What Size Hook For Carp

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Carp are powerful and tricky fish. If you do not have the right hook at the opposite end of your fishing line, you will not be able to land many successfully.

The problem is that there are many types of fishing lines on the market, making it difficult for newbies to know what type of hook is the right type of carp angling.

However, there is no need to worry. For in this post, I detail everything important that you need to know about carp fishing hooks including the best type and size.

Let’s begin.

What Are The Best Hooks For Carp Fishing

The best carp angling fishing hooks are size 6 and size 4 circle hooks. Some fishermen use size 8 hooks because they are smaller and more discreet.

So if you are fishing in a place with generally small-size carps, you should use size 8 circle hooks.

However, if you are somewhere where carps are normal-size, you should go for either size 6 or size 4 circle hooks. 

The Best Carp Fishing Hook Size

As I mentioned earlier, the best carp fishing hook sizes are size 6 and size 4. 

Hooks are generally measured in terms of sizes between 0 and 20.

When measured this way, the smaller the size number the bigger the hook. A small size number hook is essentially one with a bigger gauge/ diameter.

In other words, it is one that is less likely to bend or break when under pressure. So if you intend to catch big carp fish, you should get size 4 circle hooks.

However, you should keep in mind that bigger hooks like size four hooks are easier for fish to detect.

Therefore, if you are fishing in an area where the water is clear, you are better off using small size 6 hooks.

The Best Carp Fishing Hook Eye

Fishing hook eyes can be open or closed. The best carp fishing hooks have closed eyes.

This is because when hook eyes are closed, the knots cannot slip out of them unlike when they are open.

Because carp are powerful and tricky fish, using open eye hooks will not be wise because they can easily slip out the knots.

So when considering carp fishing hooks, only consider those that are closed.

The Best Carp Fishing Hook Bend

By definition, a fishing hook bend is the part of the hook that bends or curves. The best carp fishing hook bend is that on circle fishing hooks because it is elongated.

The fact that it is elongated makes it turn easily when the bait is picked by fish making the hook set in better almost every time.

In other words, the bend on circle hooks is perfect for catching carp and other fish.

And the more a fish wiggle or tries to spit out a circle hook, the deeper it sets, and the harder it becomes for it to spit out. To remove a circle hook, you simply have to move it in a circular motion opposite to the direction it went in.

The Best Carp Fishing Hooks

You now know the characteristics of carp fishing hooks. You know that the best ones are supposed to be circle hooks in size 6 or 4.

Below are some of the best quality hooks that meet these requirements.

In addition to hooks that meet these requirements, the list of best carp fishing hooks below also contains hooks that have different characteristics but are still good for catching carp.

1. Korda Krank X

Korda is one of the best-known fishing tools manufacturing brands. The brand has been making quality fishing tools since time immemorial. Its fishing tools, especially its hooks, are known to be quite strong and sharp. 

The Korda Krank X is a nice circle hook that is popular among experienced carp anglers. This is because it is a very efficient fishing hook. And the best thing about it is that it is available in size 4, which is one of the recommended carp fishing hook sizes.

2. Gardner Mugga Hook 

Gardner has been making hooks for over forty years now. The Gardner Mugga hook is probably their very best hook. The Mugga, as they call it, is available in several sizes including sizes 4 and 6. 

The best thing about it is the fact that it easily nails even the trickiest of fish. Because it is circular and sharp. And it is perfect even for sport fishing because it is barbless and therefore does not hurt fish.

It is one of the most recommended fishing hooks by top anglers.

3. Nash Pinpoint Claw Fishing Hook

The Nash Pinpoint Claw Fishing Hook is one of the most devastating carp fishing hooks available on the market. It has a unique circle design that is strong and very sharp and perfect for nailing carp.

The thing I love the most about it is its wide bend that holds bait very well and easily pierces the mouth of any fish that makes a move for it. So if you are tired of fish-eating your live bait and not getting caught, you should look for this hook.

4. Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Hook

Available on Amazon for less than five bucks for a pack of six, this hook is regarded as one of the most premium circle hooks on the market. It is perfect for catching carp and many other types of fish. The hook is made by Gamakatsu – a Japanese brand with a great reputation for making quality and long-lasting fishing equipment.

According to the manufacturer of this hook, it significantly increases your chances of catching fish. And considering it is a hook that is highly-rated by professional anglers, the statement is certainly very spot on.

The hook is available in several sizes including size 6, which is perfect for carp fishing.

5. Mustad UltraPoint Demon Perfect

Mustad makes some of the best-rated fishing hooks in the world! The brand’s products on Amazon almost always have very good ratings and this particular one is no exception.

It is a brilliant circle fishing hook that is laser-sharp and catches fish like a charm. 

The hook is significantly stronger than most hooks and stays sharp for longer than most hooks. So if you want to purchase fishing hooks that will serve you for a long time, get a pack of Mustad UltraPoint circle fishing hooks. Each pack comes with twenty-five hooks.

Carp Fishing Tips For Successful Fishing Trips

  1. Use Different Size Baits

The most popular baits for carp fishing are 16 and 14 mm boilies. However, carps in many places associate them with danger. Therefore, it is advisable to carry different size baits including smaller size baits to attract carp to your fishing hook and land a good catch.

  1. Hit The Right Fishing Spots

Carp fishing in an area that has no carp is futile. To land carp, you need to fish in the right places on your local lake. The best places to fish are those that have weeds and reeds and those that have a significant change in depth near the shore. Carp like hiding and feeding in such spots.


Carp fishing is fun when you use the right hooks. The right hooks for carp fishing are sharp circle size 4 and size 6 hooks. There are many such hooks available on the market including the Gardner Mugga Hook and the highly recommended Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Hook.