What Size Hook is Best For Crappie

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There are many different types of fishing hooks on the market. They differ in terms of both shape and size.

Therefore, for somebody new, it is difficult to know what sort of fishing hook to go for when going to target a certain type of fish.

In this article, I will share with you everything you need to know about fishing hooks for crappies.

By the end of it, you will know what type and what size fishing hook to buy and use to catch crappies.

For your information, in fishing circles, crappies are also known as strawberry bass, tinmouth, speckled perch, lamplight, chinquapin, bachelor perch, white perch, calicos, papermouths, and specks.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

What Are The Best Hooks For Crappie Fishing

The best hooks for crappie fishing are those that are sharp, lightweight, and long enough.

So, what size of hook should we use for Crappie? According to experienced anglers, the best fishing hook sizes for crappie fishing are size two, four, and six.

Now that you have this basic information and you generally know what to go for, the following sections will reveal more details and information that you will find useful.

Crappie Fishing Hook Size

The best crappie fishing hooks are sizes two, four, and six. I say they are the best because they are the most commonly used fish hook sizes by professional anglers.

If you are going for small size crappies or the area you are fishing is known to have small size crappies, you should get and use a size 6 hook.

If you are targeting large crappies, then you should go for the bigger size hook (size 2). As you may have noted, the bigger the size number, the smaller the hook. 

Now you know the best size hook for crappie. It is time to find out what other things you should pay attention to when looking for a crappie fishing hook.

Crappie Fishing Hook Sharpness

If you want to reel in as many crappies as possible during a fishing trip, you need to make sure that your crappie fishing hook is as sharp as possible.

If your crappie fishing hook is not very sharp, then it will not easily pierce the mouth of any fish that comes to eat the bait you will have on it. This will make it nearly impossible for you to successfully catch and reel in any fish.

To easily confirm, if your crappie fishing hook is sharp, dray the hook against your fingernail. If it leaves a mark, then it is sharp. If it does not leave a mark, then it is not sharp enough. You need to sharpen it thoroughly before threading it into bait to catch crappies.

Crappie Fishing Hook Shank

Hooks with long shanks are the best ones for fishing crappies and most other types of fish. This is because they are easy to remove from the mouth of fish without causing so much damage to the structure of fish.

Crappie Fishing Baits

To successfully catch crappies or any other type of fish, you need to use the right baits.

If you do not use the right bait on your crappie fishing hook, your chances of reeling in a good number of crappies are next to zero.

The best baits and lures for crappies are those that crappies find irresistible. 

The Best Hooks For Crappie Fishing

You now know what the best crappie fishing hook looks like. It is time to discover the best hooks available on the market for crappie fishing.

1. Gamakatsu Circle

According to experienced anglers who use this fishing hook, it is one of the best ones on the market for crappie fishing because of its design.

Gamakatsu has been making quality fishing gear for a long time. The brand is renowned for making some of the toughest and best quality fishing hooks. Its hooks are also known to be very sharp, making them perfect for crappie fishing.

Gamakatsu Circle fishing hooks are available in several sizes. The best sizes for crappie fishing are sizes 2 and 4.

The best thing about Gamakatsu Circle hooks is their shape. They have a long circle-like bend and an eye that is turned up making them very effective for catching fish. 

The only thing that some anglers do not like about Gamakatsu Circle fishing hooks is the fact that they only come in black. However, they more than makeup for this with their unique shape that makes it easier to catch crappies and other fish.

2. Eagle Claw Aberdeen

Eagle Claw fishing hooks have been around for many decades. The company that makes them has thrived for many years making fishing gear because it makes some of the highest quality fishing gear.

The Eagle Claw Aberdeen is the company’s best fishing hook in my opinion. This is because it is sharp and it has a great shape that makes it easy to hook crappies.

Aberdeen hooks are light-wire hooks with a longish shank and a big bend. Because of this, they can bend when under great pressure. This means that it is not easy for your fishing line to break when using one.

The hooks are available in several colors including gold and several sizes including size two and four.

3. Mustad Aberdeen

Mustad Aberdeen fishing hooks are some of the most colorful fishing hooks on the market. They are available in red, bronze, gold, and blue!

Before I tell you more about Mustad Aberdeen hooks, let me tell you something about Mustad as a brand. It has been around for ages. The fact that it is still in business means that the company makes products that work.

The Mustad Aberdeen product is one of the best hooks they currently make. It is available in bright and colorful colors and multiple sizes. The hooks have a traditional design including a light wire, a long shank, a big gap, and a gentle bend.

The hooks are available in several sizes. The best sizes for crappie fishing are two, four, and six.

4. Matzuo Sickle Aberdeen

This red chrome-colored fishing hook is one of the best for crappie fishing. It is a gem of a fishing hook. This is because it is tough, attractive, and designed in such a manner that when it hooks a fish, it does not let go easily.

As its name suggests, this hook is sickle-shaped. This means makes it great for targeting crappies. The hook is also a bit bigger than normal.

This makes it tough and almost impossible to open even under pressure. So if you are looking for a hook that is unlikely to open, you should strongly consider this one.

The Matzuo Sickle Aberdeen hook is available in sizes 2 and 4, which are both perfect for fishing.

5. Tru-Turn Aberdeen

This is one of the better-designed fishing hooks widely available across the country. It is a hook that will more likely than not make sure you catch a good number of crappies if you go fishing in the right place. 

The best thing about it is the fact that it is available in gold and red. Both of these color options are bright and attractive to fish. It is also available in sizes 2, 4, and 6 among others. All these sizes are good enough for targeting and hooking crappies. 

How To Make Your Crappie Fishing Trip More Successful

Visit Prime Crappie Fishing Areas

To catch crappies, you will have to visit the right areas. The right areas depend on the season. During winter and summer, crappies tend to concentrate around wooded areas in lakes and deep backwaters in rivers. While in spring, they tend to move to shallow and protected. 

Most people catch crappies near shorelines around weedbeds, stickups, blowdowns, cypress trees, and button willows. 

Get Bobbers

Fishing bobbers are very important for successful crappie fishing. This is because they suspend the bait at the right height in the water and visually attract fish to the bait. So with a good bobber, you will make it more likely than not for you to catch fish. 

Learn And Adapt 

If you are a newbie angler and you want to catch a good number of fish every time, you should use each fishing trip as a learning experience.

So during every trip, you should note where you found fish last time, what time window you were most successful, the color of jigs you used, and so on.

If you do this every time you go out fishing, you will make it easier for yourself to catch fish every time you go out fishing. 


The best hook sizes for crappie are sizes 2, 4, and 6. There are many hooks on the market of similar sizes that can be used to catch fish. Examples include the Gamakatsu Circle and the Eagle Claw Aberdeen.