What Size Hook For Stripers

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Stripers aka striped bass are some of the most delicious grilled fish when cooked on an open flame or barbecue. They are also some of the most popular fish for sport fishing. 

Many people across North America and in other parts of the world love bass angling/ fishing.

This is because bass are exciting to catch and they grow to crazy big sizes. Those who love bass angling usually invest a lot in their bass angling gear.

However, some people, especially those who do not fish regularly, do not pay much attention to fishing gear.

They simply use whatever type of cheap fishing hook they can find. This is, however, not advisable because the type, the quality, and the size of hook you use determine your success when you go fishing. 

In this article, I will share with you everything important you need to know about hooks for bass stripers. 

Without further ado, let’s begin. 

The Best Bait Hooks For Bass Striper Fishing

There is no single fishing hook that is best for catching striped bass. This is because there are several types of bass stripers in North America and elsewhere across the world.

Therefore, different individuals who have experience catching different types of bass stripers recommend different types of hooks based on their individual experiences.

So it can get a bit confusing when you read information online about the best type and/ or size of hook for bass stripers.

However, you should not worry for I am about to clear the confusion in a few seconds. 

But before I do, let me explain a few things you need to consider. The number one thing is the size of the striper you are targeting.

If you want to go fishing somewhere where you expect to find big-size bass, you should be prepared with a suitable fishing rod, a suitable line, and a large-size hook.

If you do not, you risk your rod being damaged, your fishing line snapping and your fishing hooks bending or twisting.

If you are going fishing somewhere where you expect to find small-size bass, you should also be prepared with a suitable fishing rod, line, and hook.

The hook should not be too big otherwise its live bait presentation will be off and no fish will come near it.

In addition to the size of the bass striper, you also need to consider the sharpness of the hook you are going to use.

Unfortunately, most hooks do not come sharpened. You have to sharpen them yourself to increase their probability of hooking up every fish that strikes the bait you put on them.

If you do not sharpen your hooks, your fishing expeditions could turn into fish feeding expeditions with bass stripers and other fish-eating your bait without getting caught.

Now that you have all the above in mind, it is time to find out the best hooks for bass striper fishing.

The Best Bait Hook Size For Stripers

If you want to go fishing somewhere where you expect small-size stripers, the best hook size to go for is 1/0 or 2/0. These hooks are perfect for stripers about 20 inches in length and do not easily bend or twist even when under pressure. 

When you use a 1/0 or 2/0 fishing hook and a suitable fishing rod, fishing line and bait, your chances of success increase significantly every time you go fishing. 

In my opinion, the best thing about size 1/0 and size 2/0 hooks is the fact that they are perfect for presenting live baits such as bluegill and shad that stripers love. They are also perfect for presenting frozen baits such as anchovies and sardines. 

Water bodies in the United States where you can expect small-size stripers and, therefore, successfully use a 1/0 or 2/0 hook include Utah’s Lake Powell, Nevada’s Lake Mead, and Arizona’s Lake Pleasant. 

If you want to go fishing somewhere where you expect large-size stripers, the best hook size to go for is the 4/0 hook size.

This size is big enough and strong enough for landing stripers that measure anywhere between twenty and thirty inches in length.

As mentioned above, you need a large-size hook a large/ big-size bass striper. Otherwise, your fishing trip or trips will be unsuccessful. 

The best live bait you can use on a size 4/0 hook to catch a large-size bass striper is a small bunker or a mackerel. 

If you go fishing somewhere and you spot or expect to catch extra-large stripers between 35 and 40 inches in size, you need a fishing hook bigger than 4/0.

The best one you could use in such a situation is a size 10/0. However, stripers more than 35 inches in length are monsters and are very rare. So you probably do not need to purchase and set up fishing gear to catch such monsters. 

The Best Hook Type For Stripers

Bait hooks are the best type of fishing hooks for stripers. However, circle hooks and treble hooks can also be used to land stripers. Professional anglers prefer fishing using circle hooks and often avoid treble hooks.

They love circle hooks because they have lower fish mortality rates thanks to their design. Their design reduces fish mortality rates because it hooks into the corner of the mouth effortlessly. Circle hooks are also loved because they require less work to land fish. 

Professional and experienced anglers avoid treble hooks because they have high fish mortality rates. They harm and kill fish very often and are, therefore, only suitable for fishing fish for food; they are not appropriate for sport fishing.

The Best Striper Fishing Hooks

There are many bass striper fishing hooks available on the market. However, none of them is as amazing and as devastating as the Gamakatsu Circle Fishing Hook size 7/0. T

his circle fishing hook is made of tough steel and it, therefore, doesn’t twist or bend even when under pressure from a striped bass. 

It is also super sharp meaning it can easily penetrate the mouth of a bass striper and hook it up without causing excess damage. This hook size is perfect for catching full-size bass stripers. Smaller size Gamakatsu Circle Fishing Hooks are perfect for smaller size bass. 


There are many types of bass stripers found across the United States. Some are big and others are small.

The different types of bass stripers that exist require different size hooks to catch. The best size hook for catching small stripers is a size 2/0 hook, while the best size hook for catching big stripers is a size 7/0 hook.

Gamakatsu (a Japanese brand based in the USA) makes what I believe are the best striper fishing hooks.