competition. This is because it consistently makes and delivers quality RVs. 

GDRV is best known for taking care of owners after they sell their vehicles to them. 

Some of this company’s best and longest travel trailers include the 37’ 11” long GDRV Reflection 315RLTS and the 37’ 9” GDRV Transcend 31RLK. Both of these are fantastic recreational vehicles for fun in the outdoors.

11. Forest River Inc.

This is one of the biggest manufacturers of recreational vehicles in North America. It is a business that is owned by the Warren Buffet controlled Berkshire Hathaway firm.

Like other Berkshire Hathaway companies, this one is well-run and produces quality products.

The company also provides excellent after-sales service.

Like the other companies on this list, this RV company also produces some pretty long travel trailers. 

They include the EXPLORE ALPHA WOLF 29QB-L model that is 36′ 8″ long, and the EXPLORE CHEROKEE DESTINATION 39SR model that is 42’ 9” long.

12. KZ RV

This company is increasingly gaining popularity for its well-made travel trailers and other recreational vehicles.

It makes long travel trailers. An example is the SPORTSMEN 364BH model that measures 41’ 0” in length. 


So what is the longest travel trailer? Well, again, it is pretty hard to tell. But based on the trailers detailed in this list, it is the Forest River EXPLORE CHEROKEE DESTINATION 39SR model that measures 42’ 9”.


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